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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Muk #31/90


Date Reviewed: March 9, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.75
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Muk (Undaunted)

Another day, another Muk . . . and this one is from the (fairly) recent Undaunted set.

In most respects, it’s a much better card than the Platinum version: same ok-ish HP and horrible Retreat cost, but with more effective attacks at a better cost. One thing seriously hurts the card though, and that’s the x2 Psychic Weakness: with Psychic a very common Type (even if it’s only Uxie LV X), Muk will encounter plenty of threats that are able to one-shot it with ease.

Anyway, on to the attacks. Sludge Drag is a nice, cheap, disruptive one: a single Psychic Energy enable you to drag out a Benched Pokémon and inflict Poison AND Confusion. The Status Conditions can be a great bonus if the target Pokémon has a PokePower – cards like Regice, and Skuntank G will no longer be able to use their Powers and your opponent will have to spend valuable resources trying to retreat them. Meanwhile, Muk is capable (just about) of going on the offensive with its second attack, Pester. This costs [P][C][C] (so you are good to go with Double Colourless) and although the base damage is a mere 50, if the Defending Pokémon is affected by a Special Condition, it will do 80.

So, with two decent attacks that work well together, why isn’t this card ever played? The simple answer is that the format is too fast for it, and it is too easily OHKO’d. At BEST Muk is taking two turns to KO something and take a Prize. Meanwhile, your opponent can PokeTurn, Evolve, Warp, or Retreat their Pokémon to safety after a Sludge Drag and bring up something to one-shot Muk.

It’s a bit of a shame really. In no way is Muk a bad card, and in other formats in may even have been great. Right now though, there are just too many counters and too many Pokémon that hit harder and faster for it to be viable.


Modified: 2.5 (good card, but not good enough)


3/9/11: Muk(Undaunted)
You know what Poison Pokemon could be good someday? This one here.
Sludge Drag is very interesting. For one Psychic energy, you get a Gust of Wind effect, only the new target is bound down by multiple Conditions. The ability to choose a Benched Pokemon is important, since in theory you can eliminate the one main obstacle to most non-paralysis condition locks, that being simply retreating out of it. As for what to do after Sludge Drag, well...
The first thought I had was comboing it with Leafeon UD, to Miasma Wind for 100 after Sludge Drag. Sadly, I forgot about Muk's retreat cost of three. Whoops. Muk's 2nd attack does 80 damage for PCC, which is fairly decent damage with DCE factored in. The best thing to do would probably use this in conjunction with Vileplume UD to keep your opponent from switching out of your Sludge lock with Trainers. This card isn't terribly conducive to the current format, but it is by no means useless.
Modified: 2.75/5
Limited: 2.5/5


Today we look at another Muk!

… I like Muk: it may not be my favorite, but it reminds me of Marvel Comics Venom in a weird way. No, that is not a good enough reason to look at this card. We are looking at the Undaunted version, and this is one I’ve actually play tested.

Like all recent video game Poison-Type Pokémon, in the TCG Muk is represented as being a Psychic Type. As you’ll remember, this is mildly useful: with any luck you see the Uxie, you OHKO the Uxie. Stage 1 Pokémon got the short end of the stick this format: slower than the overpowered Basics, smaller and weaker than the overpowered Stage 2 Pokémon that still see play. Yes, I know there are some great Stage 1 Pokémon that carry their own decks right now but they are usually crazy broken. Muk Evolves from Grimer, and there are only two Modified legal options: one from Platinum and one from Undaunted. Both are Psychic, Basic Pokémon with 60 HP and a hefty Retreat Cost of two. The older version from Platinum enjoys a superior Psychic +10 Weakness, while the Undaunted version reverted back to the standard damage doubling Weakness. The Platinum version also can attack for no Energy, and that attack searches your deck for another Grimer and Benches it. The Retreat Cost and this attack make it the superior choice: you really don’t want to have to attack with Grimer as it is there to Evolve into Muk, and the other attacks are a bit pricey for what they do, which is probably very little before being KO’d.

This Muk, like yesterday’s card, clocks in at a solid 100 HP: not good enough to be a real benefit, but not weak enough to be a real hindrance. The Psychic Weakness x2 really does hurt it, though, since the Uxie you’d want to OHKO can Level Up into Uxie Lv.X and OHKO you instead. Lack of Resistance is lame in that it would really bring more depth to the game, but since it is so rare and often isn’t a big benefit (Resistance is usually easy to play around) the lack of it doesn’t technically hurt the card. The three Energy needed to retreat does hurt the card: you’ll have to pack supporting cards to get it out of the Active slot, or let it go down swinging.

This Muk seems to have less going for it than what we looked at yesterday: only two attacks. The attacks do have some solid synergy and advantages over what we say on Muk Lv.49. The first attack just requires (P). Sludge Drag is a pretty descriptive name for it, as the attack allows you to pick one of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon, force it into the Active Slot, and inflict Poison and Confusion on it at the same time. Pester is the big attack, requiring (PCC). It hits for 50 points of damage base, plus another 30 if the Defending Pokémon is affected by at least one Special Condition. The base damage is a poor return, but if you get the effect it’s a solid deal. The first attack makes getting said effect easier, and it really does matter that you can go from Sludge Drag to Pester with the addition of a single Double Colorless Energy.

I tried mixing this card with Vileplume to shut down Trainers and… I got slaughtered. My build was horrendous: rushed and missing some major cards (including Oddish in my very first build – I really was in a rush). Based on what I’ve seen of the Metagame, this isn’t likely to ever give you a deck that will easily win a major event. However, it does give you a solid performance as a casual deck, and is good enough it has a chance of winning something small. It is one of those decks that just can’t match the best of this format. At least, when I last tried it. I didn’t have time to try it long, either. Since it is a solid concept, I really do wonder what could be done: many Pokémon have the ability to inflict Special Conditions from the Bench.

In Limited play, this looks like a real winner; almost all the built in advantages of Muk Lv.49. You don’t have as good a Grimer this set, but you still have what is a great HP score and damage output for Limited play and Sludge Drag gives you both the all important Bench Manipulation and dual Special Conditions: a potent combination here. Finally, it only requires one actual Psychic Energy to get going, so while you’ll need to run a few more than that, even a 1-1 line is feasible splashed into another deck with five Psychic Energy cards.


Modified: 3/5

Limited: 4/5

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