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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Druddigon #89

Noble Victories

Date Reviewed: Nov. 15, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.87
Limited: 4.87

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With: See Below

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Druddigon 89/101 (Noble Victories)

Although I think that Generation V is the best one for Pokémon design since Generation II (I love Lilligant, Vanilluxe, Chandelure, Cinccino and lots more), Druddigon is one that I really don’t like. To me it looks like a five year old drew a dragon and then coloured it in with the brightest pens they could find.

Of course none of that matters if Druddigon is a good card and . . . well . . . it sort of is. The 100 HP is still pretty respectable for an unevolving Basic (even if we have been spoiled by the Unova Dragons). The Retreat cost is a bit steep, but actually, you will usually be more than happy to leave Druddigon active (as we shall see). The fact that it has no Resistance is . . . commonplace, but the lack of a Weakness is straight up fantastic. There’s no teching against this thing, you are going to need to do 100 damage if you want the OHKO – and believe me, that’s exactly what you do want.

The reason for this is Druddigon’s Ability, Rough Skin. This means that whenever a Pokémon does damage to Druddigon (note: this does not include damage counter placement like Kingdra Prime’s Spray Splash or Status Condition damage), the attacking Pokémon will take 20 damage. That’s pretty significant as it brings practically every Pokémon within range of an unboosted return KO from either Zekrom or Reshiram. Now Magnezone Prime has 120 HP, Donphan Prime has 100 (so Exoskeleton won’t save it), Reshi and Zekrom themselves are down to 110, and Gothitelle is brought into range and won’t have the opportunity to heal off the damage before you get to attack her. Best of all, because Rough Skin places damage counters, so it isn’t affected by things like Eviolite or Donphan’s PokéBody.

Rough Skin even has some synergy with Druddigon’s Clutch attack. It isn’t the cheapest at 3 Energy for 60 damage (at least it’s Double Colourless compatible though), but it does have the nice effect of preventing the Defending Pokémon from retreating (unless they have Switch). This means you can drag out an ineffective attacker (with Pokémon Catcher) and watch as your opponent is either forced to pass, or contribute to their own KO, knowing that whatever they bring up to knock out Druddigon will be setting itself up for an easier KO on your next turn.

With his lack of a Weakness, decent attack, Colourless Energy requirement, and very nice Ability, it’s fair to say that Druddigon seems to be a pretty good Pokémon. The only trouble is that I don’t really see how a strategy can be built around it, nor do I see how it can find a place in most other decks. We already have various ways of adding damage (Kingdra Prime, PlusPower, and Rocky Helmet – a Tool in the new set that gives the Rough Skin Ability to any Pokémon), that seem more efficient and/or flexible than Druddigon. Sadly, I think he could be one of those cards that gets very close to being tournament viable, but ultimately falls short. Only time will tell.


Modified: 2.75 (hopefully someone will find a way to bring out the best in this interesting card)

Limited: 4.5 (a splashable, high HP Basic, that dishes out bonus damage . . . a complete beast in this format)

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Druddigon (Noble Victories)
It's day 2 of the new Noble Victories reviews and we are on to one of the ugliest Poke'mon ever to be released. Hail Druddigon!
Druddigon is a big bad dragon with 100 HP and nearly blank bottom stats. No Weakness, no Resistance and a retreat cost of 2 mean there are no coloured symbols anywhere on the card. Also important are the Colourless typing and the fact that Druddigon is a Basic, so it gets all of the utility from Poke'mon Collector, Revive and Evolite (watch out for a review later this week!).
The survivability is decent against most Basics and Stage 1 Poke'mon but Zekrom and Reshiram will still eat this ugly duckling for breakfast as will most of the Stage 2 Poke'mon hanging around. Fortunately, Druddigon has an ace up its sleeve to punish anything big enough to take it out and discourage small attacks of any kind.
Druddigon's Ability is Rough Skin, which does the same thing here as it does in the video games. Whenever Druddigon is damaged by an opponent's attack, the attacking Poke'mon receives 2 damage counters so if you are going to attack you had better make it worthwhile or you'll hurt yourself more than the opponent.
Clutch is the only attack, costing [c][c][c] to deal 60 damage and prevent the Defending Poke'mon from retreating. The Colourless cost means that Druddigon can work with almost any type of energy acceleration and the lock is useful when combined with Poke'mon Catcher (just drag a bench sitter Active and make it stay there!) but I can't help feeling that you can do something better with 3 energy.
Even with Rough Skin acting as a wall, I find Outrage is far superior in discouraging early attacks (especially if you choose the right Dragon to hit for Weakness if your deck is facing a bad maychup). Druddigon isn't nearly as offensively powerful as the Unova Dragons or even the Weather Genies, but it does act as another Big Basic that can be splashed into any deck. If we get some Technical Machines in the next block of sets then Druddigon could become a viable starter but for now I think Druddigon is mostly a Limited powerhouse which lacks the insane HP and damage required to compete with the other Legendaries out there.
Modified: 3 (another case of "it's bad because the Dragons will socre a 1 Hit Knock Out" but if you are short on cards it is a decent filler option for your deck)
Limited: 5 (Colourless Poke'mon are scarce in this set and Rough Skin is much more valuable for discouraging attacks here with the lower overall damage. Plus Clutch stops your opponent retreating to deny a Prize and you can add in an Eviolite or Rocky Helmet for even more defensive discouragement)
Combos with: more damage and HP to give it an edge over Tornadus (but even then, Tornadus has the 'move an energy' clause in its major attack to save your Double Colourless Energy from being discarded by a revenge KO


Hello once again, Pojo readers! Today we're going to be reviewing a new Basic from Noble Victories that did incredibly well in Limited and may have some Modified potential as well. Today's Card of the Day is Druddigon.

Druddigon is a Colorless Basic Pokemon. Colorless Pokemon can easily fit into any deck due to their ability to use any Energy type and easily abuse Double Colorless Energy, making them a strong play if you need secondary attackers or support Pokemon in your deck. In Modified, the most common Colorless Pokemon played right now are Cleffa for support and Tornadus for a secondary attacker. Druddigon may be able to fit into an attacking role, although Tornadus does give it stiff competition. 100 HP is fairly good for a non-Evolving Basic, although it is worth noting that 100 HP can't stand up to the likes of high powered attackers such as Reshiram, Zekrom, Magnezone Prime, Suicune/Entei LEGEND, or even Gothitelle and Emboar. No Weakness greatly helps Druddigon's case as it will be able to withstand weaker attacks, no Resistance is rather unfortunate but not unexpected, and a Retreat Cost of 2 is payable in a bind, but you'll still probably want to use Switch to move Druddigon from Active.

Druddigon has an Ability and a single attack. Rough Skin acts in a similar fashion to Rocky Helmet, putting 2 damage counters on the Attacking Pokemon whenever Druddigon is damaged in an attack. This is good against Pokemon with low damage outputs (like Yanmega Prime), but chances are your opponent will be using a big attacker in Modified, so this Ability will usually only be useful for two damage counters there. In Limited, Rough Skin can be a nightmare for your opponent, as when combined with Eviolite your opponent will greatly struggle to do any sort of appreciable damage to Druddigon. Actually, Druddigon combos well with Eviolite in Modified as well to add to its survivability, and Rocky Helmet can also be used to add even more damage.

Crunch, Druddigon's form of offense, deals 60 damage and prevents the Defending Pokemon from retreating during your opponent's next turn for three Colorless Energy. The damage output is a bit weak for the cost, but luckily it can power up quickly with a Double Colorless Energy. In Limited, this is a solid attack with decent damage that can really mess with your opponent's plans, as preventing them from retreating can be the difference between a win and a loss in this format (whereas in Modified, your opponent is more likely to use Switch or Super Scoop Up).

Modified: 3/5 Druddigon is a curious case in Modified. It has direct competition with Tornadus in terms of a strong Colorless Basic attacker, and each has their advantages and disadvantages. Both get OHKOed by a majority of the format in the late game, but their bulk and flexibility make them strong early-game plays. Tornadus has 10 more HP, deals 20 more damage, and has one fewer Retreat than Druddigon, but Druddigon has Rough Skin and can prevent the opponent from Retreating during your opponent's next turn. Both can utilize Double Colorless Energy and Eviolite, as well. Overall, I feel that Tornadus is still a stronger play than Druddigon due to its higher damage output, lower Retreat Cost, and ability to move Energy with Hurricane, but that's not to say that Druddigon isn't playable. In fact, Druddigon is a very solid secondary attacker in Modified, and can easily work well if you're looking for a change of pace.

Limited: 5/5 Druddigon has Colorless Energy requirements, high HP, amazing Ability, and an attack with decent damage output and a great effect. Druddigon will give your opponents fits all over Limited, especially if you combine it with a Rocky Helmet or Eviolite.

Combos With: Rocky Helmet, Eviolite

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