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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Simipour #23

Emerging Powers

Date Reviewed: Sept. 27, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.95
Limited: 3.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Simipour 23/98 (Emerging Powers)

Today we look at the final member of the Monkey Trio from Emerging Powers, and I can’t say I’m sorry it’s over. Actually, this one has by far the nicest art of the three, so it’s not all bad. If a card can’t be good, at least it can be prettyful, right?

Out of the three, this is probably the best card from a playability point of view as well (that’s not saying much though). Yes, you still get the low 90 HP on a Stage 1, yes the attacks still aren’t great, and yes, you still have the silly gimmick of needing another Energy type to trigger an effect. Except, this time you don’t really need to bother.

The gimmick attack here is Grass’ Power, which does 30 damage for [C][C]. If you attach a Grass Energy (meaning that you can’t use Double Colourless for speed), you can also heal 20 damage from Simipour. In this format of routinely huge damage, the ability to heal 20 damage from a 90 HP Pokémon is bordering on the irrelevant, so I wouldn’t even consider it. Just attach a DCE, do 30, and hope you survive to use the second attack . . .

. . . which isn’t all that terrible as it happens. Rushing Water does 60 damage for [W][C][C], which is only mediocre, but the effect it has of moving an Energy from the Defending to a Benched Pokémon gives you some nice disruption. It can annoy Pokémon with relatively high attack/Retreat costs, or decks that rely on a small amount of Energy (I can even see Simipour working as a not completely horrible Donphan counter). In general play though, the card just doesn’t do enough for a low HP Stage 1 with a reasonably high Energy cost. You should be able to find more effective ways of dealing with Donphan, and Aipom UL is a more efficient option if you want to play Energy disruption tricks

It’s easily the best of a bad trio of cards, but Simipour is still not up to much when it comes to building competitive decks.


Modified: 1.75 (Rushing Water is nice, but the card is still semi-poor (see what I did there?))

Limited: 3.25 (Quite decent here . . . splashable and any disruption is great)

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Simipour (Emerging Powers)
Simipour is another of my favourites from the latest generation of games because the local League has chosen to call me 'Professor Simipour' (something to do with the appearance of my dreadlocks). So far the TCG has not been kind to the Monkey Trio and I don't see that changing any time soon.
Simipour has the same base stats as it's bretheren from this set, with the only difference being the Lightning weakness (ouch), Water typing (yay for Feraligatr Prime) and lack of Resistance (which would be helpful, the introduction of Fire resistance is long overdue). As with Simisear and Simisage, the 90 HP is the bare minimum you want to see on a terminal Stage 1 and the retreat cost is fair. All in all, Simipour should survive 1 turn in the Active slot provided your opponent hasn't finished setting up their attacker.
Unfortunately, I can't see any reason you would want to play Simipour. Grass' Power is a weak excuse for an attack, costing [c][c] to deal 30 damage or [g][c] for 30 damage with a 20 damage healing effect. In Limited you will find the Colourless cost is easy to pay and if you have Grass in your deck then the healing is great for absorbing the small hits but the competition in Modified will leave Simipour in the dust.
Rushing Water is more of the same, costing [w][c][c] for 60 damage and the effect of moving one energy you choose from the Defending Poke'mon to another of your opponent's Benched Poke'mon. The effect is almost useless since moving the energy will probably help your opponent more than it hurts and the damage isn't enough to score an OHKO on most Poke'mon you will face, even if you are hitting weakness.
Although this card is very pretty, it adds nothing to the competitive pool of cards fro tournaments. However, the Panpour card it evolves from is a very different story.
Much like its Grass and Fire counterparts, Panpour has a single-energy Colourless attack that allows you to draw a card and, more importantly, 70 HP. Aside from Lillipup (and by extension Herdier) in the base set, there are no other Basics from the B&W block that can fill the role of 'starter'. Whilever we have the HGSS sets we have plenty of better Poke'mon that can get a deck up and running (Smeargle UD, Pichu HGSS, Manaphy UL, Stantler UL and Relicanth CL all spring to mind) but when the rotate out next year, wemay not have anything else to rely on. If that is the case, we may see large numbers of the smaller Monkey Trio around the tournament tables, along with a single copy of the evolutions if any of them prove useful (such as the BW Simisear with its cheap spread attack, or the Si ipour to inflict an early Burn with Scald).
Right now I don't expect any of the Monkey trio to make even a tiny splash, but I am definitely keeping a set in preparation for next year as well as a full line of Lillipup/Herdier. Hopefully my crystal ball is telling the truth this time around!
Modified: 2 (this Simipour is far less useful than the last mediocre version and will forever remain in the binder, but since we have been given the Panpour/Pansage/Pansear cards to make up for it I'm still happy)
Limited: 3 (you will definitely use all of the Basic Monkeys for draw power, so including the evolution won't hurt you at all)
Combos with: a caption with some bad joke about dreadlocks and a bad hair day


Greetings, Pojo viewers! Today we are continuing our reviews of Emerging Powers with the last member of the monkey trio from the new expansion. Today's Card of the Day is Simipour.

Simipour is a Stage 1 Water Pokemon. Water-types are fairly uncommon in Modified right now, with only Beartic and Samurott seeing much play (and even then, they aren't really involved in any Tier 1 decks). Water-types do have a niche in the metagame though, as they combat the rampant Fire-types such as Reshiram, Typhlosion, and Emboar. However, many Water-types also have a Lightning Weakness, meaning they fall prey to Zekrom and Magnezone. 90 HP is fairly average for a Stage 1 nowadays, and unfortunately it's not enough to compete in this metagame unless you really can do something special. Simipour also has the aforementioned Lightning Weakness, No Resistance, and a Retreat Cost of 1.

Simipour's two attacks are very similar to its other trio brethren. Grass' Power deals 30 damage for two Colorless Energy, but heals 20 damage from Simipour if it has a Grass Energy attached. This attack is decent in Limited as it allows Simipour to deal decent damage while tanking a bit, and you'll also be more likely to run Grass and Water together in this format. In Modified, the attack doesn't deal enough damage to be of really any use. Rushing Water hits for 60 damage for a Water and two Colorless, with the additional effect of moving an Energy from the Defending Pokemon to one of your opponent's Benched Pokemon. While 60 damage for three Energy isn't all that spectacular, moving Energy is a somewhat underrated form of disruption in the Pokemon TCG, and it can really mess up your opponent if they aren't ready for it. Therefore, Simipour may be able to see some Modified play in this regard, although it is a Stage 1 with a rather terrible Weakness. Even still, Rushing Water is interesting enough to potentially have a place in the metagame. In Limited, the attack is fairly good, dealing decent damage and disrupting your opponent in one package.

Modified: 2/5 I don't totally hate Simipour here, but I don't like it that much either. Rushing Water is fairly interesting and can really disrupt many of the decks in the format (most people won't like having Energy loaded onto a Cleffa, Blissey, Ninetales, or Shaymin), but Simipour has relatively poor HP. Even still, if you can find a place for it and make it work, Simipour can be quite disruptive in Modified.

Limited: 4/5 Simipour is great in Limited, as it can heal itself fairly easily and mess with your opponent's Energy. 90 HP is serviceable in Limited, and although Simipour's Water typing isn't amazing here, it's good enough to not be a gigantic problem. Grass-types are also very common in Emerging Powers Limited, making the requirements for Grass' Power easy to meet. If you draft a few Panpours and need a decent Water-type attacker, Simipour is a nice choice, especially as a tech in a Grass deck.

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