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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Lilligant #14

Emerging Powers

Date Reviewed: Sept. 19, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.85
Limited: 4.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Lilligant 14/98 (Emerging Powers)

Hello and welcome to a week of Pojo’s CotD that gets off to a brilliant start. That’s because we are reviewing Lilligant: easily my favourite Generation V Pokémon. She just gets more and more prettyful with each new set.

Considering how much I love this Pokémon, I’m very happy to see her on a card that is at least somewhat decent. It’s not all good news though: being a 90 HP Stage 1 with Fire Weakness makes Lilligant very vulnerable to OHKOs in a meta in which Reshiram plays a big part. Luckily, she can just about look after herself.

This is because of Lilligant’s first attack, the charmingly-named Bemusing Aroma. For the low, low Price of a single Grass Energy, this attack will do 20 damage. This is even ok in itself, but what makes the attack interesting is the effect: flip heads and the defending Pokémon is Poisoned AND Paralysed; and even if you get tails, it becomes Confused. Obviously, heads is the preferred option here, as Paralysis is by far the best Status Condition: preventing your opponent from retreating or attacking unless that can evolve it or play a Switch. Combining it with Poison makes the low 20 damage from the attack less of an issue. Even tails isn’t a total disaster, as Confusion will at least disrupt your opponent’s plans somewhat, likely forcing them to retreat.

Lilligant does have another attack, the generic and fairly expensive Cut (effect-free 60 damage for [G][C][C]), but Bemusing Aroma is always going to be the focus of the card. Obvious combinations would be Vileplume UD (to prevent Switch being used on Paralysed Pokémon) and Mew Prime, which can See Off Lilligant into the Lost Zone and spam the attack without having to build/find space for multiple Stage 1s.

Is all this enough to make her playable though? Well, the trouble is that players using Mew/Vileplume are likely to prefer Muk UD whose Sludge Drag attack can pull Pokémon off the Bench to Confuse and Poison. This ability to drag out targets (even when Pokémon Catcher is Trainer Locked), is huge in the game right now, and makes Muk the better choice for competitive play. Looking to the future (not something I like to do, but I’m making an exception for Lilligant), the forthcoming (I assume) Victini card whose Ability lets you re-do a coin flip attack might give Lilli the boost she needs to become properly competitive. As things stand, she is a super fun league deck, an option for Mew Prime-based decks, and an incredibly pretty reverse holo.

And those things make her better than most cards.


Modified: 3.25 (yes, I’m overrating her – sue me)

Limited: 4.25 (genuinely excellent here, where any Status Condition is highly effective)


Welcome back, Pojo readers! I hope that Battle Roads are going well for all of you, and that hopefully a few of you took home some Victory Cups! This week we're going to review more cards from the Emerging Powers set, including a few more of the Trainers toward the end of the week. We're going to kick things off by reviewing the new Lilligant, a card that is surprisingly good in Limited and may have potential in Modified.

Lilligant is a Stage 1 Grass Pokemon. As I've said before in this space, Grass-types aren't all that common right now aside from Yanmega Prime, and any Stage 1 Grass-type needs to have something that stands out in order for it to be playable with all of the Fire-types currently present in Modified. 90 HP is just about average for a terminally-evolved Stage 1, but it's a bit of a shame that it isn't a bit higher. Fire Weakness makes Lilligant's life difficult against the likes of Reshiram, Emboar, and Typhlosion Prime. Water Resistance is good against the somewhat rare Samurott and Beartic, but both of these decks show up every now and then. Finally, a Retreat Cost of 1 is decent, and you can easily afford to pay it in order to retreat.

This flower lady has two attacks: Bemusing Aroma and Cut. Cut does a vanilla 60 damage for a Grass and two Colorless, which is nothing special for the cost, meaning that Bemusing Aroma has to be more interesting than that in order to see some play in Modified. Luckily, Bemusing Aroma is quite interesting: it deals a decent 20 damage for a single Grass Energy, but then allows you to flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokemon is Paralyzed and Poisoned, if tails, they are Confused. While this attack's damage output is rather lackluster in our Modified format of heavy hitters and OHKOs, the Status Conditions Lilligant provides can really throw a wrench into your opponent's plans. Both Paralysis and Confusion are deterrents to having your opponent attack, and they will need to likely switch out in order to to attack or prevent dealing damage to themselves. Lilligant works incredibly in Limited, as Bemusing Aroma is very fast and your opponent doesn't have many options other than dealing with the Status Conditions. In Modified, the format is much more unkind to Lilligant given how common Fire is, but Lilligant may be able to see some play in a deck featuring Mew Prime and/or Vileplume, as Mew Prime can use Bemusing Aroma quite effectively and Vileplume can block Trainers, preventing your opponent from using things like Switch and forcing the opponent to either burn a lot of Energy retreating or be subject to a lot of painful Status Conditions.

Modified: 2.5/5 I know this may seem a bit high, but Lilligant does actually have some potential. While the format right now isn't doing the flower lady any favors, we may eventually see a decrease in Fire, after which Lilligant will be highly playable in slower control decks. Additionally, Lilligant can still do well while set up in the right deck, such as with Vileplume or being Lost Zoned with Mew Prime. All in all, while Lilligant probably won't be winning any tournaments by itself any time soon, the potential is there for someone to seriously break it.

Limited: 5/5 Nothing in Emerging Powers can compete with Lilligant's Bemusing Aroma. If you are able to get Lilligant out as early as turn 2, chances are there won't be much your opponent can do. Also, since it's an Uncommon, it should be quite easy to get more than one, especially in Sealed. Fire being nearly nonexistent in the set also really helps its case. Cut is also fairly decent for the cost, and should be able to get a KO or two once you've whittled your opponent down using Bemusing Aroma and Status Conditions.

Combos With: Vileplume UD, Mew Prime

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