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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Seviper #51/95

Call of Legends

Date Reviewed: Feb. 8, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.75
Limited: 3.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Seviper (Call of Legends)


Yep, today’s card is the other snake Pokémon. The one that doesn’t get the attention that Ekans and Arbok had in the anime . . . that’s right, it’s Seviper!


I kind of like Seviper actually, he’s a pretty cool guy, and I kind of like this card too. After all, it’s an unevolving Basic with good HP (90) and low cost attacks that can hit hard . . . and those are all very good things.


Seviper’s first attack though? That’s not good (or so it seems). Poison Buildup only costs one Energy, but its effect is to Poison Seviper. Huh? Why would anyone do that? The answer (predictably enough) lies in Poison Effect, which, for [P][C] does 20 damage BUT if Seviper is Poisoned it will do an extra 60 AND cure the Poison.


Obviously, there are a few issues with Seviper that you will want to work around. Luckily, the cards exist to help you do this. Skuntank G’s Poison Structure Power will Poison Seviper (and a Defending non-SP Pokémon) without the need to use its first attack. You can the use Poison Effect to hit for 80 and remove the Poison before it causes any damage to Seviper. Hitting 80 damage for two Energy (and the possibility of Poison) is a potent, cheap attack . . . especially on a Basic. Of course, you will need a Stadium in play for Skuntank G’s Power to work and you have a few useful options to choose from here too. Maybe Snowpoint Temple to bump Seviper’s own HP, Galactic HQ to punish evolving Pokémon, or maybe Miasma Valley to hit any non Psychic or Grass Pokémon that are put into play.


Of course there are a few drawbacks to Seviper. Psychic Weakness and a Retreat cost of two are not helpful, it gets run over by Machamp SF, and even with that big attack it will struggle to OHKO evolved Pokémon and the SP LV Xs. Despite this, I think Seviper is an interesting Pokémon with a fair amount of potential. It’s not going to sweep States (or even be played very much), but its ability to hit fast and hard is not something to be underestimated should you find yourself facing one.




Modified: 3 (neat card, not sure if it will work)

Limited: 4 (Poison Buildup is needed here and will weaken Seviper, but that second attack is deadly in Limited)


Combos with . . .


Skuntank G PL

Snowpoint Temple


2/8/11: Seviper(Call of Legends)

Continuing on with non-reprint Call of Legends cards, we have Seviper, who is actually somewhat interesting.

Basically, the strategy with Seviper is to poison itself, then use Poison Effect to deal 80 damage the next turn. This strategy is fairly slow, given that you need to attack twice in order to do it and Seviper, while 90 HP isn't bad for a basic, still won't live long, given that it damages itself with Poison Buildup. A more effective combo would be with Skuntank G. Play a stadium, Poison Structure, and then Seviper deals 80 damage and takes no damage from poison, while the opponent does. It won't win anything significant, most likely, but it does make Seviper an interesting combo card for future sets and formats.

Modified: 2.75/5
Combos With: Skuntank G


Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today's Card of the Day is Seviper from the new Call of Legends expansion.

Seviper is a Basic Psychic Pokemon. Psychics are fairly common in today's Modified metagame, with Gengar variants being quite popular right now as well as a few Toxicroak G and Banette PL techs in SP decks. Seviper has 90 HP, good for a non-evolving Basic, and should be able to take a few non-Weak hits. Psychic Weakness means that Gengar mauls you, which is unfortunate. No Resistance is also unfortunate, and a Retreat Cost of 2 is a bit high, so be sure to retreat with Switch, Warp Point, or Warp Energy.

Seviper has two attacks, which seem to work rather well together. Poison Buildup has the rather strange effect of Poisoning Seviper for a single Colorless Energy. Poisoning yourself is rarely a good idea, although in Seviper's case, it can actually be rather helpful. Even still, I would have preferred to see that attack do a bit of damage, or maybe even Poison the Defending Pokemon as well.

As for a reason to Poison yourself, Poison Effect starts off at 20 damage, but does 60 more if you are Poisoned and then removes the Poison condition from Seviper, for a total of 80 damage for a Psychic and a Colorless. 80 damage for two Energy is rather respectable, although there is a better way to Poison Seviper than using Poison Buildup. Skuntank G is a great partner to Seviper in this regard, as you can use its Poison Structure Poke-Power to Poison both the Defending Pokemon and Seviper, use Poison Buildup for 80 damage, and then remove the condition from Seviper, leaving the Defending Pokemon Poisoned. One slight drawback is that Poison Structure requires a Stadium to be in play on your side of the field, but you can use something like Snowpoint Temple to boost Seviper's HP, adding on to its survivability in the process. Throw in an Expert Belt, and you have even more fun.

Modified: 2.5/5 Most of you are going to think I'm insane for rating Seviper this highly, but I think it may have a chance as a rogue deck using the combo I just described above. It loses to Gengar most of the time and is probably too slow against SP, but it sure would be a fun deck.

Limited: 3/5 Seviper works surprisingly well in Limited, too. Although it doesn't survive quite as well without Skuntank G, 80 damage is still a ton in Limited, and will be able to tear through most of your opponent's Pokemon.

Combos With: Skuntank G

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