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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Top 10 Cards of 2009:

Garchomp C. Lv. X

Supreme Victors

Date Reviewed: 01.04.10

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.25
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Garchomp C LV X (Supreme Victors)


Hello and Happy New Year to all readers of Pojo’s CotD!


Over the next two weeks we will be counting down the cards that we reviewers voted for as our Top 10 of 2009, from Platinum to the most recent Arceus set. The votes were counted, the final list was weighted and in 10th place we have . . .


Garchomp C LV X – the card that breathed new life (literally) into SP decks.


What makes Garchomp C LV X such a great card is that it has two abilities, either one of which would probably be enough to make it a playable card. Putting both on the same Pokémon? Wow, I’ll have that in my deck, thanks very much!


The first of these abilities comes with Garchomp’s PokePower, Healing Breath. When you Level Up Garchomp C from your hand, you get to remove ALL damage counters from ALL of your SP Pokémon. That’s right . . . all that damage that your opponent has worked so hard to get on your tanked Dialga G miraculously vanishes; Bronzong G can use Galactic Switch again without becoming an easy snipe KO, and any self-damage from Luxray GL LV X’s Flash Impact simply vanishes. Garchomp C LV X turns any attack that does not OHKO an SP Pokémon into a complete waste of time. It denies your opponents Prizes, saves PokeTurns, and causes a whole lot of frustration.


And if that wasn’t enough, just take a look at Garchomp’s attack. For three Colourless Energy (meaning it can fit into virtually any SP deck), Garchomp can attack a Pokémon of your choice for 80 damage. Hmmm . . . I wonder if there are any 80 HP bench-sitters that it would be worth sniping? Oh look, there’s Claydol! Between this and Luxray GL LV X, your opponent is going to have a tough time setting up and/or building a threat on their Bench. Obviously an attack so powerful will come with a drawback, and in this case it means discarding Energy and being unable to use Dragon Rush on consecutive turns. Don’t let it concern you too much though, as Garchomp even has free retreat to get it out of harm’s way while it prepares to strike again.


So, Garchomp C LV X is a healing tech, and powerful sniper all in one. Build a deck around it, or include it in your SP toolbox. You really can’t go wrong either way.


And you know the best thing? It’s available in a tin! So now there is really no excuse not to run it.




Modified: 4.25 (Great power, great attack, small downside)

Limited: 3.5 (not quite so good without the SP Support, but still a more than useful attacker)


Garchomp C lv. X

Ah, the top ten list. Garchomp C lv. X finds its spot at number ten on the list. Garchomp C lv X is a serious beast in this game. Flygon is weak to it, it crushes my Salamence, it snipes Claydol, Garchomp C, Blaziken FB, and anything else that has 80 hp or less that is hanging out on the bench. Throw down a Crobat G and a Poke Turn or two and you can snipe almost anything. The Healing Breath Poke-Power is great as well. When Garchomp C lv. X comes into play you can heal all of your sp pokemon. So it snipes, heals, and has free retreat! What else can you ask for? The only downside of Garchomp C lv. X is that you have to discard 2 energy to use his Dragon Rush attack. Usually people will use 2 energy and a e-gain to use his attack, discard both energy, and you have one turn to knock it out. Here's what you do if you run an sp deck. You have an Ambipomb G, an E-Gain and an energy in your hand. Send something up that you can retreat or Poke Turn. Throw the Ambipom G on the bench, add the energy and the e-gain down on the Ambipomb G (or use Bronzong G's Galactic switch to get the second energy). Ambipomb G's second attack, Snap Attack, does 60 damage for 2 energy as long as the defending pokemon does not have any energy attached to it. Then you attack for 60 x 2 for Garchomp's weakness and one hit knock it out. To counter that, people may have to start attaching 3 energy to the Chomp, but you still need to use it to get your important snipes, even if it means getting hit by Ambipomb G next turn. Garchomp C lv X is one of the best cards in the game, and a great card to start off the top ten list for the year!


Garchomp [C] LV.X is a technical Pokémon that provides healing support and serves as a secondary attacker.


Healing Breath:


Its Healing Breath Poké-Power, used once when it comes into play, removes all damage from all of your Pokémon SP in play.  This is beneficial for mid to late game when your Pokémon SP have taken moderate to heavy damage.


Dragon Breath:


Its Dragon Breath attack, for {C}{C}{C}, discards Energy attached to Garchomp LV.X to deal 80 base damage to one of your opponent's Pokémon of choice.  Garchomp LV.X cannot use Dragon Breath next turn, which is okay because it takes up to two turns to replenish the attack cost.


Garchomp LV.X can thrive as a teched in secondary attacker when the focus is on another color type.  Examples include Magmortar (SW) with Stark Mountain and {R} energy to move around, and Weavile (SW) with special {D} energy.


I see Garchomp LV.X using the Earthquake attack from its normal level for consistency and energy conservation.


Additional Comments:


Its weakness to {C}, at double weakness, should not be taken lightly.  Togekiss (GE), Flygon (RR), and Flygon LV.X (RR) can easily one hit knock out Garchomp LV.X.




Modified:  3/5

Limited:  3/5

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