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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Gloom #27/90

HS Undaunted

Date Reviewed: Oct. 14, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.90
Limited: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Gloom (Undaunted) 

When was the last time Pojo reviewed a Gloom?  

The shameful truth is that in 10 years and 1700+ reviews . . . none of the 13 Gloom that have been printed have ever been looked at. I think it’s time we put that right. 

To be honest, it’s easy to see why Gloom has slipped through the net. Evolving Stage 1s don’t usually make for interesting or relevant reviews, simply because most decks only use them as a means of getting the Stage 2 out when they don’t have a Rare Candy. There are exceptions to this like Vibrava RR and Dark Dragonair TRR, but they are very few and far between. 

Gloom UD does not fall into that category of rare Stage 1s. It has a decent HP, a bad Psychic Weakness, and a bleh attack that does 30 for [G][C] and gives you a flip for the Status Condition of your choice (go Paralysis!). It’s not horrible, but it’s also not something you want to go aggro with either.   

Really, this card is just there as a means of getting out Vileplume UD in Trainer Lock decks. Does it do a better job than the other Modified-legal Gloom (both from LA)? To be honest, there is little to choose between them. The older ones at least have the benefit of a +20 rather than a x2 Weakness, but it’s not a decision you should agonise over too much.  


Modified: 1.75 (evolve and forget)
Limited: 2.75 (attack could be nasty here)


Today for our Card of the Day, we're going to review a Pokemon that we've never had a chance to review before. Today's Card of the Day is Gloom from HS Undaunted.

Gloom is a Stage 1 Grass Pokemon. Gloom will see play in decks that use Vileplume, however Gloom will probably be in a limited role since most decks will want to get to Vileplume and its Trainer locking ability as fast as possible. However, in the slim chance that you will be using Gloom on its own, let's look at its stats. 80 HP is fairly standard for an evolving Stage 1, and this value is low enough that you wouldn't want it up against the metagame's top threats for too long. Psychic Weakness is decent, and probably slightly better to have than Fire Weakness. No Resistance is unfortunate. Finally, a Retreat Cost of 1 is pretty good and easily payable if necessary.

Gloom UD only has one attack: [GC] gets you Miracle Powder, which does 30 damage and a Special Condition of your choice if you flip heads. Not bad given the cost, though this attack is only something you'd want to use early game if at all, as the damage output is a bit low and Special Conditions aren't that big of a factor in the metagame, even if you can choose which one your opponent gets hit with.

Modified: 2/5 If you're using Vileplume, you should run Gloom. If not, don't.

Limited: 2.5/5 Gloom is actually pretty good even without Vileplume here. The ability to inflict any Special Condition is pretty nice, and 30 damage is decent, especially when paired with Poison, Burn, or Paralysis. If you happen to pull a Vileplume, even better.

 Professor Six Feet Under Games League

Happy Thursday PokePeople!! Today we're looking at Gloom UD, and I imagine many of you are thinking to yourselves "Now why would they review Gloom, it won't fare well at all..." and honestly I thought that myself at first, too.  That is until I figured that Gloom is a necessity if you want to use Vileplume, and so many of us out there do!  So I figured for this review since it wouldn't be fair to compare Gloom to say, Garchomp C Lv. X, I would compare the Glooms that are currently Modified legal.  As far as top stats go this Gloom is tied with one of the options from LA with 80HP, the bottom stats are bittersweet, the Weakness is X2, unlike the other two choices with +20 of either Fire or Psychic, depending on the type of the card, none of them are Resistant, and tied with the Grass Gloom from LA Gloom UD has one Retreat cost.  None of the Attacks on any of the Glooms are that impressive, most inflicting status and one healing. So it seems like some have an edge where others don't, but that edge is met with another dull spot in comparison to its counterpart... mediocre... but this mediocrity leads to morale of this story...

Keep it Benched...

No more worries...

Modified 2.5/5 Like I said, you can wrack your brain trying to pick the better one, but in the end the only purpose it serves it to become Vileplume

Limited 3/5 Special Conditions are always fun in this format!

conical 10/14/10: Gloom(Undaunted)
So, this is the first Gloom card ever reviewed for COTD. Oh well, I've never been a fan of Gloom anyway. That doesn't make it a bad card, however.
Now, Gloom probably wouldn't be all that important, except that Undaunted revealed the new Trainer-locking Vileplume that's all the rage these days. Therefore, the only important quality Gloom really needs is that it should be better than any other Gloom in the format. This Gloom does have an interesting attack in Select Powder: 1G for 30 damage and the Condition of your choice! Conditions aren't as powerful as they were, but being able to select any condition is handy(Though generally, you'd pick paralysis).
This Gloom has two other Glooms to compete with for viability, both from Legends Awakened. The Psychic-type Gloom isn't worth considering; generally you'd want to use the same type as Vileplume. The other Gloom does G for 20 and sleep, and a 30 snipe attack for 1G. This Gloom has only slightly better attacks than Gloom, in my opinion, but I would still pick Gloom UD because it has higher HP, and Select Powder, because paralysis is better than sleep, could prevent an attack for a turn while you evolve into Vileplume, which is the ultimate goal.
This card is pretty decent in Limited, too. Inflicting status is far more viable here, and the HP and retreat of one aren't that bad. Not to mention, this thing could become unstoppable, provided you pull Leafeon UD, or, of course, Vileplume.
Modified: 3/5
Limited: 3/5
Combos With: Vileplume UD, Leafeon UD for Limited


Rectifying another card we’ve never reviewed any version of, today we will examine Gloom from HS – Undaunted.


Now, regular readers and players will know why we have never reviewed Gloom before: it is a Stage 1 Pokémon and I can think of only one copy worth running for its own sake.  That would be Dark Gloom from all the way back in the original Team Rocket set.  It had a Pokémon Power (back then, they weren’t split into Poké-Bodies and Poké-Powers) that let you flip a coin, and on “Heads” Confused the Defending Pokémon but on “Tails” confused your Active Pokémon.  It had a minor moment of fame in a deck designed to show off Jungle Snorlax (who was protected from Special Conditions through Thick Skin).  However, as someone who ran the deck it quickly became apparent it needed Dark Vileplume anyway, because without a Trainer lock your opponent would obliterate your careful set up.


The newest Gloom at least clocks in with 80 HP.  This is low for a Stage 1, but at least it is meant to further evolve into Bellossom or Vileplume, making it much less problematic than yesterday’s CotD.  Being a Grass Pokémon opens up a lot of support options, but isn’t especially important in terms of type matching at the moment.  The damage doubling Psychic Weakness is a bit worse than the other probable Weakness (Fire) would have been: there are potent, established decks for both but the Psychic ones seem stronger, at least for now.  The lack of Resistance is disappointing but expected given how rare it is becoming.  The single Energy Retreat Cost is nice: if you have to pay to retreat it is fairly easy.


Gloom has one attack, and that is Miracle Powder.  Miracle Powder has been with the game for years now, and while this version is fortunate enough to do 30 points of damage, the big deal is that you get to select a Special Condition and inflict that on the Defending Pokémon.  Unfortunately, this only happens on a successful coin toss, which really hurts the move.  Factor in that it requires (GC) so it can’t be sped up with Double Colorless Energy.  All in all, it isn’t a very good attack, even in Limited where Special Conditions are much stronger.


None of the currently legal versions of Gloom are very impressive, but at least the other versions have less expensive attacks.  It really doesn’t matter too much, since you’ll be playing this card just to get to one of its possible evolved forms.




Modified: 2/5 

Limited: 2.5/5


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