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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Luvdisc #39/102

HS Triumphant

Date Reviewed: Jan. 26, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.33
Limited: 2.10

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Luvdisc (Triumphant)


Short review today, I’m afraid. It’s tough to say much at all about this card: it’s just so . . . pointless.


Low HP (60), Weakness to Lightning (I would say ‘easy kill for the Basic Luxray GL’, but they shouldn’t even be in the same room together, never mind the same match), and not even the benefit of free Retreat . . . bleh.


A one-Energy attack (Rendevous Draw) with an effect that makes both you and your opponent draw the top card of their deck . . . ugh. A minute advantage for you and an unlooked for bonus for the person you are playing. Why would you ever use it? Aerodactyl GL will draw you TWO cards for the same cost while your opponent gets nothing . . . do you ever see anyone using that Pokémon in competitive play? Exactly.


Distorted Wave . . . an attack that costs one Water Energy and does 30 damage? Ok, not too bad . . . wait . . . you have to remove a damage counter from the Defending Pokémon before doing the 30? So it’s only doing the 30 to anything that’s undamaged? Why? What’s the point? So you can OHKO one of those never-played 30 HP Baby Pokémon, or a Hoppip I guess.


Why take the ok-ish abilities of the card (draw, cheap 30 damage) and nerf them like this? They weren’t even very good in the first place.




Modified: 1 (Again . . . why?)

Limited: 1.75 (ok, it’s draw, but it’s about the worst draw possible)

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Luvdisc (HS Triumphant)
I believe this Pokémon was made purely for appealing to hopeless romantics in Valentine’s Day promotions, and I know it only exists to be mocked.
The stats are laughable, as a 60 HP Non-evolving Basic with no useful attacks will never be anything but binder bait. Every Luvdisc ever printed has fit that profile, and the vast majority of them have been rare cards. Thankfully, this one is not, so it isn’t taking a space from a more deserving card.
Luvdisc is from the Water element with the above stats as well as a retreat cost of 1 and 2 attacks.
The first attack is Rendezvous Draw (rendezvous is a word that often appears printed on Luvdisc cards and printed absolutely nowhere else in the game) and has an effect in keeping with the card. For the cost of [c], each player reveals the top card of their deck and puts it into their hand. Luvdisc is a nice Pokémon that brings people together, so this otherwise terrible attack is excusable here.
Distorted Wave continues the loving by dealing 30 damage for [w], but only after removing a damage counter from the Defending Pokémon to soften the blow.
Simply put, this card might make it into your 40 card deck at the pre-release, but you’ll never play it anywhere else.
Modified: 2 (below average, and such an easy target. But since Pokémon is a children’s game, we just have to accept that cards like Luvdisc will be printed)
Limited: 3 (a little bit useful, so it reaches the high level of ‘average’)
Combos with: Valentine’s Day. Just don’t try to give this card as a gift unless you also have a paper shredder in your gift basket.

conical 1/26/11: Luvdisc(Triumphant)
If there's any indication here that we're scraping the barrel when it comes to cards to review, it's not all of the Stage 1s and Basics we've reviewed. It's that today, we look at the new Luvdisc.
Well, let's see here, the HP isn't good, the Lightning weakness is...bad, and despite all of the negative factors with this card, it wasn't enough to merit free retreat. I'm nitpicking, and retreat of one isn't bad, per se, but could they give Luvdisc any boost?
The first attack, Rendezvous Draw, lets both players draw a card. Drawing a single card is pretty useless for an attack, except in Limited, but letting your opponent draw a card as well, makes the attack beneficial for your opponent as well. The good thing, though, is that its other attack, Distorted Wave, deals 30 damage for 1 energy, which is solid damage for a basic in limited.
...Except, of course, it has a drawback, where Luvdisc actually heals the Defending Pokemon prior to attacking. Which means that even that attack is fairly useless.
In conclusion, Luvdisc fans will have to wait until the next Luvdisc printed to see if it's any good. Then again, Luvdisc has no fans, to my knowledge.
Modified: 1/5
Limited: 1.5/5
Combos With: Are Base Gastly jokes still relevant? I'm not sure.

Hello again, everybody! Today's Card of the Day is Luvdisc from HS Triumphant.

Luvdisc is a Basic Water Pokemon. Aside from Gyarados and Kingdra, most Water types aren't commonly used in today's Modified metagame due to the omnipresence of Luxray GL Lv. X, as most Water Pokemon have a Lightning Weakness. This means that in order for a Water Pokemon to see a decent amount of play in the metagame, it either must be able to hit fast, be a really good support option, or not be Lightning Weak. For starters, Luvdisc is a non-evolving Basic with 60 HP, which is abysmal due to the amount of heavy hitters in the format. Most decks can effortlessly hit for 60 damage if not more, so that means that Luvdisc must have some really good support or attacks to be playable. Lightning Weakness is unfortunate, as Luxray GL Lv. X can easily KO you with minimal investment, as can Magnezone. No Resistance is unfortunate, and a Retreat Cost of 1 is payable, although it will probably be better to use something like Switch, Warp Point, or Warp Energy.

Luvdisc has two attacks, both priced at a single Energy. Rendezvous Draw allows both you and your opponent to reveal the top card of your deck and draw it. As far as draw power goes, there are many better options to use that don't give your opponent card advantage: Uxie and its Lv. X are commonly used, and even things like Noctowl HGSS or even Delibird HGSS for dedicated Water builds would be better.

Distorted Wave deals 30 damage for a single Water, which looks good until you realize that the attack also removes a damage counter from the Defending Pokemon before dealing damage, severely hampering this attack's usefulness. The one place where this could be effective would be to knock out your opponent's Pokemon with 30 HP (Unown Q, Magikarp, Hoppip, and babies), although there are generally better options for that as well.

Modified: 1/5 There are too many other cards in this format that do the things that Luvdisc does better.

Limited: 2/5 I'm not very high on Luvdisc here, either. Giving your opponent card advantage in Limited is bad, although Distorted Wave may have limited usefulness. I'd only recommend it if you were compelled to run Water and needed an extra Basic or two.

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