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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Stantler #64/95

HS Unleashed

Date Reviewed: July 30, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.75
Limited: 3.30

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Stantler (Unleashed)


Stantler is an unevolving Basic Pokémon with a reasonable 70 HP. It’s Weak to Fighting, so watch out for Donphan Prime.


Like a lot of unevolving Basics (Jirachi, Sableye, Pachirisu, Spiritomb), Stantler often seems designed for the role of starter Pokémon (see the SW one for another example). This one does the job with a Call for Family attack which lets you search out and Bench up to two Basic Pokémon from your deck.  It’s a nice effect and can help you set up while preventing donks. Pachirisu GE does a better job, but we will lose that in September. So, will that make Stantler worth playing? Unlikely as long as we have Call Energy in the format. Call Energy gives a CFF attack to any Pokémon AND can be used for Colourless Energy requirements later in the game. Greater versatility means it will always be played ahead of a card like Stantler.


Stantler does have another attack : Mystifying Horns. At [C][C][C] it is very expensive for 30 damage, but it does Confuse the Defending Pokémon. Unfortunately, Confusion was nerfed long ago as a Status effect, and your opponent will just retreat/evolve/PokeTurn out of it most of the time.


In the end, Stantler is a very mediocre starter. Sableye and Spiritomb (in evolution decks) are vastly superior, and for everything else, there is Call Energy.




Modified: 2 (CFF is nice . . . but that’s what Call Energy is for)

Limited: 4 (Very useful to set up with, and the attack could be annoying for your opponent)


Happy Friday, Pojo viewers! Today we are ending our COTD week by reviewing
another common from the HS Unleashed expansion. Today's Card of the Day is

Stantler is a Basic Colorless Pokemon. Basic Pokemon that don't evolve are
generally only used if they have excellent supporting effects, and Colorless
Pokemon are easily splashable into deck due to their flexible Energy
requirements. 70 HP is fairly nice for a Basic, as it is usually out of donk range unless your opponent gets super lucky. Double Fighting Weakness is bad
against Donphan, Machamp, and Toxicroak; No Resistance is bad; and a Retreat
Cost of 1 is pretty good.

Stantler's first attack, Call for Family, allows you to search your deck for
2 Basic Pokemon and put them onto your Bench for a single Colorless Energy.

Not bad, as this attack is essentially Call Energy in attack form. In this way, this attack can be quite nice in Limited, although in Modified you are probably just better off using Call Energy.

The second attack, Mystifying Horns, costs an exorbitant [CCC] for 30 damage and automatic confusion. Absolutely not worth it.

Modified: 1/5 The first attack is easily replaceable by an Energy and the second attack costs way too much. Avoid using Stantler here.

Limited: 2.25/5 Call for Family is good here because it gets multiple Basics out of your deck, but Mystifying Horns is still really expensive. Even still, the format is slow enough that Confusion might actually be a factor in your battle, so it may work.


We finish the week with Stantler.  It starts off promising: a 70 HP Colorless Basic Pokémon.  It can’t Evolve, but with the right attacks or Poké-Power/Poké-Body it could be a good opener or Bench sitter.  It has a double Fighting Weakness, but that may not be as bad as it sounds: its HP is high enough that most Fighting Pokémon that couldn’t OHKO it without Weakness, still won’t.  They’ll two-hit KO it instead of three or four turns… but those Pokémon will Evolve or fully power-up usually before then and graduate into the “OHKO you regardless of Weakness” range.  The lack of Resistance is depressing as always and the single Energy Retreat cost is manageable, though free would really have helped.


Call for Family is a solid attack, but there are a lot more useful “opening” attacks right now benching two Basic Pokémon of your choice from the deck to be competitive.  Unfortunately Mystifying Horns isn’t any better.  Requiring three Energy to attack, on a Pokémon that can’t Evolve or possess built in protection/obscene HP makes for a very risky investment.  Even Double Colorless Energy can only mitigate the expense so much.  As such the attack has to be very potent.  30 damage and automatic Confusion are not potent.  You need an entirely different attack or some disruptive Pokémon Power or opening attack for it to be useful (and you’d still need to hit a little harder).


At least the first attack, as stated, is solid: it isn’t the best for your deck but if for some reason you run it, it will help you.  It just won’t help as much as several much better choices.  You’re only going to want to run it in Limited, where the lack of other options makes it a fantastic pull and Confusion becomes much more potent.  After all, when you can’t shake a Special Condition except by Retreating and doing that costs so much Energy you might as well go down swinging, as long as the coin tosses go your way it’s brilliant.




Modified: 2/5


Limited: 4/5


I’d also like to add I’ll be selling quite a bit of my soon-to-be-former possessions on eBay.  You can take a look here to see all I am selling.  As of writing this, I have some English language manga and action figures for sale.  Just a reminder, Pojo is in no way responsible for this and was merely kind enough to let me mention the auction here. ;)

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia
Stantler (HS Unleashed)
This card is one of the "starter" Pokemon form the set. Let's see if it can impress after such a lousy week.
Stantler gets 70 HP, putting it above most other starters, with 1 retreat and fighting weakness (not that it matters, any attacker worth the cost of printing will mulch any starter without weakness). So far so good.
Now the attacks. The first is Call for Family, which may become more useful now that Call Energy is being phased out. You get 2 Basics from you deck straight to your bench for the cost of C. You have the usual problem of not being able to use coming-into-play powers on Pokemon called up this way, but it is still good for setup.
Now the second attack costs CCC, which makes it unplayable no matter what the effect. However, you get 30 damage and auto Confusion, so you may want to make an exception. But only if you have no idea what you are doing, or maybe for jokes and giggles. The calassic obligatory second useless attack.
Stantler could be a starter, but most will stick with other tried and tested models.
Modified: 2 (potential, but no niche as of yet)
Limited: 3 (the best after Dunsparce, use it)
Combos with: I am all out of ideas and witty lines.

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