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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



HeartGold & SoulSilver

Date Reviewed: 03.19.10

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.70
Limited: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Heracross HGSS


We end the week with yet another unevolving Basic . . . and I am not optimistic.


Heracross has an acceptable 80 HP, a double weakness to Fire which is actually not too bad now that Blaziken and Infernape SP decks are in decline. Like Delibird, it has an attack that allows you to draw cards: Green Draw draws one for every Grass Pokémon on your Field. This has some slight set up potential in a Grass deck, but one thing ruins it.


And that one thing is the cost. Green Draw needs [G][C], and that is just not good enough. If you are using a Pokémon to set up, you want to use it on your first turn and you do not want to waste two Energy drops on it. The playable starters in this format do their thing for no Energy cost at all (Sableye, Spiritomb). Notice also how Heracross’s effectiveness is dependent on you getting set up anyway by having plenty of Benched Pokémon. I suppose you could use Call Energy with it on Turn 1, and then attach a Grass Energy to draw three on your next turn, but that is a horribly slow way of trying to get your deck up and running and you have had to waste two Energy attachments to do it.


If you want to actually attack with Heracross, you will need to invest a third Energy. For that, Double Headbutt will give you an abysmal base damage of 30, with the chance of flipping two coins and adding 20 for each heads. Even the best possible outcome (70 for three Energy) is average at best. The odds that you won’t even achieve that make this attack not worth using.


So, what did we learn this week? That Stage 1s and unevolving Basics are continuing to get a rough deal in the Pokémon TCG. Like the other cards we have looked at (with the possible exception of Clefable), Heracross is best avoided.




Modified: 1.25 (a slow starter Pokémon? Why would they even print that?)

Limited: 2 (if your deck is mainly Grass, might as well chuck this in)


We end the week with the latest Heracross.  It has a good 80 HP for a Basic Pokémon.  It can’t Evolve, so it’ll need it.  Heracross is a Grass Pokémon, which is good due to its first attack referencing Grass Pokémon.  Its Fire Weakness could be a problem: it ensures even an early open by a Fire Pokémon can OHKO it.  The lack of Resistance is disappointing, but unfortunately common.  The two Energy Retreat Cost is a small problem: its pretty draining and you’ll want to avoid it if at all possible.  All in all, this is a solid but hardly brilliant start.


Like the other cards this week, Heracross has two attacks.  Like most of the other cards, if the first attack was a Poké-Power, even a one time use one, it’d be a must for certain decks.  Green Draw is a bit pricey, but can snag you upwards of six cards.  It requires some work, but you can get this off second/third turn and basically trade it for a solid set-up.  The second attack is pretty standard Pokémon fair: (GCC) with a base damage of 30 is poor, but that’s only one in eight possible results.  Most of the time you should score 50, which is a bit low but manageable and every now and then a good 70.


So this may be the strongest card we’ve seen this week.  I can only see it working in a mono-Grass, as a potential opening Pokémon for Sceptile with Wild Growth: an early set-up will give you a way to replenish your hand before you start slugging it out, and Heracross is just big enough and hits just hard enough to work.  It might also work with Meganium Prime, again as a barely adequate brawler and decent opening Pokémon.  Your first turn, sadly, will be a waste.  Second turn you should live just long enough to get off a solid draw, and if your opponent doesn’t step up and go aggressive you might salvage Heracross.


Ultimately, it’s a passable card.  It is not great, but it just might do the job.  Give it a try just to make sure, but only if you have time and patience.  If you’re playing Limited and can afford to run enough Gras Energy to support it (and that isn’t much since it only needs one), it is a solid brawler.  If it’s your only Grass Pokémon it won’t wow you but at least hits hard enough in a slower format, and if you do have at least a decent Grass presence, you can get a good draw or two out of it before it is KO’d.




Modified: 2.5/5


Limited: 3.5/5

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