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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Unfezant #86/114

Black & White

Date Reviewed: April 15, 2011

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.50
Limited: 3.08

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Unfezant (B&W)

Ok, what is going on with the name of this Pokémon? It’s not a Pheasant, we get that. But ‘Unfezant’? That implies that it’s the complete opposite to a Pheasant, while in fact the two are very similar.

There’s nothing on this card which will surprise anyone who has ever seen a Pidgeot or a Staraptor (in card form, not in real life). 120 HP is barely adequate, Lightning Weakness is ungood (see what I did there?), and while Fighting Resistance is nice, once again I feel let down by a Retreat cost on a flying Pokémon (at least it’s only one).

The first attack, Fly, has reasonable damage output of 50 for two Energy and will prevent all damage and effects done to Unfeazant next turn . . . on a coin flip. Yep that’s right, hit a tails and you get nothing, not even the damage. Yep, you can try for some risky stall with this card if you have to but . . . you don’t have to do you? You can play something else that won’t be a waste of a lot of space and resources on a flip. At least Cutting Wind (!) gives you something more reliable: vanilla 70 damage for three Energy. Rubbish now, but as I said in Wednesday’s review, that’s more in line with what we can expect from the new cards.

Even so, with no reliably useful effects or Ability (that’s what is replacing PokePowers and Bodies from now on, by the way), I don’t really see any reason to play Unfezant in future formats. For God’ sake, don’t even think of trying it now . . . it would get slaughtered. You do know what happens to Pheasants (including Unfezants) during hunting season, don’t you?


Modified: 1.5 (basically vanilla and unexciting . . . when it’s not being unreliable)

Limited: 3 (Colourless is good, and attacks are decent for Limited, but I can’t rate Stage 2s too highly as it’s not easy to pull a whole line, or get them in play)


Happy Friday, Pojo readers! I hope that you all have a great weekend coming up, and good luck to those of you going to the various Regional Championships being held this weekend. We are ending our COTD week with the evolution of the Pokemon we reviewed yesterday. Today's Card of the Day is Unfezant.

Unfezant is a Stage 2 Colorless Pokemon. Colorless Pokemon are good to use because they are easily put into any deck due to their flexible Energy requirements, making them good support Pokemon. 120 HP is decidedly average for a Stage 2, so Unfezant should survive a hit or two. However, it has a terrible Lightning Weakness, meaning that Luxray GL Lv. X will OHKO with Flash Impact. Fighting Resistance is what we would come to expect from a Pokemon that is a Flying-type in the video games, and a Retreat Cost of 1 is acceptable.

Like Tranquill yesterday, Unfezant has two attacks. The first, Fly, does 50 damage for two Colorless Energy, but has a flip effect. If you flip heads, the attack does 50 damage and you prevent all effects of attacks (including damage) done to Unfezant during your opponent's next turn. This is great, but unfortunately, if you flip tails, the attack does nothing at all, making this attack very unreliable.

The second attack, Cutting Wind, does a vanilla 70 damage for three Colorless Energy. While notable in that it can OHKO a Garchomp C Lv. X, there are generally better options for doing this. Additionally, if you're up against a deck using Garchomp C Lv. X with an Unfezant, you can probably expect it to be Knocked Out next turn by a Luxray GL Lv. X, which isn't the best thing for a Stage 2. In Limited, however, this attack is brilliant, as it easily fits into any deck that you build, and has a rather high damage output for the cost, being able to 2HKO pretty much anything in the format (though there are a few exceptions).

Modified: 1/5 Don't think it will be used here. Fly is too unreliable, and Cutting Wind is too vanilla. Low HP and bad Weakness also set it back.

Limited: 3/5 Fly can be great when it works, but it's still too unreliable. Cutting Wind, however, is great for the reasons described above. Just remember that Unfezant only has 120 HP, so make sure that you have healing items ready, or can get a few KOs before it goes down.

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Unfezant (Black & White)
Here we have the evolution for yesterday's card, and sadly it shares the terrible stats and attacks that made Tranquill unplayable.
unfezant is a Colourless type Stage 2 with 120 HP, Lightning weakness, Fighting resitance, a retreat cost of 1 and two attacks.
Unfezant's chances of a long life are slim with Luxray GL Lv X and Magnezone (both the Prime and the SF versions) easily scoring an OHKO. The 120 HP does give Unfezant a better life expectancy against non-Lightning matchups (and Fighting resistance is probably the best type for high HP Poke'mon) but that goes to waste because the attacks are pointless.
Fly is the first attack and costs [c][c]. The effect is familiar, with a lucky coin flip giving you immunity and dealing damage (in this case the number is 50 which is better than average) but a bad result means the attack does nothing. Since this flippy kind of immunity is easy to play around (even if you can't force a switch, just wait for a Tails result) and you only deal damage half the time it can only be considered good if the second attack is exceptional.
Cutting Wind deals 70 damage for [c][c][c]. The word that comes to mind is 'average', not 'exceptional'. With no bonus effects to add power to any current deck and a lack of commendable firepower, Unfezant is doomed.
The design team decided to make Unfezant live up to it's name by being decidedly unpleasant. I feel sorry for anyone who pulls this rare at a prerelease because the card is ruined by a complete lack of synergy, and it isn't even all that great in Limited matches due to the lower stages being incredibly weak.
Modified: 1.5 (It is considered bad manners to burst out laughing when you see a new player run this card. Be nice, they obviously don't have anything better to work with yet. Give them a few months to increase their collection before you start to chuckle derisively)
Limited: 3 (If you can get it out then you can stall and deal some decent damage. A decent pick against Fighting types but watch out for Reshiram and Zekrom. Still, you work with what you've got and being Colourless is a definite plus)
Combos with: I'll repeat what I said yesterday. No matter what that little voice says to you, DO NOT MIX POKE'MON CARDS WITH FOOD OR NAKED FLAMES. I don't care how tempting it is, don't ever try it. Don't even think about it. Don't look at me like that... And put those matches away!


4/15/11: Unfezant(Black & White)
If you were wondering what yesterday's card evolves into, well, it's this. Overall, I'm a fan of the designs for the 5th gen Pokemon, but the Unfezant family just makes me miss Staraptor. Oh well.
Sadly, Unfezant is much like its pre-evolution, in that it has fairly cheap attacks, but they don't do enough enough damage. Granted, most variations of Fly do even less damage, but the extra damage still doesn't make it a reliable attack. Then there's cutting wind, which...Garchomp C Lv.X is a basic(well, sort of), and does 80 damage for 3 colorless energy. Also, it can hit the bench, and can have the energy cost lowered by one, thanks to Energy Gain. Frankly, I think a Stage 2 should have stronger attacks than a levelled up basic. But that's what power creep reversal does.
Modified: 2/5

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