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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



HS Unleashed

Date Reviewed: May 21, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Shaymin UL


I reckon this has been a pretty good week on CotD. Even if all the cards haven’t reached tournament-winning levels of broken-ness, at least they have all had something interesting to offer deckbuilders. You will be happy to know that today’s card, Shaymin UL, continues that trend and finishes off the week in style.


Shaymin UL has a respectable-ish 70 HP, a Fire Weakness which isn’t terrible at the moment, and a retreat cost of one which, as we know by now is ok. The Fighting Resistance is a great bonus. Even a Donphan Prime with an Expert Belt can’t one-shot Shaymin cheaply.


Shaymin comes with Celebration Wind (yes, really): a neat coming-into-play PokePower. When you Bench it from your hand, you get to move all the Energy you have one the Field in any way you want. Kind of like a one-off version of the Energy Trans Power that Meganium Prime and Sceptile SF have, only with two important advantages: it isn’t restricted to Grass Energy, and you don’t have to set up a Stage 2 in order to use it. This means that Shaymin trades multiple use for better utility. He can slot into any deck type, and you don’t need to be running Rare Candys in order to use him. It’s just a case of which decks can actually benefit from this Power.


The main benefit of a Power like this is to shift the Energy away from a damaged Pokémon on to a new, undamaged attacker. This is mostly useful to the kind of high-Energy Pokémon that you invest a lot of Energy drops in. Having something like a Steelix Prime or a Tyranitar SF Knocked out when they have five Energies attached can bring your deck to a grinding halt. Shaymin’s Celebration Wind lets you move that Energy on to a fresh Benched Pokémon and Retreat/Switch/Super Scoop Up out of harm’s way.


What’s more, Shaymin’s attack has great Synergy with his Power. Shift a couple of Energy on to Shaymin and Energy Bloom will do 30 damage for [G][C] and heal three damage counters off any of your Benched Pokémon that has Energy attached. Obviously, this is most easily done in a Grass deck (Torterra seems like an idea candidate), but it isn’t too hard for other decks to tech in a Rainbow Energy in order to use Shaymin’s attack: after all, he will heal off the damage you take when you attach it.


One other thing worth mentioning is that you always have the option of Levelling up Shaymin for extra options and HP. The Land Forme LV X can provide great support to Grass decks by giving them a 40 HP boost, while the Sky Forme version can be a good revenge killer.


Shaymin isn’t a card that you would want to play in every deck, but if you are playing with the kind of high attack cost Pokémon that are suited to a tanking and healing strategy, then this is a card you should seriously consider finding a tech slot for. Only one question remains: what in Arceus’s name is an Eevee doing in the artwork? That’s just so . . . random.




Modified: 3 (nice tech for Grass decks and beyond)

Limited: 3.5 (if anything it works even better here)


Combos with . . .


Eevee, apparently (if you go by the artwork)

Any Energy-intensive tank such as Steelix Prime or (especially) Torterra.

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Shaymin (HS Unleashed)

Here's another legendary from the HS Unleashed set, with more of the 3D art that I like to complain about. This card doesn't look nearly as bad as the Metagross though. Moving on...

This is the Sky form of Shaymin, which I will now refer to as Skymin (the other form is usually called Landmin or Groundmin). This form seems to be a good choice for the card as it gets the -20 resistance to Fighting (though that won't matter to Machamp SF). The other vital stats are 70 HP (could be better, but standard for Skymin) with 1 retreat, x2 Fire Weakness and both a coming-into-play poke-power and an attack.

The power, Celebration Wind, allows you to move your energy around on your Pokemon in any way you like during the turn you play Skymin. Simple but requires good timing to be useful. The attack, Energy Bloom, costs GC and deals 30 damage while healing 3 damage counters from any of your Pokemon in play with energy attached to them. This synchronises well with the power, and the healing effect fits well into the sort of decks where Skymin is commonly played (I'm thinking ShayMega and the much more popular LeafTile). A combo that comes to mind is moving energy onto Sceptile PA for his Leaf Blast attack, or moving the energy around the field and powering Skymin to attack for the healing.

Currently, the reason people play Skymin or Groundmin is for the 2 Lv X that came in Platinum, so how Skymin HSU works with them will be what makes or breaks this card. Just to recap, the Groundmin Lv X gives Grass Pokemon (excluding any Shaymin) +40 HP with an attack that attaches Grass energy from the hand and the Skymin Lv X is played for the poke-body that gives +60 damage to Skymin the turn after any of your Grass Pokemon were KOed by damage (also Skymin Lv X has an attack that gives the same effect as this Skymin's power).

Celebration Wind isn't all that helpful to either of the Lv X forms but the attack will remain useful once you Level Up. The only other Shaymin that gives this one any competiton is the one from Platinum with Energy Blow (10 damage plus 10 more for each energy on Shaymin, extermely useful to Skymin Lv X as it's free to use) and Aromatherapy (deals 40 damage and heals 2 damage counters from each pokemon for GCC) which is roughly equal to Energy Bloom in terms of effectiveness. The Aromatherapy Shaymin (a Groundmin, there are 2 others in the Platinum set) also has +10 HP and only +20 weakness to Fire, but loses the resistance.

In my opinion, this Skymin is useful, even great in any deck that runs Skymin Lv X or Groundmin Lv X as it allows you to save deck space on Sceptile SF or Energy Link if you need to move energy around. However, most people will find Celebration Wind too difficult to use if they really depend on moving energy around and most other players would just use Skymin Lv X's attack if they occasionally needed to move something. Most decks will run better with the Platinum Shaymin for the consistent healing, and the x2 weakness also hurts this card. Expect to see 1 or 2 around from players that love surprises, but chances are that Skymin HSU will just become more binder fodder.

Just to clarify, both the Sky and Ground forms of Shaymin have the same name despite the difference in stats and appearance, as do the Lv X, so you can use them together and you can only have 4 total in a deck. Also, you can't stack Lv X on top of each other, even though it would be so funny to see both cards on top of the same Shaymin. Hope this clears up any confusion

Modified: 3 (has potential but too easy to kill and too finicky for most people to use)
Limited: 3 (the power and healing are great but not enough Grass in the set)

Combos with: Shamin Lv X (both forms) and Sceptile PA

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