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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Palpitoad #23

Noble Victories

Date Reviewed: Dec. 21, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.25
Limited: 2.37

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National


So . . . it’s evolving Stage 1 time already with Noble Victories is it? Those card are always difficult to review. So is Palpitoad, but not for the usual reasons. Palpitoad is one of that extremely rare group of Stage 1 cards that are actually useful in their own right. The problem here is not anticipating too much of tomorrow’s review of its Stage 2 Evolution.

There’s certainly nothing special about Palpitoad when you look at him in isolation. 80 HP is only average for an evolving Stage 1, the Grass Weakness is only really going to be a problem if it runs into Virizion NV (which is increasingly likely at the moment as ‘Six Corners’ decks are gaining in popularity), but the Retreat cost of two is more than anyone would ever want to pay.

There’s nothing that seems impressive about the attacks either. Mud Shot is just your standard, dull, 20 damage for a single Energy attack, and as for Round . . .well, that costs three Energy (of any Colour though, which is good), and does 20 damage for each Pokémon with a Round attack that you have in play. So that’s a maximum of 80 damage, right? Not exactly brilliant when you consider the cost and the effort it would take to get all four of these low HP Pokémon into play and keep them there.

But . . . maybe there WILL be a use for Palpitoad, and maybe it will all become clear tomorrow. Tune in to find out!


Modified: 2.25 (an evolving Stage 1 with synergy? It must be Christmas already)

Limited: 2 (decent damage only if you pull a lot of them)


Today’s and tomorrow’s CotD are closely related, so don’t be surprised if there is a lot of overlap for the cards. I honestly don’t think today’s card will be played much without tomorrow’s, but especially with future card releases, who knows? So what is today’s CotD? Why it is Palpitoad from Noble Victories. For the record, looking at the name and artwork does remind me of Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars franchise, but I doubt that is why they chose the name.


Palpitoad is a Stage 1 Pokémon that can Evolve into a Stage 2 Pokémon. This usually results in the Stage 1 Pokémon being a mere placeholder, but we shall see if Palpitoad can avoid that fate. It is a Water-Type, and with all the Fire based decks running around, you’d think that Water would be almost as prevalent, but it isn’t. I almost wish this was a Fighting-Type, since it might help it against Zekrom and friends (Palpitoad is a Water/Ground dual-type Pokémon in the video games). The 80 HP is disappointing as well: this is a Stage 1 that is smaller than many Basic Pokémon who don’t Evolve, and the average damage yield right now is such that almost every deck that bothers attacking for damage will OHKO it, though the weakest might need a good set-up.

The Weakness currently seems, not good, but far from the worst the card could have. Most Grass-Type Pokémon I am familiar with from competitive decks are not used for attacking. I haven’t been hearing as much about Yanmega Prime lately, but assuming it is still seeing play you should note that Linear Attack still applies Weakness/Resistance for Active Pokémon and thus Yanmega Prime can still OHKO an Active Palpitoad. The lack of Resistance is actually worse than normal: in the video game Palpitoad (as a half Ground-Type) is immune to Electric attacks! You’d think given Zekrom we could have gotten at least Lightning Resistance -20. The two Energy Retreat cost is unfortunate: that’s enough Energy that while you’ll probably be able to pay it, it will set you back.


Palpitoad has two attacks, Mudshot and Round. Mudshot is a simple 20 for (W), which for a Stage 1 is at best filler. I don’t expect a return on par with Donphan Prime – correction; I do expect a return of that caliber, but without the HP, Poké-Body (Ability), or exploitable nature. So if Donphan Prime gets 60 points of damage for (F) and what was meant to be a drawback (hitting everything on its player’s Bench for 10 points of damage), Palpitoad deserves to at least hit for 30 points of damage with no drawbacks and probably a bonus effect, or at least a flat 40 points of damage.

So that must mean Round justifies the card? Correct. Round has a hefty Energy cost of (CCC), though Energy acceleration of a wide variety can pay for that in two or less turns. Round does 20 points of damage for each Pokémon you have in play with the attack “Round”. So a single Palpitoad hits for a paltry 20, two hit for a weak 40, three hit for a passable 60, four hit for a solid 80, five hit for a good 100, and six hit for a great 120. Provided you can find two other Pokémon with the attack “Round”. It is poor that you really need three other Pokémon with Round in play in order for this to become a “good” attack, and five or six to justify attacking with something this small, barring strategic concerns. I think they should have just had Round cost (CC), especially since I don’t know of a way to get more than four Pokémon into play on your side of the field that have the “Round” attack.

I do like that it isn’t restricted to a specific Pokémon, Pokémon-Type, Evolution family, etc. but simply the attack. According to Bulbapedia, Round is taught by TM 48 in Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, and is the only move that can be learned by any Pokémon capable of using TMs. In short there is at least the possibility of this showing up on a ridiculously large amount of Pokémon in the future. I doubt it, but that makes it sound like a solid Technical Machine option for the TCG.


First, where does Palpitoad come from? It Evolves from the Basic Pokémon Tympol, which sadly does not have Round, but vanilla 10 for (C) and 20 for (WC) attacks (though at least it has 60 HP and a single Energy Retreat Cost). Other than that, it is like Palpitoad: a Water-Type Pokémon that is Grass Weak and lacks Resistance. Maybe a future version could have Round, even if the damage output was poor (maybe 10 damage per Pokémon with “Round” at a cost of (CC))?

So what about using Palpitoad itself? Well as stated, I wouldn’t rely on it as a main attacker for a deck. Fortunately Palpitoad Evolves into Seismitoad, and (unlike Tympol) it also has Round! Unfortunately, it Evolves into Seismitoad, which means unless we get a trick to play either Palpitoad or Seismitoad without Tympol, we aren’t going to break 80 points of damage on Round. At least if Seismitoad is revealed to be worth playing, Palpitoad presents a reason for running it alongside Rare Candy: it makes it more likely to hit that maximum four Pokémon with “Round” attacks in play, and if you need to it isn’t too hard to sacrifice it (instead of a Seismitoad) while attacking.

The same really goes for Unlimited as well, barring that you might skip out on Rare Candy/Pokémon Breeder and just focus on Broken Time-Space, at least if you chose to run Seismitoad at all (and again, Palpitoad isn’t worth using for its own sake). In Limited play, it depends upon how many Palpitoad and related cards you pull. If you can run a solid line, it’s great: you can even use it to run Water Pokémon without actually running Water Energy! If you don’t get many, you have an adequate filler Pokémon but nothing more.


Unlimited: 1.75/5

Modified: 2.25/5

Limited: 2.75/5


Palpitoad is a bit too small, even for a Stage 1 meant to Evolve, and its biggest strength (the “Round” attack) can’t be effectively utilized with the current card pool. This is yet another Pokémon to remember and keep an eye on: if we get any other Pokémon with the “Round” attack, it will become the solid fall back for a slow showing Seismitoad.

Check out my eBay auctions here… unless you have been the last few days: I hit a snag and so some new auctions have been delayed. Also remember that Pojo.com is not responsible for any transactions.

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