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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Cherrim (Unleashed)

HS Unleashed

Date Reviewed: July 21, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.50
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Cherrim (Unleashed)


Cherrim is a cute little Stage1  that knows its role in the TCG: it’s there to offer support to tougher and bigger-hitting Pokémon.


We’ve seen this sort of thing before with the attack-boosting Cherrim from SF and the damage-reduction one from AR. In fact, whenever Cherrim tries to go it alone as an attacker, the results are pretty poor (see the SV and DP Cherrim for details).


So what you have here is an 80 HP Stage 1 with Fire Weakness, handy Water Resistance, and a manageable Retreat cost of one. It’s attack isn’t terrible if you’re desperate: Seed Bomb does 30 damage for a single Grass Energy – nothing game-winning, but at least it’s cheap.


The main ‘attraction’ with this Cherrim is its Sunny Heal PokePower. The effect is simple enough: you can use it to remove a damage counter from your active Pokémon during your turn. Nice? I guess so. Can you do better? Most definitely. Cherrim AR’s Cloudy Sky PokeBody reduces damage to any Grass or Fire Pokémon by 20. Nidoqueen RR heals 10 to everything on each player’s turn, and even Blissey PL can heal 20 damage for a discard. Another downside you should consider is that 80 HP Pokémon with Powers are very vulnerable on the Bench. Not only do they have to beware of Garchomp C LV X and Gengar SF sniping them, but Entei/Raikou Legend (an increasingly popular tech) will wipe out all of your Cherrims in one attack.


So it’s not the best healer, or even the best Cherrim, to use in Modified. In Limited, though, this card can shine. The low HP/low damage format means that Cherrim’s Power, and even its attack, can be quite effective.




Modified: 1.5 (better healing options are available)

Limited: 3.25 (very handy here)


Combos with . . .


You could run it with a tank like Steelix Prime, but yet again, there are other Pokémon you should be using instead.

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia
Cherrim (HS Unleahsed)
I had a great deal of fun with this one at the prerelease, though I didnt actually win any games and spent most of the day saying "WHY! Why, cards, WHY?"
Cherrim is a nifty little tech that could have become a satple in Grass decks if not for the low numbers on its healing power. Cherrim gets the ususal Stage 1 tech treatment with 80 HP, 1 retreat and fire weakness (normal for a grass tech, anyway). Into the package deal comes a useful power and a damned near useless attack.
Seed Bomb cost G and deals 30 vanilla damage. Not all that useless, especially for a tech attack, which means that the power won't be all that useful.
Sunny Heal is the real reason for making this card, and it removes 1 damage counter from the Active once per turn. It stacks, so you can use up to 4 of the same power per turn. Probelm is, 1 damage counter just isn't enough in Modified, so this card gets the boot.
It seems to me that the worse a tech's attack and stats are, the better the power. Compare Claydol GE to Ninetales HGSS, Feraligatr Prime to Floatzel HSU, as well as other simliar techs, and see if you agree with me.
Modified: 1.5 (Sorry Cherrim, the SF version is still the best)
Limited: 3.5 (Grab all you can, they will really give you longevity)
Combos with: the shoebox where you keep the rest of the unplaybale uncommon cards

Today we look at Cherrim from HS – Unleashed.  We have a small (80 HP) Grass Pokémon: so any serious attacker and with help, even speedy attackers can OHKO it.  Unless they are Fire, in which case double Weakness means anything that can hit for 40 damage can OHKO it, or Water Pokémon, in which case they have to hit for 100 damage because of Resistance -20.  Finishing off the bottom stats is an easy to pay single energy retreat cost.


With stats like that, this had better be a Bench Warmer designed to support something else.


Well what do you know, it is!  It has a single attack (Seed Bomb) that does a straightforward 30 damage for a single Grass Energy.  This is just enough that if it has to attack, it can be handy.  If you are fortunate enough to type-match, you might even score a surprise KO early/late game.


The real point to the card is its Poké-Power, Sunny Heal.  It is a simple Poké-Power: once per turn you can remove a damage counter from your Active Pokémon.  Of course you have to use it before you attack, and just slightly less obvious you can’t use it while Cherrim is affected by a Special Condition.  Sadly, we’ve seen this kind of Poké-Power before and it only comes close to working under very key circumstances:


1)       Average damage from attacks by the main attacking Pokémon needs to average 70 points of damage.  Anymore and most Pokémon are still 2HKO’d even when you have a full bench of healers.  This condition hasn’t existed in the game for some time.

2)       You need to be able to get the healers out en masse within the first few turns of the game.  Usually your second or third turn at the latest.

3)       A method of recycling the healers if they are KO’d.

4)       A format where Poké-Powers aren’t easy to shut off.

5)       A format where there isn’t a popular Pokémon that does extra damage against Pokémon with Poké-Power and/or can snipe them.

6)       Not a lot of snipers in general.

7)       A super tank to back up.  Theoretically this could supercede other requirements – that is if you have a good enough tank you don’t have to worry about the others.


Pretty extensive list, as you can see.  I’ve created a whole deck around this kind of mechanic, and locally it was a huge success… way back when I was in an extremely simple metagame.  Against serious decks it got shredded because of reason number one.  There was one brief, shining moment when my Gojira (my name for the decks) decks worked, and that was due to a misprinted card that was later errata’d, nerfing the deck.  That occurred when Team Rocket’s Revenge was still a new set.  The card was that set’s Mantine.  Its Ripple Poké-Power gave us a Basic (easy to fill your bench) and we got a few decent tanks in Team Rocket’s Revenge that had a Trainer pool to back them up.


So as you can tell, Cherrim isn’t going to make it in constructed.  If Sunny Heal worked together or Cherrim was a Basic Pokémon, maybe it would work.  As is, its too much work to set up a bench full of them, they are too vulnerable, and there are even better healing options currently legal.  In Limited, though, it is a top pick: relatively easy to splash and extends the life of better beatsticks.




Modified: 1.5/5


Limited: 4/5


I’d also like to add I’ll be selling quite a bit of my soon-to-be-former possessions on eBay.  You can take a look here at my second auction if you’re interested in a Nintendo GameCube with some accessories and 17 games!  Just a reminder, Pojo is in no way responsible for this and was merely kind enough to let me mention the auction here. ;)


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