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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Gligar #49/90

HS Undaunted

Date Reviewed: Oct. 20, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.90
Limited: 2.90

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Gligar (Undaunted) 

Gligar doesn’t suffer the same problems that yesterday’s card (Lairon) does. It has an Evolution (and a LV X!) that is at least somewhat playable. Although the old Gliscor/Spiritomb Status lock decks are nowhere near as popular as they were (now that most players know how to play around them), you still see them occasionally at tournaments. 

Assuming that someone wanted to give this deck a revival, is this Gligar the Basic that they should be using? Well, it does have a few things going for it. 70 HP is very substantial for an evolving Basic, the Water Weakness isn’t horrible, and the Retreat cost is reasonable (I guess). You also get a Lightning Resistance, which may very well be the best Resistance of all in the current format. Mind you, the other modified legal Gligar resist Fighting, which is pretty good too. 

You also get an ok attack. Stun Poison only does 20 damage, but you get a coin flip for Poison AND Paralysis (the very best Status Condition in the game!). Unfortunately it costs [F][C]. In terms of value, it isn’t a disaster, but the mere fact that it costs two Energy is a very serious drawback. By the time you have had two turns and two Energy attachments, you really need to have an evolved Gliscor in play. This means that, if your deck is working properly, this attack will never be used. I suppose it isn’t the worst attack to have to use if you get a terrible start, but it isn’t exactly going to turn things around for you at that point either. 

So, how does it compare to the other available Gligar? It does have 10 more HP to offset the double Weakness and it’s not as if the other Gligars have stunning low cost attacks to boast about either (just flips for Poison). There isn’t a lot to choose between them, but I just find that two Energy attack a little off-putting to be honest. 


Modified: 1.5 (Not special . . . just another Gligar you will want to evolve fast)

Limited: 2.5 (the attack is viable here and could be super annoying. This Gliscor in the set is decent too)


Happy midweek, Pojo! Today we are reviewing Gligar from the HS Undaunted set.

Gligar is a Basic Fighting Pokemon. The only commonly seen Fighting Pokemon right now in Modified are Machamp SF, Donphan Prime, Promo Toxicroak G, and the random Relicanth SV tech. There was, however, a deck that used Gliscor Lv. X for in a Flygon stall variant, but that deck isn't seen quite as much anymore. Could this Gligar be used in such a deck if it were to make a comeback? 70 HP is very good for an evolving Basic, meaning that Gligar should be able to survive for a turn or two in most cases early game (unless your opponent has an incredibly fast or lucky setup at the beginning of the game, for instance). Water Weakness kind of sucks with the prevalence of Kingdra and Gyarados. Lightning Resistance is excellent, because resisting Luxray GL Lv. X is always a good thing. Finally, a Retreat Cost of 1 is perfectly decent: not too expensive to pay if you have to.

Gligar just has one attack. Stun Poison does 20 damage for [FC] and both Paralyzes and Poisons the Defending Pokemon if you flip heads. Not an attack to build a deck around by any means, but this can be incredibly disruptive for your opponent if you are lucky with flipping, especially in Limited.

Modified: 2/5 Obviously only use this if you're going to be using a Gliscor, but as far as Gligars go, this one is pretty decent. 70 HP is good for a Basic, and the ability to Paralyze and Poison in the same attack is quite nice.

Limited: 2.5/5 Even if you don't draft a Gliscor, it may be worth using Gligar for the potential Paralysis/Poison combo, especially because there are many Fighting weak Dark-types in the set.


 10/20/10: Gligar(Undaunted) 

Here we go, on the road again. There I am, up on the stage. We got Gligar today. 

Funny thing, I believe that I still have the Gligar from Neo Destiny, which in fact is very similar to today's card. It has the same attack: Stun Poison, which for 1F does 20 damage, plus paralysis and poison on a flip. Of course, the newest version of the card has some major improvements over the old version. For one, it has 70 HP, compared with 50 HP for the Destiny Gligar. Most importantly, though, back in the Neo sets, Gligar was an unevolving basic; now, Gligar can evolve into Gliscor, giving it a different purpose than before. 

Gligar doesn't have the same problems that Lairon did yesterday; Gliscor may very well see play in something similar to the Glisctomb decks last format. What this Gligar doesn't have, however, is a clear advantage over other Gligars. Legends Awakened has two Gligars, and both of them have cheaper attacks than Gligar UD. They also have a +10 weakness to water, rather than a x2 weakness. However, Gligar UD has more HP, and when powered up, Stun Poison is far superior to any attack either Gligar LA can muster. Overall, it's unclear whether any Gligar is superior to the rest, and if one is, its advantages are slight. Therefore, your choice in Gligar is up to preference(or whatever is available). 

This card is pretty good in Limited. 70 HP is really good, the cost of Stun Poison is more negligible, and the Gliscor in the set has cheap status-inducing attacks, too. 

Limited: 3.25/5


Today we look at Gligar, the oxymoronic Pokémon.  I mean, it is a Flying/Ground type in the video games, which sounds like such a contradiction that it shouldn’t exist.  Then again, it’s a Pokémon, so I guess technically it doesn’t really exist anyway. 

Gligar is a Basic Fighting Pokémon, which is actually a pretty good thing to be: Fighting Weakness is abundant and thus any good Fighting Pokémon with an inexpensive attack that can be tossed into just about any deck has a chance of being played as Fighting TecH.  If said card actually has another useful ability, it becomes even more likely.  Sadly, that doesn’t describe this card.  It starts out amazingly well: 70 HP is still great on a Basic Pokémon, just like it was back in the old days.  However, 70 HP is no longer enough to ensure surviving a big attack, at least it is still good for soaking several smaller ones.  Water Weakness x2 guarantees Gligar is hosed if he faces any serious or even half serious Water Pokémon in battle.  It does get to enjoy Lightning Resistance -20 (due to its Ground half in the video games) and that will let it annoy some popular cards I think.  Additionally, Lightning Pokémon are often Fighting Weak, allowing Gligar to enjoy a significant advantage against most of them.  The single Energy Retreat Cost is low and easy to pay. 

The card has a single attack for (FC), Stun Poison.  It does 20 points of damage and on a successful coin toss, Paralysis and Poison.  Those two Special Conditions are nice and nasty together, but the sum is less than its parts.  You are paying for something along the lines of 30 or 40 damage and giving that up to get a potentially useful Special Condition combination, so that’s relatively fair.  Unfortunately since it isn’t (CC) you can’t use Double Colorless Energy and that means two turns of powering up.  Especially for a Basic Pokémon, two turns to power up is a turn too slow.  Special Conditions are a mild annoyance, but useful: timed properly (before being too far into the game, after the target has finished evolving) you can force your opponent to waste their support cards, so they can’t use a clutch Switch or the like later on. 

Now in Limited play it is still a little slow, but your opponent will have few ways to deal with Special Conditions and that bumps them up from annoyance to threat.  Stun Poison will simultaneously protect Gligar and bump up its damage yield.  Fighting Weakness is as common as ever this set though Resistance is also plentiful.  Since you have the Special Conditions to bypass it, Gligar remains a good pick as long as you can make room for Fighting Energy in your deck. 


Modified: 2/5 (Gliscor decks) 

Limited: 3.5/5 

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