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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Sandile #63

Black & White

Date Reviewed: June 15, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.00
Limited: 2.37

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Sandile #63/114 (Black and White)

A couple of weeks ago I went to the UK Pokémon VG championship, mainly to hang around and watch a few of the matches. I was surprised to see how popular Krookodile was (I’m only a very casual player of the video game). He seems to be fairly popular in the TCG too . . . or at least he is one of those Pokémon that people like and want to make work. Personally, I don’t think Krookodile is really a top tier competitive Pokémon, but he’s not a million miles away, and there are interesting decks you can build with him. Let’s see if his Basic Stage gives him any support.

One of the things I like about the Kroododile line is the was the card designers have given the attacks some kind of similarity (disruption/lock) through all the evolutions. Although Sandile doesn’t have the attack locking capabilities of his evolutions, he does have the ability to stop the Defending Pokémon retreating (and deal 10 damage) with his Sand Tomb attack. This can be a useful in some situations: if your opponent’s active isn’t an attacker (such as an early-game Cleffa), you could stop them retreating it for something that would KO Sandile. Of course, they could always play a Switch (assuming they had one), but even if they did, making an opponent burn resources to deal with a Basic is never a bad thing. It’s a soft lock that deals some damage and could help Sandile survive long enough to evolve. That’s about as much as you can ask from an evolving Basic, and certainly a lot better than Sandile’s Bite attack, which is a very weak 30 damage for [F][C][C] effort.

Other good things about Sandile are the 70 HP and Lightning Resistance (ok, Magnezone Prime and Zekrom will OHKO anyway, but it’s better than nothing). The Water Weakness doesn’t look like being too much of a disaster, but the Retreat cost of two is on the high side. Higher Retreat costs seem to be common in BW, and it makes running Switch in most a decks a good idea.

If you want to try and make a Krookodile deck, this is a pretty good place to start: a disruptive Basic that has a chance of surviving long enough to evolve.


Modified (HGSS-on): 2 (one of the better evolving Basics you will see in HGSS-on)

Limited: 2.25 (the Retreat Lock can be even more annoying, and the Krook line is pretty good in this format)


Hello once again, Pojo readers! I hope that all of you had good luck at Battle Roads if you attended, as I know the one that I was head judge for was a blast. Finally, now that Battle Roads are over and the HGSS-on rotation is announced to be July 1, given that there are no other major events between now and the rotation, I will be reviewing cards specifically for HGSS-on Modified. Anyway, today's Card of the Day is Sandile.

Sandile is a Basic Fighting Pokemon. Fighting Pokemon aren't seeing too much play right now with the notable exceptions of Donphan Prime and Machamp Prime, however the type could easily see more play if Magnezone Prime variants really take off in the new HGSS-on Modified. Sandile may also see some play, given that Krookodile has a great niche in being able to shut down many popular Pokemon with only one attack, such as Magnezone Prime, Emboar, Donphan Prime's Earthquake, and many others. 70 HP is great for an evolving Basic, meaning it should be able to take at least a hit or two early game. Water Weakness isn't actually that bad in HGSS-on, though will give you trouble if you run into Kingdra Prime or a Rain Dance deck. Lightning Resistance is theoretically good, however Magnezone Prime and Zekrom will still easily OHKO Sandile, which is unfortunate. Finally, a Retreat Cost of 2 is a little steep, so be sure to use something like Switch to get the sand crocodile out of the Active slot.

Sandile has two attacks: Sand Tomb and Bite. Sand Tomb deals 10 damage for a single Fighting Energy, and prevents the Defending Pokemon from retreating during your opponent's next turn. While the new HGSS-on format is slightly bulkier than the previous MD-on, stopping the relatively common Babies (like Cleffa) can be nice if your opponents need to get them out of the Active Position. The attack can see a lot more use in Limited, however, because you can trap the opposing Pokemon as a stall tactic. Bite does an expensive 30 damage for a Fighting and two Colorless, which probably isn't worth powering up, even in Limited. If you're going to have three Energy on a Sandile, it should probably be a Krokorok or Krookodile.

Modified: 2/5 If you're going to be running Krookodile in your Modified deck, Sandile is definitely a passable Basic. 70 HP is pretty good, and Sand Tomb is even pretty decent if your opponent is using something like Cleffa to set up.

Limited: 2.5/5 Obviously use Sandile if you draft a Krokorok and/or Krookodile, since it won't do much on its own. However, if you're running Fighting and get a Krokorok or Krookodile, go for it.

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia
Sandile (Black & White)
Today we have the Basic stage of Krookodile, which is making a splash in both the video games and the card game. So this guy already has some table time, but what is the likelihood of it getting replaced by a better version in the future?
Seeing as Sandile has 70 HP and a decent first attack, the probability is low.
Sandile is a Fighting type evolving Basic with 70 HP, Water weakness, Lightning resistance, a retreat cost of 2 and two attacks.
The HP is on the beefy side for evolving Basics, hence the relatively heavy retreat cost. The resistance is useful but not as helpful now that Luxray GL is out of the picture. True, both Zekrom and Magnezone Prime are making appearances, but they don't have the cap of 60 damage that Luxray had to deal with, so resistance is more of an annoyance than a genuine block. The Water weakness is a problem as Mantine HGSS, Squirtle UL and other Water Basic Poke'mon will easily get a T2 KO, but if you evolve quickly then it won't matter.
Now the attacks. Sand Tomb is cheap at [f] for 10 damage and preventing your opponent from retreating. While this won't do much to most Poke'mon, it will annoy your opponent and force them to use a Switch if they can't evolve. This is effective against Baby Poke'mon and other low HP Basics, as well as Fighting weak Poke'mon.
Bite is overpriced at [f][c][c] for 30 damage but since you can use DCE (and the same applies to the rest of the evolutionary line) it can be useful if both players have a terrible start and you have a hand choked with energy. You won't use Bite very often (if at all) but having an option for greater damage is good, especially in Limited.
Sandile has a cheap attack that can result in a soft lock, a resistance to a commonly played type and high HP for an evolving Basic. The only thing missing is better Fighting support.
Modified: 3.5 (better than the usual evolving fodder, and Krookodile is good enough to at least try at the start of this new format. Who knows what the future will bring?)
Limited: 3.5 (Fighting is a common weakness and it is more difficult to drop a Switch or Super Scoop Up to beat Sand Tomb, but Zekrom and Reshiram still laugh at you if you can't evolve in time)
Combos with: Krookoroll BW, and Memory Berry if it ever gets reprinted (remeber FlyTrap?)

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