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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Lucario #19/95

HS Unleashed

Date Reviewed: June 11, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.58
Limited: 3.87

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Lucario (Unleashed)


Today’s card is the 497th Lucario to appear in the current rotation (and I thought we were supposed to be moving back to Johto!).


Ok, so I am exaggerating slightly, but we do get a lot of Lucario.


This is probably the best one we have seen since the original DP version (which was actually tournament playable until Gardevoir SW came along). His first attack in Bulk Up and for a single Energy it does 30 damage. That’s nice, if not special, but it does have a useful effect – on your next turn Lucario’s attacks will do 30 extra damage to the Defending Pokémon.


That last bit is probably what kills Lucario’s chances of being a tournament card. Because the effect lies on the Defending Pokémon, your opponent can just switch it out for something new and there goes your nice boost effect. But let’s ignore that and see what Lucario can do if you do get Bulk Up to stick.


Lucario’s second attack, Magnum Punch does 50 damage for two Fighting Energy. That’s not to bad, and if Bulk Up worked and you got to do 80 for two, that would be pretty good.Unfortunately it’s not enough to OHKO a Stage 2 or a Levelled UP SP Pokémon (Luxray excepted) so, for even better damage you could combine it with Lucario LV X. By using the LV X’s Stance Power while you Bulk Up you can protect Lucario and hit next turn with Close Combat for 110. With an Expert Belt or a couple of Crobat G drops, you will be getting a OHKO on most playable Pokémon in the Format.


Is this really a top tier combo? Of course not. Lucario is a low HP Pokémon that is vulnerable to Psychic. Stance can be Power Sprayed, and you will almost certainly see the LV X get KO’d the turn after you use Close Combat. In some ways it’s a shame because, unlike with most set filler, Lucario is an interesting card with some neat abilities and inexpensive attacks.


Lucario falls into that annoying category of Pokemon that have something going for them, but just fail to be really playable. It is a super card for new players though – it teaches them a bit of strategy and lets them do the big damage they love.




Modified: 2.25 (not bad, just not good enough)

Limited: 4 (easy to get out, hits fast and hard)


Combos with . . .


Lucario LV X  - but make the most of it while the LV X is still in the format.


Happy Friday, Pojo viewers! Today we are ending our Card of the Day week with Lucario from the HS Unleashed expansion.

Lucario is a Stage 1 Fighting Pokemon. Fighting is pretty good right now, as many Lightning Pokemon are weak to Fighting, and Lightning is a fairly common type right now. 90 HP is standard for a Stage 1, and hopefully Lucario can take a few hits before going down. Double Weakness to Psychic isn't great, with Gengar and friends around. No Resistance is unfortunate but expected, and a Retreat Cost of 1 is totally payable.

Lucario's first attack, Bulk Up, deals 30 damage for the bargain price of [C] and additionally makes Lucario's attack do 30 more damage on your next turn. This means that Bulk Up will be doing 60 for 1, and Magnum Punch will be dealing 80 damage for [FF], instead of the vanilla 50 it does normally. Even still, 50 damage for two Energy is pretty good, even though it is a bit low in today's format. Even still, I feel that with an Expert Belt attached, Lucario can deal decent damage after multiple Bulk Ups. I think some crazy rogue deck could happen in a similar route to Donphan Prime, but Lucario may be a bit too frail for that.

Modified: 2.5/5 I think it has potential to be abused, it just needs to find a good partner to work with.

Limited: 3.5/5 Bulk Up is crazy good, and Magnum Punch's costs are also cheap. If you get it out and can Bulk Up, you'll probably win.

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Lucario (HS Unleashed)


This guy gets a lot of loving in the anime, and did fairly well in the prints so far. Will that continue?


The good news is yes, it will. Lucario has a good type for hitting weakness, and a healthy 90 HP to go with its cheap attacks. Unfortunately the Psychic weakness will really hurt you (couldn't we have Fire in light of the Metal dual type?) but the 1 retreat cost is okay.


Now the attacks. Bulk Up costs C and will deal 30 damage while boosting Lucario's next attack by 30 damage. This is great because you can chain this and deal 60 damage for C after the first hit. Also, it's an effect on Lucario so the only thing that will ruin it will be switching out or getting KOed (or using a Level Up, but that won't happen often).


Magnum Punch is nowhere near as fun, dealing 50 damage for FgFg. It isn;t all bad though as you can use Bulk Up and an Expert Belt to make that 100 damage, and some people may well be tempted to try that if they like to build decks around a Pokemon or theme rather than a strategy.


The problem is that Lucario doesn't have enough staying power (horrible weakness and not enough HP) to be worthy at the tournament level. It is a brilliant card in Limited, and will excite anyoen who is a fan of Lucario, but this is mainly trader bait. So close to being playable, if only the health was higher and the weakness different or back to +20.


PS: Good luck to all of the players at Australian Nationals tomorrow, with any luck I'll be there playing against you. Tell you the results next week!


Modified: 3 (I'm being generous, but I like the card. so sue me)

Limited: 4 (fast and nasty, really annoy your opponent)


Combos with: Lucario Lv X

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