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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Top 10 New Pokémon Cards of 2010:
#6 Pokémon Communication


Date Reviewed: Jan. 7, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.20
Limited: 5.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

#6 Pokémon Communication (HeartGold SoulSilver)


Whisper it quietly but . . . Pokémon Communication is basically a reprint. It’s Pokémon Trader from Base Set, but with a different name, so it qualifies for our top 10 list.


And that’s a very good thing because this card definitely deserves its slot here. The reason it is so good is that it turns any Pokémon, or any search card for that matter, into exactly the Pokémon that you need. With Pokémon Communication, you can trade unwanted starters and techs for evolutions, or you can use Pokémon Collector to grab Basics and swap them for LV Xs or Legend pieces. Either way, your deck will work faster and be more efficient because you ran it.


Speed decks pretty much rely on this card, but any deck (excepting Trainer Lock decks) can make great use of it. If you find that you have written a list but are still a couple of cards short of the required 60, this is just about the best thing you can throw in. In fact, if you have built a deck but somehow find that you are struggling to get out your Pokémon fast enough, then I would honestly recommend finding room for 2-3 Communication and testing that before trying anything else.


Since its release, Pokémon Communication has become something of a semi-staple. It’s not a card that you would be silly not to run, but it IS a card that you can’t really go wrong with. I think things will stay that way for as long as it remains in the format.




Modified: 4 (Unless your area is dominated by Trainer lock . . . why not?)

Limited: 5 (You have one or two good Pokémon and a deck full of semi-useless filler . . . this is perfect)


Happy Friday, Pojo viewers! I hope that all of you have had a great week, and that you have a good weekend! If you're going to Cities this weekend, good luck! Anyway, if you are going to any Modified tournaments in the next week, there is a fairly good chance that our #6 card on the Top 10 Cards of 2010 will be in your deck. Today's Card of the Day is Pokemon Communication.

Pokemon Communication is a Trainer card from the HeartGold and SoulSilver expansion that allows you to shuffle a Pokemon card from your hand back into your deck in order to select another Pokemon from your deck and put that one into your hand, shuffling your deck afterward. This card is effectively a functional reprint of Pokemon Trader from Base Set, and this card is still as useful now as it was then. Every deck will often have Pokemon in their hands that they don't need, and wishes that they could draw into that other crucial Stage 2, Lv. X, or support Pokemon. Pokemon Communication allows you to great what you need painlessly. Sure, unlike Bebe's Search you have to put back a Pokemon specifically, but this is also a Trainer, meaning that it is not taking up your Supporter drop for the turn. Additionally, being a Trainer means that it can be blocked by Spiritomb AR/Vileplume UD, but this card is generally so good (and those two are relatively uncommon outside of Gengar variants) that you should probably just run it anyway.

Modified: 4.5/5 It's not perfect because you are restricted in what you must return to the deck and there is some Trainer lock in the current metagame, but this is seriously one of the best cards that we have available to us right now. Nearly every deck I can think of that doesn't Trainer lock runs this card, and for good reason.

Limited: 5/5 It's a Trainer, which means you should consider running it right off of the bat, and being able to search your deck in Limited is huge. Plus, given that it is Limited, your hand will likely have a few Pokemon that you don't want or don't need to drop, so Pokemon Communication is perfect here. Plus there is no Trainer lock in Limited, so there's really no reason to not run this card.


1/7/11: Pokemon Communication- #6 Card, 2010
#6 on the list is Pokemon Communication, a Trainer who lets you search your deck for any Pokemon, provided you have a Pokemon in your hand to replace the one you searched out. It's good, because...well...it searches out any Pokemon in your deck. And it's a Trainer. I'd say that's a pretty good effect, wouldn't you? In fact, I'd say that it's an effect that merits putting in a couple of this card into any deck. Which is what most winning decks have been doing, I believe.
At the moment, Bebe's Search is a superior card, given the amount of Trainer lock being played. However, against any deck that will allow you, effectively using a Bebe's Search and a different supporter in one turn can give any player a large advantage.
Modified: 4.25/5
Limited: 5/5
Combos With: Good decks
What cards will be in the top 5? Will there be any surprises? Will Call of Legends print anything worthwhile? Will there be any good movies in 2011? Find out the answers to some of these questions next week!


Pokémon Communication is Pokémon Trader with modernized wording: trade a Pokémon in hand for one you need from the deck and shuffle afterwards.  The end result is the same, though: a great card, and number 6 on our Top 10 Cards of 2010 countdown.  I am embarrassed to say that despite how psyched I was to first see this card, I neglected it for my own Top 10 list, mostly due to wanting to focus on cool ideas as well as powerful cards.  So for “updates” it was this or Junk Arm and I went with Junk Arm.  In retrospect, I should have just included both and bumped something else.


We have had a card that has a superior effect to Pokémon Communication for 11 sets now: Bebe’s Search.  It has even been reprinted twice, with the most recent from Rising Rivals.  Why wouldn’t I run a card that let me trade any card from my hand, not just Pokémon, for a Pokémon from my deck instead of one that has to trade one Pokémon for another?  Because Bebe’s Search is a Supporter, and the entire point of Pokémon Communication is that it is a normal Trainer.  We got a taste of how good Pokémon Trader was during the last days of Wizards of the Coast running Pokémon, as they included it in the reprint set known as The Legendary Collection.  If you aren’t familiar with that set, look it up or ask around: it’d take a page to adequately explain its importance.  Pokémon Trader allowed players to focus most of their Supporter usage (still “new” to the game at the time) on draw power and then swap out for any Pokémon they missed.


Jump back to now.  Pokémon Communication does the same: enabling valuable Pokémon search without expending your Supporter use.  You probably will still run some search Supporters, but you can focus on quantity instead of quality.  Use Pokémon Collector to snag any three Basic Pokémon in your deck and then start using Pokémon Communication to get Evolutions.  It isn’t for every deck, but it’s one of the best at getting a Pokémon without burning your Supporter use for the turn.  Like all Trainers, getting caught by a Trainerlock strategy stinks, or the inevitable lousy hand that renders it dead (nothing to draw/search with and nothing to trade).




Modified: 4/5


Limited: 5/5

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Pokémon Communication (HeartGold/SoulSilver)
This is a much better card than the one we reviewed yesterday, and it isn’t difficult to see why.
Pokémon Communication is a truly awesome Trainer that allows you to trade one Pokémon from your hand for a Pokémon from your deck.
The cons:
Trainer lock is the biggest killer of Pokémon Communication, which is why Vileplume/Gengar/Spiritomb builds would be crazy to run this card since they will never be able to use it. Also, any deck that uses Spiritomb (but doesn’t use Vilplume UD) should only run 1 or 2 copies at most as it will be a dead draw early game.
Not having another Pokemon to trade is also a major downer on this card, although if you have sufficient draw (or a Pokemon Collector) you should be able to get some fodder (unused starters, techs that aren’t useful in the matchup, etc) to pay for using Pokemon Communication.
Losing a card from your hand can also pose problems, as you will have one less card in your hand after playing it (2 if you just put a Pokemon back in without getting another out).
The pros:
Reducing your hand size is typically a good thing if you like using Uxie LA or Magnezone Prime (or both) as it nets you more cards.
The consistency of getting the exact Pokemon you need makes running Pokemon Communication as an insurance policy a must for decks that have a lot of one-of techs, and it’s still a good idea even in decks that have maxed-out lines to make sure you have the right stage of evolution.
Pokemon Communication is a Trainer, so multiple uses in a turn are allowed.
There are no other cards that can be used multiple times in a turn without coin flips to search for any Pokemon you need. More than any other reason, this is what makes Pokemon Communication awesome. Even if you use Junk Arm to recycle Luxury Ball (an excellent use for Junk Arm that I missed in both reviews, damned human fallibility!) you can’t get Lv X cards, though you can get Pokemon without having to pay a Pokemon back into the deck.
Quite simply, Pokemon Communication has all of the advantages of Bebe’s Search Luxury Ball, and more, with some different downsides. I would suggest running them together, to maximise effectiveness and your ability to get around your opponent’s disruption.
Modified: 4.5 (Trainer lock hurts, but otherwise this card is gold)
Limited: 5 (search is awesome in Limited, as always)
Combos with: Pokemon Communication, Luxury Ball and Bebe’s Search

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