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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Crobat #14/95

HS Unleashed

Date Reviewed: May 28, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.75
Limited: 2.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Crobat (Unleashed)


Nope . . . not the Crobat Prime (I’m sure we will get around to that one later), today’s review is of the standard Crobat from the Unleashed set.


In complete contrast to the Prime, no-one is excited about this Pokémon (well, I’m not particularly excited about the Prime either, but that can wait). What you get with this Crobat is a Stage 2 with only 110 HP and a double Lightning Weakness (what is this? ‘Destroyed by Luxray Week’?!). It does have a nice Fighting resistance (tough KO for Donphan Prime) and Free Retreat though, so it’s not all bad.


It also has a cheap attack. For one Psychic Energy, Supersonic does 30 damage and confuses the Defending Pokémon. 30 for one is good value, and auto-Confuse is a nice bonus, I suppose. However, since they removed the coin flip for Confusion Retreat, it has become the worst of all the Status Conditions. Anything that can Evolve, Level Up, or Retreat for low cost will find it nothing more than a minor inconvenience.


Crobat also has an expensive attack, so let’s hope it can actually do enough damage to make it worthwhile playing a Stage 2. For [P][C][C], Hurricane wing is a flippy attack that lets you flip four coins and do 30 damage for each heads. As I explained in the Beedrill UL review, flippy attacks are by definition unreliable, and therefore almost always bad. Yeah, you could do 120 for three Energy, which isn’t horrible (though a long way from spectacular), but you could also do nothing . . . and then wait for your Crobat to be KO’d and take three Energy along with it. On average you will be doing 60 for three, which is the bad side of mediocre.


Underpowered, unreliable Luxray food just about sums up this Crobat.






Modified: 1.5 (a long way short of tournament calibre)

Limited: 2 (Confusion is better here, but it’s not much reward considering how hard it is to get a Stage 2 out in Limited)


Combos with . . .


There isn’t really anything that can save this card.


Crobat is Psychic, reflecting the shift of the video game Poison Types from Grass to Psychic.  Its 110 HP is a bit low for a Stage 2 but the second highest we’ve seen on a Crobat (and the only higher example was Crobat ex).  The double Weakness to Lightning Types really hurts this card (as it has several of our recent reviews) but at least it gets -20 Fighting Resistance and a fantastic free Retreat Cost.


If you speed into Crobat you’ll be able to enjoy attacking for a single Psychic Energy.  The attack only does 30 damage but it also Confuses automatically.  This would be pretty handy if shaking Special Conditions wasn’t so easy, as it’d force them to Retreat/switch out or risk their opener KOing itself.  Either is a waste of resources and slows them down.  For (PCC) you can flip four coins and score 30 damage per.  Unfortunately that’s pretty fickle: you’ll only average about 60 damage and for a Stage 2 and three Energy investment, that is pretty poor.  If Time Capsule actually sent cards back in time, this would be a great card back in the Wizards of the Coast era of the game.


At least you can enjoy it in Limited, where Special Conditions as a whole are stronger and the slower pace should allow plenty of tries with your flip intensive big attack.




Modified: 1.5/5 

Limited: 3/5 

Combos With: Azelf Lv.X, Broken Time-Space, Flux Capacitor



Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia
Crobat (HS Unleashed)
The bat is back and smacking into trees it can't see! Or at least it looks that way, with a slightly dopey expression from too many hits to the head. It seems that Crobat G is the only version of this Pokemon that will ever look any good. Sorry Kawayoo, please keep doing the Lv X/Prime art, I won't insult Crobat again, I promise.
Now the stats. 110 is pretty lousy for a Stage 2, though it seems standard for the faster Pokemon like Gengar and Beedrill. The x2 Lightning weakness is absolutely terrible (OHKO for Luxray) but the -20 Fighting resistance and Free retreat make up for it. Besides, the only logical alternative is Psychic weakness, and we don't want that. Being Psychic is great for hitting your opponent's weakness though. Not great stats, but not the worst we've seen either.
On a side note, from next week I'm going to be lazy and assume you understand that the weakness is always x2 and the resistance is always -20. I'm annoyed about that, because they can put the resistance back to -30 now to compensate. I'm really annoyed that they never changed up the resistance like the rulebooks hinted they would, and now we've lost the cool changeable weakness as well. Maybe we'll get Pokemon with a random type weakness or resistance in future to make it interesting again. Sorry to ramble, I just really felt the need to say that.
Back to the review, Crobat has no powers/bodies and 2 attacks. With the record set by Crobat G and Crobat Prime, we've come to expect a lot from this guy, so let's hope he can deliver.
Supersonic is an old stantard for the game, and this iteration does 30 damage and auto confusion for P. Not the brilliance we've come to expect since Special Conditions are weak in the current meta, but above average for the cost (though the fact that Crobat is stage 2 means we pretty much expected it to be that way).
Hurrican Wing is where we realise that this Crobat is just ugly binder fodder. for PCC, you flip 4 coins and deal 30 damage per heads. No reliable damage, and this attack can be found cheaper on Machamp SF (who, as most of us know, has other great attacks and better stats).
*frantically rereads card*
Sorry, there is no awesome third attack written in really small text that we missed. Seems we'll have to be content with Crobat G. Why couldn't Supersonic be changed to Poison Fang or something similar? Thinking about it, lose the second attack altogether and replace it with a body that stops your opponent removing Posion though evolving/leveling up while Crobat is active? Then you would have a really nasty partner for the Prime version, and it wouldn't be broken because you would still have to get Crobat active after using Extreme Poison. Come on, gives a Crobat double team Nintendo! I realllllly want one!
Modified: 2.25 (can be disruptive, but Hurricane wind isn't worth the effort and Confusion is too weak ever since it was changed to allow normal retreating)
Limited: 3 (Special Conditions are better here, and you may as well run it if you get lots of Psychic Pokemon or Crobat Prime. Or both)
Combos with: Plastic Binder sleeves

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