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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Pignite #18

Black & White

Date Reviewed: May 20, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.25
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Pignite #18 (Black and White)

Pignite is another card that has two versions in Black and White. Neither does anything so well that you wouldn’t rather just Rare Candy Tepig straight into an Emboar, unfortunately.

So, which one should you play? They both have 100 HP, Water Weakness, and a Retreat cost that you are never going to pay with actual Energy. The other Pignite has an Energy acceleration attack and a very poor damage-dealing one. This version has two mediocre damage attacks: a vanilla Rollout which does 20 for [C][C] and Flamethrower which does 70 for the hefty cost of [R][R][C] and a discard.

Both versions are reasonable plays in Limited: it’s a slow format and the set has a lot of Grass Pokémon. In Modified, I find it hard to choose between them. Most decks featuring Emboar like to hoard their Energy so they can Rain Dance it on to a main attacker, not attach it to a below-par evolving Stage 1. I honestly couldn’t recommend either one, but if you play Emboar, it’s a decision you will have to take. Luckily, it shouldn’t matter much.


Modified (HGSS-on): 1.5 (typical evolving Stage 1 that makes you glad there is such a thing as Rare Candy)

Limited: 2.5 (slow but useful counter to all the Grass Pokémon in the set)


We are looking at the Pignite that is Black & White 18/114. Pignite is a Stage 1 Fire Pokémon that can Evolve into Emboar. Currently there are two Emboar available (Black & White 19/114 and 20/114), and both are good cards (but 20/114 is better and also better known). The only reason to play either Pignite is expressly to Evolve it into an Emboar, except at a Limited event. It possesses a solid 100 HP fore a transitory Stage 1, falling outside of the range to be easily Knocked Out by a single, unassisted attack. “Assistance” includes the card’s own Water Weakness, which will allow a Water Pokémon to OHKO it with just 50 base points of damage. The lack of Resistance is disappointing, but at least Fire Pokémon aren’t really known for Resistance, and this is common for most Pokémon so it isn’t a true disadvantage. The three Energy needed to Retreat is a disadvantage, and even with Energy acceleration it is likely to be too wasteful to manually retreat.

Pignite has two attacks. Rollout has an Energy cost of (CC) and does a flat 20 points of damage. Weak, but it will do in a pinch. Unfortunately it doesn’t make much sense to use Double Colorless Energy as the next attack has only a single Colorless Energy requirement. Flame Thrower costs (RRC) and requires you discard an Energy attached to Pignite, but does deliver a solid 70 points of damage, enough to OHKO most Evolvable Basic Pokémon. Together, we have two solid but impressive and uninspired attacks.

The other Pignite, Black & White 17/114, has the same stats but two different attacks. The first can be used with one of any Energy and searches the deck for a Fire Energy card to attach to Pignite itself. This is a decent effect and can be fairly handy. The second attack is a flat 50 points of damage for (RRC). Again, it is unfortunate it can’t be efficiently powered with Double Colorless Energy, but due to the first attack you could still have Pignite ready to for acceptable damage by its second turn in play.

Both of these, unless reprinted at a later time and without Emboar 20/114 or at a Limited Event, should never see play without it. As such the version reviewed today is the preferred pick because in a tight situation it is a competent attacker. If your set-up doesn’t work out right, the other Pignite, 117/114 is the better pick. As such I recommend running both; since each is insurance against an incomplete set-up. As for the Tepig they can be run with, none are especially good but the 70 HP versions are adequate with slightly better attacks and of course more HP than the 60 HP versions.

In Limited play, this is a good pick only if you can afford a healthy amount of Fire Energy, probably at least five and that only works if you only need it for Pignite or a later Emboar, and on top of that have the room to work those seven cards into your deck without them getting in the way of everything else. If you have enough Fire using Pokémon (and space for them) to run seven or more Fire Energy, you’ll have a good attacker as long as you aren’t facing Water. Again, though, both versions even out because of the different match-ups you’ll face.


Modified (MD-On): 3/5 – Scored based on its usefulness in an Emboar deck.

Modified (HGSS-On): – Scored based on its usefulness in an Emboar deck.

Limited: 3.5/5 – Scored in general.


An adequate lead-in to Emboar.

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia
Pignite 18/114 (Black & White)
Hello guys, today we review my favourite Poke'mon from the new Generation. Pignite just looks awesome!
Pignite is a Fire Type evolving Stage 1 with 100 HP, Water weakness, a retreat cost of 3 and 2 attacks.
The stats are exactly the same as the other Pignite (great HP, matching heavy retreat cost, expected weakness) so the only deciding difference will be the attacks.
The first attack, and at 20 damage for [c][c] Rollout isn't worht the time of day. Pretty much the only reason for using it is if you haven't got the energy or the evolution cards to use something better.
Flamethrower, on the other hand, is quite good for the environment we expect to see the card in. All of the Fire weak Poke'mon we have reviewed in recent times are 140 HP or less, so dealing 70 base damage is a great thing for a Fire type (get those pesky techs!). The cost of [r][r][c] and an [r] discard is a bit steep but the energy acceleration available to for [r] energy is pretty extensive right now so it evens out.
Generally you will want to evolve to Emboar as quickly as possible, but if you get stuck at the Stage 1 level for a couple of turns then higher damage output is always welcome. However the other Pignite does have a self-energy acceleration attack so it can prove useful as well. Persoanlly I'd run one of each along with some Rare Candy.
Modified: 4 (both Emboars are going to see at least some play and 100 HP is awesome on an evolving Stage 1)
Limited: 3 (Emboar is a dangerous choice here but Reshiram is awesome so you can probably find room for the [r] energy)
Combos with: FanBoar and BlitzBoar.

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