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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Totodile #74

Call of Legends

Date Reviewed: July 18, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.20
Limited: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Totodile #74/95 (Call of Legends)

Hello and welcome to one of those theme weeks on Pojo’s CotD. (You know . . . those things we do while we are waiting for a new set to hit the shops). This week, we are doing ‘Call of Legends Basics that are different to the regular ones’.

Remember Call of Legends? That was the set that tempted us in with a handful of good new cards (Pachirisu, Lost World), some shiny collectibles (Energy, Legendaries), and some nice reprints (Smeargle, Cleffa). They then bulked out the set with a ton of unreleased Japanese Promos, and those are the cards we shall be looking at this week.

We kick off with Totodile, the Basic component of the Feraligatr line. It has the same decent 60 HP as the HGSS version, but in all other respects, it is a much worse card . . .

For a start it has Lightning Weakness, rather than Grass. This may only make a marginal difference when a Pokémon has only 60 HP, but it’s still worth mentioning. The viable Grass attackers (Yanmega and Jumpluff I guess) would OHKO this easily regardless, but having Lightning Weakness makes Totodile vulnerable to being one-shot by Zekrom’s Outrage with only a single damage counter on Zekrom, or suffering a donk at the hands of Pachirisu. Just to add to the misery, Totodile CL has a retreat cost of two: one more than its HGSS equivalent.

But it’s really in the attack department that this Totodile shows its inferiority. The HGSS version is nothing special - 10 damage for one Water Energy, or 20 for [W][C] – but being able to do cheap quick damage is better than nothing and may even save you a PlusPower or something later on. Totodile CL on the other hand has just the one attack and it costs THREE ENERGY to use. Wow. What were they thinking? If anyone thinks it would ever be a good idea to invest resources like that in an evolving 60 HP Basic, they need their head checking. It’s not as if you are getting anything good in return: 30 damage, plus a coin flip for each Water Energy, doing 20 more for each heads? It will never ever be worth the effort.

When it comes to choosing between Totodiles, the HGSS one wins hands down: cheaper attacks, better retreat cost, better Weakness. The fact that the HGSS Totodile is nothing but a boringly standard evolving Basic should give you some idea of how bad today’s card is.


Modified: 1 (impossible not to give it the lowest score when there are zero reasons to use it over the other version)


Welcome back, Pojo readers! I apologize for my lengthy absence, as I was traveling around Europe with very limited Internet access. I hope that those of you that went to the US and Canadian National Championships had a great time, and that those of you going to Worlds are having a good time preparing. This week, because we are basically done reviewing Black and White and Emerging Powers is still quite a ways off, we will be reviewing a few Basics from Call of Legends. Today, we'll kick this COTD week off with Totodile.

Totodile is a Basic Water Pokemon. Water-types aren't so common in Modified right now, mainly due to most of them having an especially crippling Lightning Weakness, which can be exploited by both Magnezone Prime and Zekrom, two very common cards in the format. However, with the release of Emerging Powers and Beartic, Water may end up seeing an increase in popularity. This particular Totodile has a bit of competition with its other print, the Totodile from HGSS and the HS Trainer Kit. This Totodile has 60 HP, which is decent for an evolving Basic, a terrible Lightning Weakness, no Resistance, and a rather large Retreat Cost of 2.

This Big Jaw Pokemon has a single attack, which is rather expensive for a Basic. Aqua Tail starts at 30 damage for WCC, which allows you to flip a coin for each Water Energy attached to Totodile, and the attack deals 20 more damage for each head. Therefore, if you have WWW attached to Totodile, you have a chance of doing 90 damage! The problem of course is that getting three Energy on an evolving Basic isn't very realistic, and Totodile will most likely be KOed before you will be able to use Aqua Tail even once. That being said, this Totodile works rather well with its evolution (Feraligatr Prime), but you're probably better off using the other Totodile, if for no reason other than its Grass Weakness and lower Retreat Cost.

Modified: 2/5 This Totodile isn't bad by any means, it's just that the other Totodile has a better Weakness and Retreat Cost. However, if you want to have the chance of dealing a lot of damage with Totodile (I don't know when you ever would), this would be the Totodile to use.

Limited: 2.5/5 Not so bad here, either. If you pull a Feraligatr line or even just a Croconaw, Totodile should be an automatic inclusion to your deck. That being said, it can do a fair amount of damage for a Basic, and can easily be a decent attacker if you can power it up without it being Knocked Out.

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Totodile (Call of Legends)
This week we are reviewing some evolving Basic Poke'mon from the Call of Legends set. The vast majority of cards from that set were reprints (including all of the evolutions of this week's cards) but these cards were different, sometimes in quite unexpected ways
The first for the week is Totodile, and since both of the currelntly legal Feraligatr cards are being used in Water decks (especially the Prime) you can expect to see a Totodile on the table at some point.
This Totodile is almost the same as the other version, differing only in the attacks, retreat cost and weakness. This Totodile has the same HP and lack of resistance, while also keeping the Water type (I hope Delta Species with that semi-random typing mechanic make a reppearance some day). The weakness is somewhat of a nerf, as it makes an even easier KO for Zekrom BW, Magnezone Prime and Pachirisu CL but it does have the benefit of making life harder for Jumpluff HGSS. However, at 60 HP, the weakness will rarely be a consideration past the second turn. The retreat cost is a bit steep, since if Totodile is still Active and unevolved by the time you attach 2 energy, you are probably in trouble.
The main reason I like this Totodile is the attack. Aqua Tail costs [w][c][c] and deals 30 damage plus a coin flip for each [w] energy attached to Totodile, dealing an extra 20 damage per Heads.
While this is terrible for a starting attack (if you can't retreat manually for 2 energy then attacking for 3 energy is a nightmare) it is great for an in-case-of-zombie-apocolypse-break-glass weapon. With the ability of Feraligatr Prime to use Rain Dance for all of your [w] energy attachment needs, you can drop this Totodile and a bunch of energy for a revenge hit when your main attacker goes down.
While Alomomola BW is another Basic that does the same job with more reliable damage (no flips) and much higher HP, it can't evolve in to Feraligatr Prime. Also, if the flips go your way you can deal greater damage for fewer energy than Alomomola would require.
Based on the weakness and retreat cost I would run the HGSS version alone if you are  running the Prime as a bench sitter without the other version, but if you are also using the ordinary Feraligatr for the Spinning Tail spread attack then I would use them both. So far it seems to work nicely in my BlastGatr deck, I'll keep you all posted.
Modified: 3.5 (a playable evolution is a great start, and an attack you can occasionally use to recover from a big hit is another plus. If Memory Berry gets reprinted then it will only get better.
Limited: 2.5 (a fragile basic that can pack a punch, but only if you run mostly Water Poke'mon.
Combos with: Feraligatr Prime

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