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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Indigo Plateau

HS Triumphant

Date Reviewed: Nov. 4, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.60
Limited: 1.20

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Indigo Plateau (Triumphant)


Today we are reviewing the Stadium card that we got in Triumphant. I’m sure all Pokémon players were either dreading or hoping that it would be the infamous Lost World Stadium that has (apparently) taken over the whole of Japan and is currently destroying Tokyo like some rampaging Godzilla-type monster. Well, we didn’t get that, but we did get Indigo Plateau: a card which is by no means format-warping, but which can possibly find a niche use of its own.


Like virtually all Stadium cards, Indigo Plateau doesn’t need much text to explain its straightforward effect. All LEGEND cards in play get +30 HP.


Support for LEGENDs is very welcome. The are difficult cards to get into play, and with their double x2 Weaknesses and two-Prize giveaway (except for the Lugia and Ho-Oh), they can be very vulnerable to a deck-crippling OHKO. Indigo Plateau can help with that a bit. Now Kyogre/Groudon isn’t such an easy knock out for Luxray GL LV X or Jumpluff, for example. Mind you, it won’t save Rayquaza/Deoxys from the likes of Garchomp C LV X or Flygon. LEGENDs that have Lightning type (Raikou/Entei and Suicune/Raikou) will likely still prefer to use Sunyshore City Gym to eliminate their Weakness altogether, though.


If you are planning on building a deck that focuses on keeping a LEGEND Pokémon out as long as possible (Palkia/Dialga would be a good choice), there is almost no reason not to run Indigo Plateau. At the moment, I’m a bit sceptical about how competitive such decks can be, even with the boost they get from this new Stadium. At least it does give players a little more incentive to try and make something out of these very powerful, but incredibly tough to play, cards.




Modified: 2.25 (good in a LEGEND deck . . . but how good can a LEGEND deck be?)

Limited: 1.25 (your chances of pulling this and both Legend Pieces? Not good)


Welcome back, Pojo viewers. Today we're reviewing a new Stadium from the HS Triumphant set, Indigo Plateau.

As nearly all of you should know, Indigo Plateau is the home of the Kanto and Johto's Pokemon League, and as such, it is generally the place you want to be if you want to be considered a great Pokemon Trainer. So, is Indigo Plateau a Stadium that you'll want in most of your decks?

Probably not. Its effect gives each LEGEND in play +30 HP. Since LEGENDs aren't commonly played in most decks (Raikou/Entei and Kyogre/Groudon see some play, but they are exceptions), this card won't find a deck slot. However, if your building your deck around LEGENDs, you may want to consider running this. Maybe.

Modified: 1.25/5 LEGENDs aren't played very often here, but if you do play them, it may be worth a shot.

Limited: 1.5/5 The chances of you pulling a full LEGEND here are very slim, but it does work nicely if you happen to get an Altaria.


11/4/10: Indigo Plateau (Triumphant) 

Today, we have Indigo Plateau, a Stadium card based off the Elite 4 Headquarters of both the Kanto and Johto leagues. This means that the card itself gives more support to Legend cards, even though none of the Elite 4 use legendary Pokemon in the games.* 

*This does not apply to the show, however, where seemingly random people have multiple legendaries. Seriously! I was curious to see how Ash lost in the Sinnoh league this time, and this would be where people who still watch the show should stop reading for spoilers. He had a Darkrai and a Latios! Where do they find these things! End spoiler.

So essentially, the stadium gives Legends 30 more HP. Which is useful and all, and gives Legends some much-needed support, but Legends don't need more HP. They're quite set in that regard; 130 HP is the minimum for any Legend card. They don't need more HP, they need consistency, and while the rest of the Legend support helps with that, it still isn't playable. The only real use this has is as a counter-stadium, to keep your opponent from using their stadiums. Even then, though, this could only be used in decks that center on Legends(not as a tech), otherwise there are better options. 

In limited, this is the only stadium in the set, and you're probably not getting a complete Legend. You could use Porygon2 to thin the deck slightly by searching this out, but it still serves no purpose, so it's not worth it. 

Modified: 2.5/5

Limited:1/5 (Yeah, that's how useless it is here.)

Combos With: Legends, and lots of them.

Thursday is going to be a short, short CotD, because it is a simple one.  We are looking at Indigo Plateau, a Stadium card.  Besides the normal Stadium text, it merely states that “Each Pokémon LEGEND in play (both yours and your opponent’s) gets +30 HP.”  Are you running a Pokémon LEGEND?  You should be running this unless another Stadium actually is an important part of your deck.  Your opponent will probably have ways of getting rid of it eventually, but if it lets you get off one more attack with the right Pokémon LEGEND (or use a card to heal or bounce said Pokémon LEGEND) it will be well worth it if it gets discarded the turn after.
Modified: 4.5/5 – Scored specifically for Pokémon LEGEND decks.
Limited: 1/5 – Unless you actually pull and run both halves of a Pokémon LEGEND, then of course it is 5/5
Combos with: Any and all Pokémon LEGEND cards.

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