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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Serperior #5/114

Black & White

Date Reviewed: April 22, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2
Limited: 3.13

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Serperior 5/114

Like I said yesterday, there are two Serperior in this set. The interesting one and the one we are reviewing today.

Mostly, this Serperior is mediocre . . . which makes for a tough review. I mean, at least bad cards are fun to trash. This on the other hand is just meh . . . you can and should run one of the very many better Pokémon that the format has to offer.

There are some plus sides to Serperior: the 130 HP is good, the free Retreat is excellent, and the attacks are at least cheap. But there is something very annoying about them. Vine Whip does a vanilla 40 for two Colourless Energy, which isn’t earth-shattering but it would do while you built up to something better. The irritating thing though is that Leaf Storm (60 damage and heal 20 from all your Grass Pokémon) costs two GRASS Energy! Ugh. So . . . if you attach a Double Colourless to do the quick 40, you then need two more attachments to use Leaf Storm. On the other hand if you DO have the Energy for Leaf Storm, why on earth would you use Vine Whip? It’s just lazy card design to give us a something like this.

Oh well, hopefully we get to review the other one soon. It’s a better healer AND a better attacker, meaning that this dull and poorly thought out card won’t be getting any table time.


Modified: 1.5 (It’s only just been released and already there is a better one)

Limited: 3 (I never score Stage 2s highly, but if you pull a lot of Grass Pokémon, it can be very good)

Deck Garage

4/22/11: Serperior (Black & White)
OK, it's the Serperior everyone's been waiting for! Oh wait, this is also the not-so-popular version of the starter.
Well, unlike the Emboar that's been reviewed already this week, this card had a fair amount of hype for it prior to its release. The downside, however, is that frankly, I'm baffled as to why this card merits hype. Granted, the card has cheap attacks, and looking at my previous reviews, I think you'll find that I do enjoy me some cards with cheap attacks(and Metagross UD, but that's a different story). Just because I prefer cheap, mediocre attacks over expensive, mediocre attacks, however, doesn't mean that the attacks are still mediocre. Yeah, so Leaf Storm does 60 damage for 2 Grass, and it heals from all Grass-types. Which, I just checked, the exact same attack as Torterra DP, only cheaper by a whole DCE. So that's nice. I still don't think that makes it a great card. Not in this format, where pretty much anything is liable to be one-shotted, and probably not in the next, since assuming Platinum and all previous sets will be cut, Fire should make quite a showing, regardless of what other sets remain in the format. If you want a Serperior to get excited about, you might as well wait for the other Serperior in the set...
Modified: 2.5/5
BTW, if you need a deck to be fixed, be sure to stop by Conic's Section. You can find the link here. Please send in your decks! It's like a public service! And it's electric! Boogie-woogie-woogie!

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia
Serperior 6/114 (Black & White)
Today we have the ugly twin brother of the Royal Heal Serperior that I expect will find a place in a few future decks. What does this card offer?
Serperior is a Grass type Stage 2 with 130 HP, Fire weakness, Water resistance, free retreat and 2 attacks.
All of the stats are more or less what we expect for Grass type Stage 2 Poke'mon in Black & White (acceptable HP, nasty weakness, decent resistance) except for the retreat cost. Hooray for free retreat! I thought the game designers were actually going to make free retreat a thing of the past like the free attacks we all enjoyed in the Diamond & Pearl era. I still think we should have some of those printed, strictly as weaker versions of setup attacks of course (setup requiring energy would be a lot more powerful in comparison) but then I'm not on the committee, so I'll just be thankful that the game remains strong and that free retreat has not been abolished too.
Now the attacks. Vine Whip is the first attack and costs [c][c] for 40 damage which is a bit below par. The second attack makes it redundant because you won't attach anything to Serpeior except basic Grass energy anyway, so why couldn't it have just cost [g]?
Leaf Storm costs [g][g] (so effectively this attack costs the same as Vine Whip, hence why it sucks the big one) and deals 60 damage while healing each of your Grass Poke'mon for 20 damage, which is fair for the cost and a killer in Limited. Sadly, the damage isn't high enough to consistently get even 2HKOs against most of the popular attackers, and it will struggle to get the OHKO agiants most techs as well. Your opponent will simply build up a threat on the bench to overpower you while you try desperately to boost your inneffectual damage.
If Leaf Storm dealt around 90-110 damage for a higher energy cost then this Serperior would be the ideal frontman for a tanking deck using both versions of Serperior. Sadly that will not happen and this version will languish in the binder for the rest of eternity.
Modified: 3 (fast and tanky, Serperior could have been a hit if not for the damage cap)
Limited: 3 (Serperior has a small speed advantage and brilliant healing factor in its favour but the fact it is a Stage 2 with a weakness to Reshiram really hurts. Run it if you get it but build a spare attacker pronto)
Combos with: League matches for newbies who buy the deck because it is the most consistent of the 3 theme decks available.

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