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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Top 10 Cards of 2009:

#3: Flygon Lv. X (Rising Rivals)

Date Reviewed: 01.13.10

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.13
Limited: 3.38

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Flygon  (Rising Rivals)


Flygon was massively hyped before it was even released. In fact there was even a ‘Flygon is overhyped’ backlash before the card ever saw any tournament play.


The fact that it claims a top 3 spot on this list should go a long way towards showing that most of the hype was justified. There is no denying that Flygon decks are now a powerful and winning archetype in this format.


But just what is meant by a ‘Flygon deck’?


You have Flygon/Machamp, Flygon/Nidoqueen, Dark Flygon, FlyTrap (with Memory Berry and Palkia LV X) . . . even Flygon/Gardevoir/Dusknoir, plus several other less well-known variants.


And that is the secret of Flygon’s success.


With its Colourless Energy requirement and Rainbow Float PokeBody able to give Free Retreat to practically any other Pokémon, Flygon is amazingly versatile and just begs to be paired with other Pokémon to create tournament winning decks and combos. What’s more, having multiple evolution lines benched actually helps Flygon itself by adding to the damage it can deal with its Power Swing attack. Add to this a decent Stadium-discarding first attack and a LV X that can snipe almost any other LV X off the field and you have a superb card to build a deck around.


Powerful in its own right and almost infintely combo-tastic, it’s not hard to see why Flygon variants have enjoyed so much success. Easily the number one Stage 2 deck of 2009.




Modified: 4.25 (adaptable and capable of big hits, Flygon isn’t going away any time soon)

Limited: 3.75 (Stage 2’s aren’t so easy to get out, but if you do . . . )


Flygon (Platinum--Rising Rivals, #5)


Flygon and its level-up from Platinum--Rising Rivals is currently among the top tier decks for the 2010 tournament season modified-constructed decks.  I am looking back on its LV.65 form today.


Flygon having no retreat cost is a plus.  Other Pokémon having no retreat costs would be a plus.  Its Rainbow Float Poké-Body provides 0 retreat cost to your other Pokémon if you have any basic Energy cards attached to Flygon that are the same color type as your other Pokémon.


Its Sand Wall attack for {C}{C} and 40 damage discards a Stadium card your opponent has in play.  If you do, all effects of an attack, including damage, is done to Flygon is prevented on your opponent's next turn.  This attack works best when both you and your opponent are playing off his or her Stadium card.


Its Power Swing attack for {C}{C}{C} deals 60 damage plus 10 more damaged for each evolved Pokémon on your bench.  Flygon needs the support of evolved Pokémon, i.e. Claydol, Nidoqueen, etc., to maximize the damage.  Since you can have up to 5 benched evolved Pokémon, the maximum base damage will be 110.


Both of Flygon's attacks deal reasonable damage with conserative attack costs, and I will consider that another plus.


Looking at its statistics, 120 HP and +30 weakness against Colorless types are good.  Its -20 resistance against Lightning type is moderate, but will likely have minimal affect on attacking Pokémon like Luxray [GL] LV.X.


Modified:  4/5

Limited:  3/5 

Bo Finley

Pokémon Organized Play:  Tournament Organizer, League Owner, Pokémon Professor, Judge


Greetings, Pojo readers! I hope the middle of your week is going well. Today we are reviewing our number 3 card of our Top 10 of 2009. Today's card is Flygon from Rising Rivals.

As I'm sure you already know, Flygon is a Stage 2 Colorless Pokemon. 120 HP is fairly normal on a Stage 2, Weakness to Colorless isn't great (watch out for mirror matches), Resistance to Lightning is nice for the random Electivires or Ampharos still running around. Having no retreat cost is the best you can have.

Flygon has a Poke-Body and two attacks. Flygon's body, Rainbow Float, allows all of your Pokemon to have no retreat cost as long as Flygon has a basic Energy card of their type attached to it. This is really good for a few reasons: First of all, it can lower the Retreat Costs of things like Uxie and Claydol that got Bright Looked. Second of all, since Flygon's energy requirements are Colorless, this allows you to use the body most effectively without wasting a lot of Energy.

Flygon's first attack, Sand Wall, is one of the reasons why Flygon RR is #3 on this list. For two Colorless, the attack does 40 damage. If your opponent has a Stadium in play, you discard it to prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to Flygon. The circumstances for this happening are very common: nearly every Evolution deck runs Broken Time-Space, many Shuppet decks run Speed Stadium, and many SP decks run Galactic HQ. This attack, in addition to Flygon Lv.X's Wind Erosion and Trapinch SW's attacks, allows for the Flygon player to stall quite effectively.

Flygon's second attack, Power Swing, deals decent damage for three Colorless. It starts at 60, but increases by 10 for each Evolved Pokemon on your bench. With Claydols and more Flygons, this damage can add up in a hurry.

Modified: 4.25/5 Flygon Stall is a really effective deck when used properly, just look out for SP decks that can set up faster than you or shut down your bodies with Dialga G Lv. X.

Limited: 4/5 If you can get it out it's really nice. Colorless energy requirements, great body for the format, and decent attacks make this a great pick here. Only problem is that it's a Stage 2 in a set full of SPs.

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