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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Call Energy

Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: April 1, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 5.00
Limited: 5.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With: See Below

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Call Energy (Majestic Dawn) 

As far as I’m concerned this is a card I cannot praise too highly. It has been in my top five cards in the format ever since its release.  

If you play this card, there is nothing you want to see more in your opening hand. Call Energy works by giving you the option to bench two Basic Pokémon from your deck and then end your turn. It’s important to note that this is NOT an attack: it can’t be stopped by things like Amnesia, nor made flippy by Smokescreen-style attacks. 

ut simply, Call Energy turns every single Basic Pokémon into a good starter while also doubling as an Energy. This high utility means two things: firstly, you save deck space (no need for extra set up Pokémon) and secondly it is less likely to be a dead draw in mid/late game (which Pokémon starters often are). Call Energy gets you set up, prevents you from losing by being benched, and turns a bad start into a good one. 

Of course, not every deck will be able to use it. Those lists with minimal or very specific Energy requirements (Donphan Prime, Gyarados, Uxie Donk) will have to do without. For any deck that uses attackers with Colourless Energy costs though . . . well, let’s just say you would need a VERY good reason not to play 3-4 (preferably 4) Call Energy. 

I can’t think of a reason that good myself. 

The truth is that I don’t even like playing decks that don’t run this card.


Modified: 5 (I VERY rarely give a perfect score, but after three years as one of the best cards in format, Call Energy deserves it)


4/1/11: Call Energy(Majestic Dawn)
We finish Starter Week with clearly the worst card of the week.
I mean, who would want to play this? It only provides 1 colorless energy! You could run this...or you could play more basic energy? And the effect? Psh. Who would want to search more basics out of your deck? It's like finding more basics would help any deck set up! I mean, lone basic starts are awesome! It's not like people play decks that aim to win first turn when you only have one basic in play. And it's not like there's a dominant subtype of cards(call them 'SP' for argument's sake), which are all basics, and gain some useful tools when there are more of them in play and that this would greatly help them. I mean, if you wanted to get basics, why not play Dual Ball?
Terrible starter, and a terrible card overall. It's decent late-game, though.
Happy April Fool's Day.
Modified: Contrarian/5
Limited: No one plays Majestic Dawn Limited/5
Unlimited: 10/10
Pojo-Style: A+
Serious Modifed: 5/5
Serious Limited: 5/5
Combos With: Team Galactic's Invention-Power Spray, Any basic, Any deck, really, Thought Wave Machine, Hyper Sentinel Force

Mad Mattezhion

Call Energy (Majestic Dawn)
Hey guys, sorry my review is late. I promise that it is nowhere near as long as the review for Jirachi RR. Really, it isn't!
Call Energy is a starter that isn't a Poke'mon so it has a lot of benefits that other starter Poke'mon don't, with a few unique drawbacks.
Normally this is the point where I write out the stats, but since this is a Special Energy it's only attributes are that it provides [c], it is difficult to search out and must be attached to your Active Poke'mon in order to use its secondary effect.
The effect of Call Energy is that if it is attached to your Active Poke'mon, once during your turn you may search your Deck for up to 2 Basic Poke'mon (no Fossils) and place them on your Bench. If you do, your turn ends.
Obviously this is a brilliant effect because not only does it make any of your Poke'mon into a decent starter but it stops your opponent getting a KO against your lone Basic to win (they still take a prize but you at least get some breathing room). Best of all, this effect cannot be blocked by your opponent because it is neither an attack nor a Poke-power/Poke-body so Special Conditions, attack effects and other nasty ailments mean nothing as long as the Poke'mon with Call Energy attached is In the Active position.
Since Call Energy stays attached to the Poke'mon (unless you discard to retreat, pay an attack cost or get hit with Lost Remover) you can use it to grab Basic Poke'mon later in the game as well if you get into desperate trouble, and it works particularly well with other starter Pokemon. Smeargle UD can use its Portrait Poke-power and then use Call Energy to grab some backup before discarding it to retreat next turn. Also, Jirachi RR likes Call Energy because it gives you something to do if you are unfortunate enough to go first.
Call Energy does have the downside of ending your turn but then so do attacks, so it is still worth the drawback. The real measure of whether or not you should run Call Energy is the energy requirments in your deck. Using your energy attachment for the turn is a small price to pay for Call Energy but does your deck have attackers and techs with Colourless energy requirements in their attacks? If yes, use this card!
Sure, Call Energy is a target for energy removal since you can't retrieve it from the discard pile (which can prove a hazard in decks with low energy counts, like Gyarados decks for example) and you lose the use of many coming-in-to play Poke-powers we love to use (so searching out Uxie LA or Crobat G with Call Energy is a waste of resources) but the fact remains that Call Energy is one of the best Special Energy in the format and the reason no-one uses Pichu HGSS.
Modified: 4.5 (Call Energy isn't a dead draw later in the game if you have built your deck to take advantage of Colourless energy so Call Energy is the least risky card of all the starters)
Limited: 5 (Reusable search in Limited is as rare as chicken teeth and a lot more useful. Take it! Take it NOW!)
Combos with: Smeargle UD, Jirachi RR and and your starting hand.

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