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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Venipede #52

Black & White

Date Reviewed: June 9, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.95
Limited: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Venipede #52/114 (Black and White)

We close out the week by looking at the pre-evolutions of Scolipede, which was one of the earlier B&W cards we reviewed. Scolipede itself is not a terrible Pokémon, but its expensive and relatively poor value attacks mean that it falls somewhat short of being competitive. Let’s see if it gets any assistance from its other Stages though.

Well, Venipede is a decent enough start, I suppose. The 70 HP is very good for this type of Basic, and the Psychic Weakness isn’t really an issue at the moment as there seems to be a real lack of playable Psychic attackers in HGSS-on (for now anyway). Retreat cost of two isn’t good, so pack some Switching cards into your deck – you’re probably going to need them anyway.

The attacks are both vanilla and underwhelming, but at least it can do something for one Energy, even if it’s just the 10 damage that Ram offers. The other attack, Rollout, isn’t ever going to be used. If you can’t evolve Venipede before you get three Energy on it, then you are probably at the point where 30 damage isn’t going to make a whole lot of difference.

Venipede doesn’t do anything to make Scolipede a more viable deck, but it’s a solid enough start, I suppose.


Modified (HGSS-on): 1.75 (not a bad evolving Basic, but nothing to get excited about)

Limited: 2 (decent HP helps)


Welcome back, Pojo readers! Today we continue our BW reviews with the Basic form of a Stage 2 that we've reviewed once before. Today's Card of the Day is Venipede.

Venipede is a Basic Psychic Pokemon. As I said yesterday, aside from the random Vilegar or Lostgar deck still running around, Psychic Pokemon are relatively uncommon in MD-on Modified (although this may change once we rotate to HGSS-on July 1). 70 HP is great for an evolving Basic, meaning it should be able to take an early-game hit or two barring a donk by the likes of something such as Zekrom. Psychic Weakness is to be expected but is a little unfortunate for the little poison centipede, and no Resistance is also a shame. Finally, two Retreat is quite a bit for an evolving Basic, but since it has a fairly good 70 HP, you'll likely be evolving into Whirlipede or Scolipede anyway.

Venipede's two attacks are both vanilla and considered at "average" cost: Ram does 10 damage for a single Psychic Energy, and Rollout does 30 damage for the massive cost of three Colorless Energy. Chances are that you will maybe use Ram on your first turn before evolving and probably won't ever use Rollout, so these attacks aren't too bad, considering that you won't be running Venipede strictly for its attacking prowess anyway.

Modified: 2/5 This may seem high for a Basic Pokemon with vanilla attacks, but if there is ever a really good Scolipede printed, this would be a fairly good Venipede to use due to its high HP.

Limited: 2.5/5 In Limited, Venipede can be a great Basic with its high HP, although I wouldn't run it without a Whirlipede and/or Scolipede (if you pull one). However, it can fill the role of an extra Basic if you are in need of that role, especially if you are running Psychic as a main type. However, keep in mind that Venipede's offensive skills don't match other big Basics in Black and White like Reshiram, Zekrom, or even Alomomola, so don't expect the centipede to take down dragons, or whatnot.

Deck Garage

6/9/11: Venipede(Black & White)
Hey, remember that giant centipede Pokemon we reviewed once before? Yeah, me neither. But this is its pre-evolution, so yeah.
Well, the 70 HP is nice, which is good, because the attacks aren't. I will never understand why whoever is responsible for making the cards feel that doing 10 damage is so broken, that they have to have 1 specific energy attached to it. They did the same thing with the starter Pokemon in both HGSS and B/W, which seems really odd to me, given how they make it seemingly a point to make the starter evolutions competitive cards, and you would think that giving the evolutions a basic card that does more than '1 for 10, 2 for 20' would help.
Back to Venipede, I guess. The 2nd attack isn't good either; I was hoping that we had long abandoned 3 colorless for 30 damage being usable, what with Garchomp C still technically in the format. Also, it has a retreat of two, which is pretty bad, but then again, if you're playing Scolipede, you probably have ways to take care of heavy retreat costs.
Modified:2/5(Props for the HP)
Limited: 1.5/5

  Venipede (Black & White)
Today we have the first stage of the gigantic Scolipede from a few weeks ago. Sadly I think this card is cast in the same mould.
Venipede is a Psychic type evolving Basic with 70 HP, Psychic weakness, a retreat cost of 2 and 2 attacks.
The HP is great but the tradeoff is the retreat cost. The weakness is going to be less problematic in the next format but for now it is still easily exploited. i'd say this is a good start because of the HP but that only matters if we get a Scolipede worth playing.
The first attack is Ram and costs [p] for 10 damage, which is a bit overpriced but fits with the evolutions well enough. A secondary effect would have been appreciated though.
The second attack, Rollout, is where things get a bit murky. The cost is [c][c][c] for 30 vanilla damage which is an abysmal return for your investment, but on the other hand having a stronger attack for those rare occasions where both players have a terrible setup is a good thing, especially since the whole evolutionary line can make good use of Double Colourless Energy. If only the Scolipede was playable this would be a great Basic to use.
To end today's review, Venipede is a nasty bug that I would never want to meet in my kitchen, but I will laugh if I ever see it hit the table. Unless a decent Scolipede has been printed, in which case I will brace for impact.
Modified: 3 (decent HP and an option for greater damage, even at such a huge price, are good traits on an evolving Basic. If only there was a Scolipede worth using)
Limited: 3 (the same applies here and Scolipede is okay at a prerelease, if only because of the impressive HP. A possibility for inflicting poison with either attack would have been appreciated though)

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