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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Umbreon Prime

HS Undaunted

Date Reviewed: October 1, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.50
Limited: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Umbreon Prime (Undaunted) 

Oh no! It’s an Eeveelution! And I’m about to give it a bad review, so I will have to hide from all the Eeveelution fans as soon as I finish! 

Well, it’s a very cool-looking card (like all Umbreons tend to be), I’ll give it that. It also has a nice PokePower (basically the same one as Toxicroak G Promo’s Leap Away). Cloud-Covered Moon states that once per turn, you can flip a coin and, if heads, return Umbreon and all cards attached to your hand. 

The reason that Power was so good on Promocroak (as it is called) is that Promocroak is a quick SP tech, used for getting a revenge KO on a Fighting Weak Pokémon and then getting out of the way for a main attacker without wasting Poke Turns. Umbreon doesn’t really seem designed to function in that way (it appears to be more of a support-hungry main attacker), so the Power isn’t quite as useful. 

Umbeon Prime has a low 100 HP, a troubling Fighting Weakness (easy meat for Donphans and that Promocroak), and a nice Psychic Resistance. The Retreat cost of one is decent and if you flip heads on the Power, it won’t be relevant anyway. So far, so meh . . . let’s see what the attack does . . .  

Evoblast costs [D][C][C] and has an unimpressive base damage of 50. Luckily for Umbreon, the attack also has some effect text which states that Evoblast does 10 more damage for each Pokémon you have out that evolves from Eevee. Remember that Umbreon does count for this so the minimum base damage is actually 60 and the maximum 90. Now even 90 for three is nothing special, but Umbreon can at least use Special Dark for another 10 damage. It can even use DCE to power up faster . . . but that’s where the problem lies . . . in order to do serious-ish damage you are going to need all four of your Eeveelutions in play and that is not always going to happen very quickly. Even when it does, the reward you get for a big set up isn’t really enough . . . not to mention the fact that a 100 HP Fighting Weak Pokémon is not going to hang around long enough to capitalise on it. 

Yes, there are ways you can address most of these issues- Espeon MD can boost the HP, Umbreon MD can remove Weakness-but that just adds to the card’s over-dependence on themed support. Even as a Darkness tech in an Eeveelution deck (to counter Gengar), it is outshone by its non-Prime UD counterpart. 

And that says it all really . . . when you have a Prime that is worse than its normal version, it’s time to reach for the binder. 


Modified: 1.5 (one of the more useless Primes – I know that’s saying something)

Limited: 2.75 (Eeveelutions are pretty easy to pull in this set)

Combos with . . . 

Needs the full range of Eeveelution support

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Umbreon Prime (HS Undaunted)
This is a big one for the Eeveelution fans, let's hope it doesn't disappoint!
Umbreon comes with a mixture of good and bad stats, balancing a decent 100 HP and good Dark typing against a high attack cost with mediocre damage. To round out the bottom stats we have a Fighting weakness (bad but fixable), Psychic resistance (almost always a plus) and a retreat cost of 2 (again it’s bad but fixable).
Before I mention any combos for fixing the stats problem (hint: Umbreon MD) I will discuss the Pokepower and attack. The Pokepower is the strangely named Cloud-covered Moon, which allows you to flip a coin if Umbreon Prime is active. On Heads, you return Umbreon and all cards attached to it to your hand.
I have to debate the usefulness of this power. Sure, with Broken Time Space you can put it straight back into play but you lose the energy investment you made to attack. Far more likely, you’ll return Umbreon to your hand to evolve into a different Eeveelution, but if that is the idea then the RR versions of Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon are all vastly superior in terms of playability There is no need to have any of them active, and since it is only 1 stage of  devolution then you can evolve again in the same turn without BTS. Furthermore the 3 originals have cheaper/more effective attacks and don’t lose any of their precious energy attachments.
Now the attack. For the cost of DCC, Evoblast deals 50 damage plus 10 more damage for each of your Pokemon in play that evolves from Eevee, as well as any extra damage from Special Dark energy and Expert Belt. The math works out that the maximum continual boost is 20 (expert Belt) + 40 (Umbreon and 3 other Eeveelutions) + 40 (4 Special Dark energy), giving a total damage of 150 which is very hard to survive. The major obstacle is the level of setup this requires, involving 8 Pokemon to be played and evolved and 4 separate unsearchable energy attachments (thankfully the Expert Belt is easy enough to search and play). What this means is that you will more likely hit no more than 100 damage per Evoblast attack, and will be KOed before getting the monstrous damage you imagine you can field.
Even if you overcome all of the obstacles to max out the damage, Umbreon is fragile. Umbreon MD does remove the weakness and the retreat cost, while Espeon MD will boost health by 20 (giving 140 total if you play Expert Belt) but it isn’t enough to stop your opponent ripping poor Umbreon a new one even if you do take down the main attacker. You’ll survive one hit certainly, but you’ll need a couple of turns setting up which is time you can’t afford.
If only Umbreon had a cheap starting attack, this would all be so different, but in the end this is just like Espeon Prime: a poor shadow of the greatness we saw from their MD cousins played alongside Leafeon Lv X.


Hello All!!  Today's COTD is Umbreon Prime (UD 86/90), a decent card, but not the greatest Prime at our disposal by any means... but we'll explain why after a brief rundown of the card's stats.

With 100hp and a 2X Fighting/Donphan/Machamp weakness Umbreon will definitely have a hard time keeping its head above water for more than a turn or two, even with an Expert Belt, against most competitive decks running around today.  The Psychic resistance is really nice with Gengar and so many Uxie/Azelf techs out there these days and one retreat cost isn't bad for a stage 1.  So far, mediocre, especially for a Prime.  The PokePower on this card, combined with the versatility of its attack are what help it out the most.  Cloud-Covered Moon is a good Power to have in your arsenal, just like PromoCroak, this Power offers you a 50/50 at pulling the Pokemon and all cards attached to it from the field, back to your hand, a built in Super Scoop-Up is definitely something good to have around!!  Evoblast, for (d) and (c)(c) is a solid attack to have if your deck is a pure Eevee-lution deck, hitting for 50+10 for each Eevee-lution on your bench you could do a total of 100, or 120 w a belt, or 160 w a belt and 4 Special Darkness Energies.  But in all reality and practicality this attack won't be hitting for that much, just based on the fact that you need bench space for uxie, azelf or any other tech you may throw in w Umbreon P.  All in all, not a bad card, but there are better options.  It combos beautifully with its counterpart from MD to keep retreat cost and weakness at bay, helping it survive Machamp and Donphan match ups, which will happen somewhere along the line at a tournament and it also combos with Espeon from MD as well, where Espeon gives all Eevee-lutions +20 HP and then Espeon would give Evoblast another ten damage to inflict. 

Modified- 2.3/5- Like I said, not the worst option but definitely better!
Limited- 4/5- If you pull it go for it!! With all of the other Eevee-lutions and having two Eevees to pull you should have no problem making effective plays with this if you pull it!

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