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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Interviewer's Questions

HS Unleashed

Date Reviewed: June 3, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00
Limited: 3.90

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Interviewer’s Questions


Wow this interviewer looks pushy. She won’t accept ‘no comment’ for an answer. But let’s ask her a question of our own: ‘hey, is your card actually any good?’


Well, again, it is a pretty straightforward Supporter: look at the top eight cards of your deck, choose as many Energy cards as you like, and put them into your hand.


But it’s not so much what this card says, as what it doesn’t say.


If Interviewer’s Questions said ‘choose as many BASIC Energy as you like’, then it would be pretty useless in almost every deck. Apart from a couple of rare exceptions (Feraligatr Prime Raindance decks, or the never-seen Golem AR), decks can only use one Energy per turn, which is easily searched out (along with a Pokémon) by the staple Roseanne’s Research. However, Interviewer usefully doesn’t specify the type of Energy you can choose, so this card can be used to grab otherwise unsearchable Energy like Double Colourless Energy, Special Metal, or Special Dark.


Is this enough to make the card playable in decks that really need those DCEs and Special Metals? Ehhhhhh . . . . not really, at least not in relatively speedy decks with good draw support (Claydol and Uxie, basically). If it wasn’t a Supporter, then definitely, but that once-per-turn rule makes them such a precious resource that a card like this with marginal, specialised use will almost always be edged out of deck lists. I can see it working in something slower (Steelix Prime maybe?), and having more of an impact if we lose Claydol in the rotation though.


Until then, you will probably only ever see it in Feraligatr Prime decks. Oh and with that Golem. I forgot about him.




Modified: 3 (will be very useful in a small number of decks)

Limited: 2.75 (getting Energy isn’t usually a problem, but at least it will thin the deck)


Thursday brings us a Supporter that’s finally not purely draw power.  Interviewer’s Questions is still pretty simple, though: look at the top eight cards of your deck, and add as many Energy cards as you like from those eight cards and add them to your hand (after showing them to your opponent, of course).  Like Engineer’s Adjustment this looks to be a good addition to Energy heavy decks.  Obviously the more Energy you run, the better the odds are that you’ll get a fat return off of Interviewer’s Questions.  Eight cards is a significant portion of your deck: over 13% of your total deck, which it won’t ever have to hit.  Barring some ridiculous combos, you’re normally going to be looking at a little over 17% of your remaining deck (since your initial 60 cards has to have Prizes, an opening hand, and an opening draw taken out).  While the later it is in the game the less likely you are to have a lot of Energy in your deck, you’re also less likely to have a lot of anything.  So even in a normal deck, it becomes a bit tempting: early game it’s nothing special, but late game it can all but guarantee that last Double Colorless Energy hiding in your deck.  That’s right it even snags Special Energy cards.


Now, you can only normally play one Energy card per turn, and that’s why a card like this can exist, a card with a potential (though unlikely) eightfold return.  There are three candidates I can name off the top of my head that can make great use of the Energy surge: Feraligatr Prime, Ninetales (HeartGold & SoulSilver), and another Feraligatr (Mysterious Treasures).  The first of course will be able to Raindance all the Energy it wants.  Ninetales can chuck a Fire Energy to draw three more cards… and with your deck lighter on Energy that should improve the quality of those draws.  Lastly is an old favorite of mine, Feraligatr with Energy Cyclone: reveal as many Energy from your hand as you want to your opponent, shuffle them back into your deck, and hit your opponent for 20 times the amount of that Energy.  Interviewer’s Questions will help you bulk up your hand early on, and late game will set up for large hits (as your deck should be reduced to mostly Energy by that point).




Modified: 3/5 – Composite score, as you could run it in a normal deck but it’s not as good.  In decks like I described above, it’s great.


Limited: 5/5 – Yes, it scores as high as I’ve been giving the draw cards.  Eight cards is 20% of your initial deck in Limited, and you tend to have to go heavy on Energy.  This fuels your Pokémon while massively thinning your deck.


Combos With: Feraligatr Prime, Ninetales (HGSS), and Feraligatr (Mysterious Treasures)

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia
Interviewer's Questions (HS Unleashed)
This card is of the look-at-top-cards-get-whatever variety, which is strange fo a Supporter. The last card like this was Cynthia's Guidance, which quite simply sucked.
The effect is to look at the top 8 cards (the most so far on any card I've seen) with the option to take any and all energy you find there into your hand. Then shuffle afterwards. This is useful if your deck is heavy on the energy (I'm thinking Rain Dance variants), but most decks will only net 1 or 2 energy from the top 8 cards, while decks like Gengar and Shuppet will be lucky to get any energy at all.
The real strength of this card is the ability to grab any energy, so Special energy are included. Witht the common use of DCE, Call energy and Rainbow energy, as well as Metal and Dark specials, you may want to run this. The other point in Interviewer's favour is that Roseanne's Research, the favoured (and only other) multiple energy search card is due to rotate out soon, so stock up on this while you can.
As always, remeber to limit how many Supporters you use as they are once-per-turn and need to be used for best effect.
Top-decking is dangerous, but with deck thinning you may well be able to justify the risk and use Interviewer's Questions in your deck after the rotation. Also, it looks kinda pretty in the binder even if you don't use it. Were they trying to suggest something with the Leafeon on all of the background screens?
Modified: 3 (grabs Special energy and will be better after the rotation)
Limited: 4 (smaller decks, more energy and Enigneer's to use on the next turn, with energy hungry Blastoise/Floaztel as well)
Combs with: Engineer's Adjustments, Ninetales HGSS, Leafeon Lv X, Special energy

Happy Thursday, Pojo readers! Today we continue Unleashed Supporter Week with

Interviewer's Questions.

Interviewer's Questions has a simple effect: You look at the top 8 cards of
your deck, take as many Energy cards as you want from there, show them to
your opponent, then put them into your hand. This effect can be incredibly
helpful in any deck that is built with a lot of Energy and Energy
manipulation, such as Rain Dance or even some crazy rogue decks that need
Energy in hand, like a deck utilizing Raichu Lv. X or Golem AR. However, as
good as Interviewer's Questions is in these decks, most decks nowadays simply
don't run that much Energy, meaning you'll probably average about 1 or 2
Energy for the Supporter, which isn't necessarily worth it. However, one
great thing about Interviewer's Questions is that it can get your Special
Energies as well, making it good to get your Double Colorless and Special
Metal Energies that aren't normally searchable.

Modified: 3/5 It's very good in certain decks, but in most decks, you are
probably better off with other Supporters.

Limited: 5/5 Limited decks always need a ton of Energy, so there's little
reason not to run it here.

Combos with: Feraligatr Prime, Raichu Lv. X, Golem AR, anything that uses a lot of Energy

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