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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



HGSS/Call of Legends

Date Reviewed: March 11, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.75
Limited: 1.88

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Weezing (HGSS/Call of Legends)

Our final card of the week is so good that TPCI felt the need to print it twice!

(Not really . . . they did that with a lot of terrible cards to make up the numbers in Call of Legends).

Like yesterday’s card, this is a Weezing with a gimmick. That gimmick lies in its second attack, Super Explosion. For [C][C] (hello Double Colourless), Weezing does 90 damage plus 90 to itself in a suicidal bid to take a Prize. Yes, you CAN attach Expert Belt to it so that the attack does 110 to the Defending Pokémon and Weezing survives on 20 HP but that still doesn’t make it a viable strategy. 110 damage is still short of a OHKO on any Stage 2 (and most playable Stage 1s for that matter), and Weezing will just give up two Prizes on the next turn (what deck can’t do 20 damage when it needs to? Uxie LA will work just fine. A Crobat G and a PokeTurn is even better).

There isn’t much else on the card to recommend it either. Double Psychic Weakness, a Retreat cost of two, and a basic one Psychic Energy for auto-Poison first attack. Don’t let the possibility of doing 110 for a Double Colourless Energy and an Expert Belt fool you into thinking this is a playable card: if you use this, your chances of winning are likely to blow up in your face along with Weezing.


Modified: 1.5 (slightly better than the other Weezing, but still rubbish)

conical 3/11/11: Weezing(HGSS)
I must say, this card is Super!
The first attack, Super Poison Breath, kicks things off with its Super ability to Poison the other Pokemon! And then the 2nd attack, Super Explosion, causes Weezing to be KO'd, but deals a Super 90 damage! Wow! Zowiee! And such.
Yeah, this card isn't that great. As much flak as I gave Weezing RR about its lack of Poison-based goodness, it's important to note that Smog is a far superior attack to S. Poison Breath, in that it actually deals damage to the Defending, in addition to poison. And Explosion, well...Explosion attacks have never been that good, save for Weezing DX, which was only good because of the EX mechanic. Unless you're up against something with an Expert Belt attached, you won't end up ahead on the prize exchange, and you likely won't KO anything with an Expert Belt attached anyway, because of the HP issue.
But still, a very Super card, even if in name only.
Limited: 2.25/5

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope that you are all doing well preparing for your State, Province, and Territory tournaments. Today we end Pick Your Poison Week by reviewing a card that was printed first in HeartGold and SoulSilver, and again in Call of Legends. Today's Card of the Day is Weezing.

Weezing is a Stage 1 Psychic Pokemon. 90 HP is average for a Stage 1, meaning it should be able to take at least one hit before it goes down. Psychic Weakness is bad for Modified, as it means that Gengar will easily OHKO, as will Uxie Lv. X. For the other two bottom stats, no Resistance is meh, and a Retreat Cost of 2 is just enough that you probably won't want to pay it, so be sure to use Warp Point or Warp Energy.

Weezing has two attacks: Super Poison Breath and Super Explosion. Super Poison Breath automatically Poisons the Defending Pokemon for a single Psychic Energy, but doesn't do any damage in the process. You'd probably be better off using something like Skuntank G or Crobat Prime in Modified, where the poison effects either don't take an attack or are a rather significant threat to the opponent. In Limited, this attack is decent, but you are still probably better off using something with more of an offensive presence. Super Explosion, for the cost of two Colorless Energy, deals 90 damage with Weezing taking 90 itself. Again, not really worth it in Modified as you are giving up a Prize card for middling damage. In Limited you will probably take a Prize with Super Explosion, but losing Weezing means that your opponent will get one as well.

Modified: 1/5 Weezing doesn't do anything well enough to warrant seeing play here.

Limited: 1.75/5 I won't recommend Weezing here, either. Super Poison Breath is decent but you can probably get a similar effect on a Basic, and Super Explosion can prove costly for you as you'll be giving up a Prize card. Unless you pulled terribly, I'd steer clear.

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