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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Lickilicky #38/102

HS Triumphant

Date Reviewed: Jan. 27, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.00
Limited: 3.90

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Lickilicky (Triumphant)


Lickilicky is a Pokémon I have very mixed feelings about. See, Lickitung is one of my very favourite Pokémon (mainly because of the bonkers mini game in Pokémon Stadium on the N64), and Lickilicky is just . . . not as appealing somehow. Oh well, I still owe him a fair review.


Stage 1 is never a good start, but at least Lickilicky has a borderline-playable 100 HP. The Fighting Weakness is problematic: Donphan runs over it for a single Energy and Toxicroak G Promo and Machamp make quick work of it too. The Retreat cost is abysmal but hey, being Colourless, it doesn’t matter what colour Energy you use, so why not throw in some Warp Energy (if you think it’s worth it)?


The good news is that Lickilicky has a quick cheap attack: Licking Shot (nice) does 10 damage to anything for one Energy. Not horrible, but not terribly useful either, considering Benching a Crobat G will do the same thing without wasting an attack. On the plus side, at least it has something to do while you get the three Energy on it that it needs for Stick and Absorb.


Stick and Absorb does 50 damage, removes two damage counters from Lickilicky, and prevent the Defending Pokémon from Retreating next turn. That’s quite a lot to get from one attack and it does seem quite good until you break it down . . .


For a start, 50 damage isn’t great for the cost: it will take you a long time to KO anything substantial with that. Next, the ability to heal 20 is only going to be relevant if Lickilicky isn’t OHKO’d next turn, which it likely will be. Finally, that Retreat lock doesn’t work too well in a format with PokeTurn and Warp Energy (among other things). If you really want a (pseudo) Retreat lock deck, may I suggest Victreebel TM would be the better choice?


One last thing . . . however subpar this thing is in Modified, it is an absolute beast in Limited play. Its attacks are fine for a low-damage format, it can snipe the bench for cheap Prizes, and its tanking and healing strategy is a real winner. Plus your opponent will have no answer to the lock. So, before you moan about it being unplayable set filler, remember that it’s ok to have cards that are great to play at a prerelease too.




Modified: 2 (just about sneaks into the ‘fun League deck’ category)

Limited: 4.25 (without a Fighting counter, your opponent will lose)


1/27/10: Lickilicky(Triumphant)
Uncommon Pokemon are not as important in Modified as most rares, and even commons get more play than uncommon Pokemon(obviously not uncommon Trainers). There's some exceptions, like Sableye SF and Unown G, but in general this is the case. However, uncommon Pokemon are pretty good in Limited, since it's easier to find multiple copies of an uncommon than a rare.
Lickilicky is a pretty good example of the above statement. Nothing about Lickilicky suggests that it'll do much good in Limited; Licking Shot is a nifty snipe attack...that will do 30-40 damage if you're lucky, and in most cases it won't do that. Stick and Absorb heals and prevents retreating...neither of which will cause much trouble for any deck worth its salt. However, it does have 100 HP. And healing, which is incredibly useful in Limited, where Pokemon generally don't OHKO each other. It's still not the best colorless Pokemon for Limited, given how good Kangaskhan is here, but it's still pretty good.
Modified: 2/5
Limited: 3.5/5 

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia
Lickilicky (HS Triumphant)
We’re getting to the bottom of the barrel with the Triumphant series, and that is after losing 2 weeks to the Top 10 (not that I don’t like the Top 10, I hope to do it again next year!).
Now we get to today’s review subject. Lickilicky is, quite simply, a clown. In the clown Trinity, this guy is definitely Scary Clown (Happy Clown is Mr Mime and Sad Clown doesn’t have a Pokémon to call its own).
Lickitung was and remains cute. By ‘cute’ I mean fascinatingly ugly (that is the original meaning, look it up!) but it still makes Lickitung great for minigames on Pokémon titles (go ye olde Pokémon Stadium on ye olde Nintendo 64!). Lickilicky does not have any of that appeal.
Lickilicky doesn’t have much history either, having only 2 previous versions in the TCG. Neither of them were much fun and neither was in any way playable. Sadly this guy isn’t either, but at least it does well in Limited.
Now I read out the stats: Lickilicky is a non-evolving Stage 1 of the Colourless group with 100 HP, Fighting weakness, a retreat cost of 3 and 2 attacks. Obviously Lickilicky isn’t going to do well against any of the popular Fighting Pokémon since they all deal heavy damage which is only made worse by the weakness, but otherwise it will take a hit quite well. The retreat cost means that unless you have a Switch Lickilicky is going to stay Active, so don’t expect to be able to manoeuvre.
The attacks aren’t up to scratch in Modified, but in Limited they are quite effective, if a little energy hungry (but that’s okay, because the Colourless requirements make that easier to deal with).
First is Licking Shot (why not just say what they mean and go with ‘Hock a Logie’ instead?) which is cheap at first with a chance to deal more damage as more energy are attached. The initial cost is [c] which is easy to work with, and the text is that the attack does 10 damage per energy attached to Lickilicky to one of your opponent’s Pokémon (don’t apply weakness and resistance to benched Pokémon, so on and so forth). Double energy will add 20 damage if you want to drop a DCE on Lickilicky as the text does not say ‘card’ after ‘energy’ but it is still behind the current energy-to-damage ratio that we see in today’s metagame. It’s great in Limited though, because heavy sniping allows you to hit threats that are being built on the bench or take down the Pokémon that got away.
Stick and Absorb is an attack we have been seeing on a few Pokémon of late, and so far it has always been over costed. This rendition costs [c][c][c] and deals 50 damage, with the additional effects of stopping the opponent’s Active from retreating during the next turn (switching out with other effects is still allowed) as well as healing Lickilicky to the amount of 20 HP.
In Modified, the damage alone says this attack is terrible, but in Limited the ability to heal while trapping a Pokémon in the Active slot is all good. The damage is still a tad low, but considering that Lickilicky doesn’t need to have any specific energy, it is still a good pick at a pre-release.
Modified: 2 (below average power and quite ugly. I usually like Nishida’s work, but Lickilicky can ruin any drawing)
Limited: 4 (splashable with good HP and effective attacks. If you have energy to burn then Lickilicky is your friend)
Combos with: Sushi. Lots and lots of sushi. Lickitung should also be there at the eating contest minigame. Gimme back my Pokémon Stadium and Nintendo 64!

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