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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Pokemon Communication

HeartGold & SoulSilver

Date Reviewed: 03.12.10

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.75
Limited: 5.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Pokémon Communication (HGSS)


We end our week of Supporters and Trainers with Pokémon Communication, which is a reprint (under a different name) of the very old Trainer called Pokémon Trader which appeared way back in Base Set.


With Pokémon Communication, you can return one Pokémon from your hand to your deck in order to search out any one Pokémon from your deck. Think of it as being a bit like a Bebe’s Search: the upside is that it is a Trainer, so you can play as many as you like per turn; the downside is that you have to send a Pokémon back to the deck, rather than just any old card you don’t need. Pokémon Communication combines well with some already existing cards to pull off some nice tricks. If you need an Evolution card, but only have a Pokémon Collector in your hand, then search out three Basics and swap one of them for the Evolution with Pokémon Communication. Need a LV X but only have a Luxury Ball? Well Pokémon Communication is your friend here too: grab any Pokémon with the Luxury Ball, and then exchange it for the LV X. Sure, you are burning an extra card (Communication) to do this, but it’s better than waiting around to draw into a Bebe’s Search or a Premier Ball.


So, does this mean that Pokémon Communication will become a staple card in future? Well, a lot depends on whether or not players can find the space for it. You should still run sufficient draw and search in your deck, and that might leave you very little space for this card. Another issue is the fact that Trainer Lock is very big in the format right now, and it will only become more common with future releases. Even now, if your opponent uses Dialga G’s Deafen, Gastly SF’s Trick Gas, or if there is a Spiritomb AR in play, Pokémon Communication just becomes a dead card in your hand.


For these reasons, I don’t see this card quite making it to staple status, but I can see players running two copies in decks that can make room for them. If you ever find that you have the space for filler cards like Pokedex, Pokégear or Pokedrawer, then do yourself a favour and run some Pokémon Communication instead. It’s definitely a tournament-level card and I recommend that all players try and get their hands on a playset before the secondary market prices start getting silly, if they haven’t already.




Modified: 3.5 (a very good card, but Trainer Lock plays a large role in the Format, and that isn’t going to change)

Limited: 5 (you probably have 1-2 good Pokémon in your deck and a whole bunch of filler in your hand . . . this card is the perfect solution) 


Pokémon Communication is Pokémon Trader with modernized wording: trade a Pokémon in hand for one you need from the deck and shuffle afterwards.  The end result is the same, though: a great card!


We have had a card that has a superior effect to Pokémon Communication for 11 sets now: Bebe’s Search.  It has even been reprinted twice, with the most recent from Rising Rivals.  Why wouldn’t I run a card that let me trade any card from my hand, not just Pokémon, for a Pokémon from my deck instead of one that has to trade one Pokémon for another?  Because Bebe’s Search is a Supporter, and the entire point of Pokémon Communication is that it is a normal Trainer.  We got a taste of how good Pokémon Trader was during the last days of Wizards of the Coast running Pokémon, as they included it in the reprint set known as The Legendary Collection.  If you aren’t familiar with that set, look it up or ask around: it’d take a page to adequately explain its importance.  Pokémon Trader allowed players to focus most of their Supporter usage (still “new” to the game at the time) on draw power and then swap out for any Pokémon they missed.


Jump back to now.  Pokémon Communication does the same: enabling valuable Pokémon search without expending your Supporter use.  You probably will still run some search Supporters, but you can focus on quantity instead of quality.  Use yesterday’s Pokémon Collector, or the very useful Roseanne’s Research and trade in that extra Basic Pokémon for the Evolution you needed.  Add some insurance to your raw draw power cards in case you can’t draw into the Pokémon you needed.  It isn’t for every deck, but it’s perhaps the best at what it does: getting a Pokémon without burner your Supporter use for the turn.  I know Trainer Lock is a popular strategy right now, but it’s the potency of cards like Pokémon Communication that are the reason, so I won’t dock points for it.




Modified: 4/5


Limited: 5/5

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