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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Scolipede #54/114

Black & White

Date Reviewed: April 26, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.90
Limited: 2.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Scolipede 54/114

Yesterday’s card was cute and cuddly Pikachu. Today’s is anything but cute and cuddly. If you disagree and find 8ft long poisonous centipedes appealing . . . well then you’re just plain weird.

Scolipede is a Stage 2 Pokémon with a massive 150 HP. It’s starting to look as if 130 HP on a Stage 2 might not be standard any more. Being a Psychic Type has its good and bad side: these Pokémon tend to hit both Psychic and Fighting Pokémon for Weakness, but at the same time, their own Psychic Weakness leaves them vulnerable to a commonly played type. No Resistance (as usual), and a horrible Retreat cost of three won’t do much to endear this card to players either.

So, what about the attacks? Well, they are both quite expensive. The first, Steamroller, does 60 damage for three Energy of any Colour (Double Colourless comes in handy here). Although the output is mediocre, the fact that Resistance cannot be applied to this attack is a nice bonus. There are a number of playable cards that Resist Psychic (Tyranitar Prime, Steelix Prime, Dialga G, Absol), and this effect would be very useful against them. Poison Claws ups the attack cost quite a bit to [P][P][C][C] (at least that DCE will still come in handy), does 80 damage and inflicts Poison (big surprise!). That’s not completely terrible and may even be considered decent once all the one-Energy attackers get rotated out of the format. For now though, it’s too much cost for too little damage.

And that’s the problem with Scolipede all round really. You couldn’t say it was a bad card but, apart from the HP, nothing really stands out and makes you want to play it. In a superfast format like the one we have now, it’s obviously going to get slaughtered by the likes of SP and Gyarados, but even in the future I suspect there will be plenty of Pokémon around that can hit harder and faster than Scolipede.


Modified: 2 (not bad, but not good enough either)

Limited: 3 (if you pull a decent line, it’s a bit of a tank)

Deck Garage

4/26/11: Scolipede(Black & White)
It's a centipede. Eh...Centipedes are kind of freaky. Especially when they're 8 feet tall.
Scolipede continues the trend set by Emboar last week, that being the continued rise of HP. Perhaps 150 will become the norm for Stage 2s after a while? Like Emboar, however, the attacks are too overcosted in this format to be of any use. Steamroller is pretty basic, though I suppose that, given the colorless energy requirement, Scolipede could be used one day as a tech to OHKO any Psychic types. You know, if you're into running Stage 2 techs for some reason, which I'm not, but someone else probably could. Then there's Poison Claws, which is a pretty generic 'attack for damage and poison' attack. This attack, I'm not so fond of, because 4 energy is where I draw the line, especially when it's not all colorless. In theory, Scolipede could just tank with its above-average HP and forget about its below-average attacks, but there's better options for tanks, even in a different format.

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Scolipede (Black and White)
Hey Pojo readers, today we have the toughest bug since Drapion. Which admittedly wasn't a Bug type, but it sure looked like one. It seems purple mutant creepy crawlies always look awesome in Poke'mon. Let's hear it for Scolipede!
First on the agenda, the vital statistics. Scolipede is a Psychic type Stage 2 with 150 HP, Psychic weakness, a retreat cost of 3 and two attacks.
Aside from that monstrous HP (I'm sensing a theme here, it seems the bar has been raised again from the 140 HP common to Platinum Arceus and the HGSS block) Scolipede doesn't have mcuh to recommend it. That weakness, while expected for a VG Poison type, can be abused by Gengar SF, the pixie trio and Nidoqueen RR to make 2HKOs pretty easy. That means Scolipede won't have time to power its attacks before it gets discarded, although that HP should last a long time against any non-Psychic attackers. Add the retreat cost (expected but still heavy) which means Poison, Confusion and Burn are a serious danger (pack Switch or Metagross UL) and you know the attacks have to be brilliant or Scolipede hits the binder because it is too easily countered.
Sadly the attacks are sub-par. Psychic weakness is still pretty common so the damage does get boosted but both Steamroller and Posion Claws are too expensive to be any good.
Steamroller costs [c][c][c] and deals 60 damage which ignores resistance but not other effects on the Defending Poke'mon. Since Psychic Resistance is the most common type (found on most Metal and Dark type cards) this is a good effect to have, but the cost is too expensive to allow a quick build. Even with Double Colourless Energy, you will need 2 turns to power Steamroller up, at which point you will probably be the one getting steamrolled.
The damage is also a major letdown, as even if you get to attack you won't be getting an OHKO against anything but evolving Basics and Psychic-weak Stage 1 Poke'mon. 20 damage per energy just doesn't cut it anymore except on single energy attacks so Steamroller fails in evry category.
Posion Claws is more of the same, costing [p][p][c][c] for 80 damage and auto-Poison. Everything I just wrote about Steamroller applies here as well, with the added problems of resistance lowering your damage outout and the need for specific energy slowing you down even more. I have never seen a playable version of any attack titled Poison Claws, even though Poison is the most reliable (and easy to inflict) Special Condition in the game.
The HP is awesome and being a Psychic type is great for hitting weakness and if Scolipede had attacks worth using you could overlook the retreat cost and weakness (or use Metagross UL and Exploud SV to remove them). But as things stand this bug looks mean and nothing more. Stash it in the binder and pray for a better release.
Modified: 1.5 (Matsuada Fukuda gets major kudos for such fearsome looking artwork but the card is a failure)
Limited: 2 (Steamroller is purely Colourless and the weakness isn't much of a problem with few Psychic type cards in Black & White, but Reshiram and Zekrom are still going to rip Scolipede apart even with 150 HP)
Combos with: a redesign and later release so that Scolipede gets the respect it deserves.

virusyosh Hello again, Pojo viewers! Today we continue our BW reviews with a new Stage 2 Psychic-type in the set. Today's Card of the Day is Scolipede.

Scolipede is a Stage 2 Psychic Pokemon. Psychics are commonly seen in Modified with the use of Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf along with different types of Gengar and the random Skuntank/Toxicroak G. 150 HP is amazing for a Stage 2, meaning that Scolipede should be able to take a few hits quite easily. Psychic Weakness is to be expected, since Scolipede is a Poison-type in the video games. For cards, however, this means that one should watch out for Gengar and Uxie Lv. X in Modified, and for the mirror match in Limited. No Resistance is pretty unfortunate but not wholly unexpected, and a Retreat Cost of 3 is huge, but is somewhat expected for a huge centipede.

Scolipede has two attacks: Steamroller and Poison Claws. Steamroller does 60 damage for three Colorless Energy, ignoring Resistance. This can be good against opposing Steel-types, or anything else that has Psychic Resistance. The Energy cost makes it especially good for Limited play, as it means that Scolipede is easily splashable into decks utilizing a few Psychic Energy. Poison Claws, on the other hand, does 80 damage for two Psychic and two Colorless, and automatically Poisons the Defending Pokemon. This is great because like Steamroller, it can utilize Double Colorless Energy, and the damage output is decent for its cost (although we're used to much more in Modified).

Modified: 2/5 Scolipede won't be making a major splash in the MD-on format, but I think it might be playable in later formats, especially in a format like HGSS-on. It has enough HP to be effective, especially in a format without a lot of disruption. It could be especially good if someone figures out a way to tank with it. However, for the time being, its attacks don't do quite enough to make a major impact.

Limited: 4/5 Scolipede is great here. 150 HP is massive in Limited, meaning you should even be able to survive two attacks from Reshiram and Zekrom. Furthermore, Steamroller uses only Colorless Energy, allowing it to be splashed into any deck, and while Poison Claws is expensive, it gives high-output reliable damage, something that is somewhat rare in the Limited format. The only downside of course is that it's a Stage 2 and you'll have to draft all of the lines as well, but if you get a line, you should consider at least running a few Psychic Energy for it.

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