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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Ditto #17/102

HS Triumphant

Date Reviewed: Nov. 18, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.67
Limited: 1.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Ditto (Triumphant)


As you would expect from one of the strangest of all the Pokémon, Ditto usually offers players something a bit different from the everyday attackers.


Just what this Ditto offers though is not really clear at first glance. Its 40 HP is frighteningly low: even if it isn’t active, it’s the easiest of targets for any snipe or spread Pokémon. In fact, the HP is so pathetic that the Fighting Weakness seems almost irrelevant, as does the Retreat cost of one (as if it would survive long enough to Retreat). The attack is complete rubbish as well: your reward for managing to get [C][C] on this Pokémon? 20 points of no-effect damage . . . bleh!


What Ditto does have is a creatively-named PokeBody – Dittobolic. The effect of this is to reduce the number of benched Pokémon your opponent can have to four, making them discard a Pokémon of their choice if they already have five when Ditto comes into play.


Although it doesn’t limit your Bench size directly, in effect it does, as Ditto itself will take up a space. In fact, it might have been slightly more usable if it did allow you to discard something damaged or vulnerable (in the style of the old Giant Stump Stadium) in order to deny a Prize. As things stand, Ditto is unlikely to cause your opponent to lose too much sleep as even if their Bench is full, they will likely have a spent Azelf or Uxie which they wouldn’t mind discarding. Remember, people got used to playing with a Bench of three when facing the far nastier Dusknoir DP when that was in the format, so I honestly don’t see Ditto causing too many problems now.


I suppose it could have some use against decks which really need a large bench (ummmm . . . Jumpluff variants? Decks using the Solrock/Lunatone Heal Block combo?), but those are rare and even they won’t exactly be crippled by Ditto. Really, it seems as if there ought to be some amazing combo using this card, but if there is, I can’t find it.


Until such a combo turns up, Ditto needs to be in the binder – filed under ‘interesting, but not playable’.




Modified: 1.5 (yeah, Palkia G LV X does this so much better)

Limited: 1.5 (only a minor inconvenience at best)


Hello yet again, Pojo readers! Today our week of new Triumphant cards continues with a card that has been talked about a bit as possible tech in some decks, but not much more than that. Today's Card of the Day is Ditto.

Ditto is a Basic Colorless Pokemon. Colorless Pokemon are really good because of their versatility: The ability to use any type of Energy for attacks makes them quite easily splashable into any kind of deck. As for Ditto, it is also a Basic Colorless Pokemon, meaning it only requires minimal support in order to be run with maximum effectiveness. As for top and bottom stats, 40 HP is absolutely terrible for a non-evolving Basic, and because of this Ditto will be an easy KO for your opponent, especially if they have any way of sniping. Fighting Weakness is very bad against Donphan, Machamp, and Promocroak (although they would probably OHKO Ditto anyway). No Resistance is the worst kind of resistance, and a Retreat Cost of 1 is decent.

Ditto has an ability and an attack. The Poke-Body Dittobolic drops the number of Benched Pokemon your opponent can have to 4, and if they have 5, they must discard one and all cards attached to it. This makes it in many ways like the old Narrow Gym Stadium from all the way back in Gym Heroes. Forcing your opponent to discard a Benched Pokemon may sound great, but Ditto does have its drawbacks. First of all, it's a 40 HP basic that will be a bench sitter, so Ditto is very susceptible to being sniped or being Bright Looked up even after you force your opponent to discard. Second, playing Ditto may limit your opponent by a bench spot, but it effectively does the same thing for you as well (since Ditto has to stay on your bench). Finally, with all of the recursion that is available in the game today, this body may not be quite as powerful as it could be, as most attackers need very little energy to set up or your opponent could simply discard a Pokemon that has already done its job, like Uxie or Azelf.

Ditto's attack is the very expensive Sharp Point, which does 20 damage for [CC]. Don't use it, it's far too expensive.

Modified: 1.75/5 Ditto can be an interesting surprise for your opponent (especially if they are running something that relies a lot on Benched Pokemon), but probably won't be worth a deck slot as it has low HP and a disappointing attack. Also, once the initial surprise wears off, your opponent can often times easily play around Ditto, and will most likely just snipe it somehow anyway.

Limited: 2/5 Has Colorless energy requirements and potentially disrupts your opponent, but also is an unevolving Basic with low HP. I'd only really recommend using this if you absolutely need a deck slot.

conical 11/18/10: Ditto(Triumphant)
It's kind of weird to see a Ditto whose abilities don't involve copying attacks. It's nice to see TPCi trying out different abilities on Pokemon, rather than the same attacks repeatedly(see Wailord yesterday).
The selling point of Ditto is clearly its Body, Dittobolic, and I believe I mentioned a while back(I believe it was the Raichu UD review) that more Pokemon need pun-based abilities, and it seems that they've done that, though probably not because I talked about it. Anyway, it limits the amount of benched Pokemon an opponent can have to 4. It can come in handy, but its uses are too situational to justify throwing one in a deck.
At first, I considered Ditto to be an interesting card; maybe not playable ever, but nothing outright bad. Then again, I hadn't looked at Ditto's HP, which is at an astonishingly low 40. No unevolving basic should ever have less than 50 HP, regardless of its abilities. The fact that Ditto's ability is mildly interesting, but nothing special, sadly, makes Ditto a bad card.
Modified: 1.75/5
Limited: 2.25/5


Today we look at Ditto from HS – Triumphant version.  Memories of Fossil Ditto still make me fear the little blob, even though in this case it is completely undeserved. It is a small Basic with only 40 HP.  Being Colorless doesn’t matter much when you’re that small and your only attack hits for just 20 points of damage.  Again, at this size the Weakness will rarely matter because most serious attacks can OHKO Ditto anyway.  No Resistance is sad but at least with such low HP, it probably wouldn’t have made a difference.  The single Energy Retreat Cost is technically good, but with such miserable stats, it probably could have gotten away with a free Retreat Cost.


As stated, it has a single attack, Sharp Point, which can use Double Colorless Energy to fuel its (CC) Energy requirement, but as I already said it can only hit for 20 points of damage.  Ditto can’t evolve so this is it for attacks!  The only reason to play this card is for its Poké-Body.  Dittobolic forces your opponent to play with a Bench of only four Pokémon, but it doesn’t stack and is worded in a manner that I can’t think of any cards (past or present) that it could.  The best combo I can think of, I didn’t even think of.  At the risk of looking like I can’t do any CotD myself, I’ll confess I ran this one by Bondi again and… the best he could do was in a deck that wanted to abuse Seeker/Giratina, you could use this to force them into discarding something first.  Ditto is largely a bluff in that case: they discard a filler target then don’t have it for the Seeker/Giratina combo.


Don’t even bother with it in Limited: you have little hope of not hitting something trivial or that they want to discard (an injured attacker hiding on the Bench), and you’re just wasting a slot on your own Bench and risking giving up a Prize.


Poor little Ditto.  Pobrecito… Pobritto!




Modified: 1.5/5


Limited: 1/5


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