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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Vaporeon #41/90

HS Undaunted

Date Reviewed: Oct. 15, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.75
Limited: 3.42

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Vaporeon (Undaunted) 

Which is the only Eeveelution that isn’t sickeningly cute? 

That’s right, it’s the one that’s half-fish, half-dog (or whatever it is that Eevee looks like) . . . today’s card is a Vaporeon! 

(Actually the Unseen Forces Vaporeon is pretty cute, but that’s an exception!) 

(The Majestic Dawn one is ok too . . . aaargh! Let’s leave it there and get on with the review) 

Vaporeon has the typical Eeveelution 90 HP, which always seems wrong as it is a bulky/healing type Pokémon in the video games. It also has the worst-case-scenario x2 Lightning Weakness which makes it ridiculously easy prey for all those Luxrays which infest the Modified format. Combine that with no Resistance and a Retreat cost of two (oh, so NOW they decide it’s bulky!), and what you  have is a very unpromising start to this review. 

At least it has a cheap first attack. Spiral Drain costs [C], does 20 damage, and heals 20 from Vaporeon. If it didn’t have such low HP and a terrible Weakness, this might have kept it alive for a turn or too. Assuming it does survive long enough for you to attach [W][W][C], you now have access to Dual Splash (that’s right, the same attack as on Empoleon MD), which hits any two of your opponent’s Pokémon for 30 damage each. Dual Splash is a nice enough attack, but for that kind of cost on a Pokémon that is unlikely to stay on the Field long enough to use it? No thanks. Things would have been slightly better if it could have used Double Colourless Energy, but even that would leave it well short of playable. 

Vaporeon doesn’t tend to see much play, even in Eeveelution decks, and of the three legal ones we have, this is probably the worst. Like a lot of this week’s cards though, it seems designed to work best in Limited play. In a low-damage format, it can be an effective wall and survive long enough to use Dual Splash, which is an excellent attack in that environment. For that reason, I don’t mind this card at all . . . it’s nice to have some good cards to use in a Prerelease. 


Modified: 1.5 (there are better Vaporeons, and Eeveelutions doesn’t need them either)

Limited: 3.75 (great attacker and a decent wall – as long as your opponent isn’t playing Raichu)


Happy Friday, Pojo readers! Today we are ending our COTD week by reviewing a Pokemon that has been around since the original 151. Today's Card of the Day is Vaporeon from HS Undaunted.

Vaporeon is a Stage 1 Water Pokemon. Water Pokemon are seeing a lot of play right now, between Kingdra LA, Gyarados SF, Palkia G, and even the random Rain Dance deck or Quagsire GL. Vaporeon would also see some play in an Eeveelutions deck, as it evolves from Eevee. 90 HP is fairly good for a Stage 1, allowing Vaporeon to take a hit or two, although the double Lightning Weakness is definitely a problem in the current metagame, as Luxray will eat it alive. No Resistance and a Retreat Cost of 2 are both rather disappointing, though the Retreat Cost can be paid if you absolutely must.

Vaporeon has two attacks. The first, Spiral Drain, does 20 damage for a single Colorless Energy and allows you to remove 2 damage counters from Vaporeon. This attack also goes well with Espeon Prime, as it can use the attack for a Colorless Energy with its Poke-Body. Outside of that, this attack is really only good as an early-game move (if even then), because there are several other Pokemon that can hit a lot harder for the same price.

The second attack, Dual Splash, allows you to choose 2 of your opponent's Pokemon and deal 30 damage to each of them for [WWC]. The Energy cost is a bit expensive for the effect, but this is a rather decent spreading attack. Still can't help but think there are better spreading options, though (Gengar SF, and even Tyranitar Prime come to mind).

Modified: 2/5 Vaporeon will only really be used in an Eeveelution deck, where it provides a decent way to spread damage. However, since that deck isn't very common (or very good, at least in the current metagame), it will probably see little play.

Limited: 3.75/5 Vaporeon is excellent here. Spiral Drain works with any type of Energy, and provides a reliable way to heal. Dual Splash is a bit expensive, but can be absolutely killer in Limited, where the pace is much slower and 30 damage to 2 of your opponent's Pokemon will actually have a significant effect on gameplay. Having 90 HP as a Stage 1 is also really good.

Combos With: Espeon Prime

conical 10/15/10: Vaporeon(Undaunted)
Even though the new Eeveelutions probably won't make much of an impact in Modified play(Leafeon would probably be the most likely to do so), they are all generally good options for Limited play, except maybe Espeon Prime...and Vaporeon.
What makes all of the Eeveelutions so playable in Limited is that each of the original 3 has a colorless attack that does a solid amount of damage, and a bonus effect, making them easy to splash with other types. In Vaporeon's case, it can use Spiral Drain, which does 20 damage and heals 20. It doesn't do enough for Modified, obviously, but it's decent for Limited. The second attack, for 1WW, does 30 to two Pokemon...wait, doesn't Empoleon MD have the same attack? Yes, it does, for W less, at that. Besides that, nowadays we have Manectric PL, which does 30 to any of your opponent's Pokemon with Powers, making Vaporeon's spread attack look slow in comparison, which it is.
In Limited, you wouldn't have to worry about powering up Dual Splash and just use Spiral Drain in a deck of some other typing, but Vaporeon has one other flaw: its retreat cost of 2. If you plan on putting Vaporeon active, you better be prepared to keep it there for a while. The healing helps it live longer, but I would prefer having, say, Jolteon UD's attack, which prevents all damage done to it.(It also has free retreat!) Not only that, but there's only three Fire-type Pokemon in the set, so it won't be hitting for weakness very often. Therefore, if you're using Vaporeon, you might want to use a lot of them rather than as a tech, and try to spread damage with Dual Splash. It's a slower option, but Limited doesn't really give out anti-spread options(Unless you somehow pulled Garchomp C Lv. X, which is impossible because it's the wrong set). Regardless, it's probably the weakest of the Eeveelutions in the set.
Modified: 2/5
Limited: 2.75/5
Combos With: Regular Espeon UD could be an interesting combo to work with. In Limited, of course.


Today we look at the uncommon version of Vaporeon from HS – Undaunted.  It is a stage 1 Water Pokémon.  Being a Stage 1 is of course a concern: they should be on at least equal footing with Basics and Stage 2 Pokémon with the real potential of becoming overpowered since they have access to better abilities than Basics and are faster than Stage 2 Pokémon.  As anyone who isn’t a novice knows, that just isn’t the case as Stage 2 Pokémon have some extremely potent shortcuts that rob Stage 1 Pokémon of their speed advantage, and often they don’t get access to attacks and abilities that are any better than what the Basic Pokémon get.


Being a Water Pokémon wouldn’t be a concern if it wasn’t for the Lightning Weakness that often goes alongside the type: as far as I know, Luxray is still a considerable presence in the format.  No Resistance is disappointing as always and the two Energy required to retreat is manageable but almost seems high given that this is a Stage 1 Pokémon, and a Vaporeon at that: none of the Eeveelutions seem especially “slow”.  Due to the correlation between Type and Weakness, I skipped the HP score, which is a good 90: outside of that Weakness this isn’t an easy OHKO.  Stage 1 Pokémon really need to clock in at 90, but higher scores tend to be reserved for cards known for high HP scores in the games.  All in all, decent attribute scores for the card.  As long as both attacks are at least solid, we can have another useful Eeveelution.


Alas, denied!


Spiral Drain is a solid attack, but Dual Splash is not.  Spiral Drain needs one of any Energy and hits for 20 damage while removing two damage counters from Vaporeon.  As the small, quick attack it can irritate the opponent and occasionally blow the number crunching your opponent is doing to try and figure out when they’ll KO this card.  Dual Splash is extremely expensive at (WWC).  While I don’t expect every Stage 1 Pokémon to have a Donphan Prime level of return for energy, with this attack it feels like they forgot to print the base damage: you get to select two of your opponent’s Pokémon and do 30 points of damage to them.  That just isn’t enough: a total of 60 points of damage for three Energy is too low a return for the modern format.  Maybe if you had the option of doing it all at once to the Defending Pokémon, it could be passable, but probably not.  This is one of those attacks where even if the damage-to-energy ratio worked out on paper, it fails in practicality since Vaporeon will quickly be KO’d before it can spread a lot of damage.  The energy cost makes it hard to do the normal Rainbow Eevee deck and prevents it from using Double Colorless Energy as well.


The 90 HP and Spiral Drain are just good enough Limited that you might run it in, if you have two or three copies of Eevee.  If you do have an actual Water using deck, then you can enjoy the Bench sniping: in this format it is common to retreat an injured Pokémon to avoid giving up a Prize.  Except the only other Water Pokémon in this set are the two Kyogre & Groudon Legend cards, Slowbro, and Slowpoke.  Slowbro doesn’t even require Water Energy.  So the only reason to use this card is if you pull several copies of Eevee and don’t have anything better to fill the slot.




Modified: 1/5


Limited: 1.5/5


I am still selling my former collectables on eBay.  I’ve had a lot of hobbies over the years, so at various times I’ll have comic books, manga, action figures, and video games on the auction block.  You can take a look at what’s up for bids here.  Just a reminder, Pojo is in no way responsible for any transactions and was merely kind enough to let me mention the auctions here. ;) 

 Professor Six Feet Under Games League

Happy Friday everyone!! Today we're taking a look at another Eeveelution from Undaunted, Vaporeon.  Vaporeon is a Stage 1 Water type with 90HP (eh), a 2X Lighting Weakness (ouch) and a Retreat cost of 2 (to be expected for most Water Types).  The first attack from Vaporeon is Spiral Drain, for C you hit for 20 and remove 2 damage counters, a balanced attack considering its versatility and low cost/low output... but still a really low output... The second attack is Dual Splash, Empoleon MD's little brother, for WWC you get to choose 2 of your opponent's Pokémon and then this attack does 30 damage to each of them, and as usual don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon. So pretty much in Prerelease this card has lots of potential for quick hits and recovery, not to mention how well it combos with Umbreon P and Espeon P, but if an Eeveelution deck is something you're considering and Vaporeon seems like a necessary tech it'd go with this Vaporeon:  http://www.pokemon.com/us/trading-cards/
database/platinum-series/pl2/34/  The attacks feel a little better, lower cost, and more versatility with Eeveelutions with its Undevelop PokePower and a more tolerable Weakness.

Modified 1.5/5

Limited 3.4/5

P.S. If any of you PokePeople have a deck list you're working on I am taking submissions for my Deck Garage, all I need is a title, if you have one, a complete 60 count list (with set numbers for Pokemon just to help disambiguate them) and a brief synopsis of the strategy you want the deck to follow (stall, spread, trainer lock, etc.). You can e-mail all of that info to me at luvtank1287@yahoo.com !! I look forward to helping out the best I can!!

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