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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Shelgon Lv. 34


Date Reviewed: 02.05.10

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.50
Limited: 1.87

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Shelgon LV 34


As I mentioned in my review of Graveler, reviewing evolving Stage 1s is a tricky business, simply because the card is normally just a means to an end. They are very rarely active and their attacks are almost never used, unless your deck is already in a lot of trouble.


Shelgon is part of the Salamence line which has been tried competitively since the release of Salamence LV X. That deck has had very limited success in City Championships, making a few top cuts, but not really progressing beyond that level.


Shelgon LV 34 has the same basic stats as the other legal Shelgon. The 80 HP is ok, the +20 Weakness to Colourless is standard, and the Retreat cost of one is reasonable. Shelgon’s  Scrunch attack does give it a way of surviving if it does become active. For [C], it forces your opponent to flip a coin if they want to damage Shelgon next turn. Unlike yesterday’s card, this effect resides on Shelgon, not the Defending Pokémon, so your opponent would need to switch out Shelgon itself to avoid the consequences of Scrunch. The second attack, Dragon Bump, Does a very poor 40 damage for [C][C][C]. If Shelgon has a Fire AND a Water Energy attached, the damage is increases to 60 but, to be honest, [R][W][C] for 60 is still pretty horrible.


The real question is: if you are playing Salamence, is this the Shelgon to go for? Well, it really doesn’t make much difference, and there really isn’t much to choose between them.  Shelgon SF and Shelgon SW arguably have slightly better attacks (though they are still nothing to get excited about), but more importantly, unlike Shelgon AR, they have Fighting Resistance. Unless something goes horribly wrong with your deck, this is unlikely  to matter. Nevertheless, it is a small thing in favour of these other Shelgon which may make them the better choice.




Modified: 1.5 (the other Shelgons are probably slightly less bad)

Limited: 1.75 (could stall a bit, and maybe use the attack)


Hello, Pojo viewers! We are ending this COTD week by reviewing a Stage 1 Colorless Pokemon from the Arceus set: the Endurance Pokemon, Shelgon.

As previously stated, Shelgon is a Stage 1 Colorless Pokemon. Being a Colorless Pokemon isn't terrible: the Energy requirements are flexible and not too many Pokemon have Colorless resistance (Look out though, as ghosts such as Gengar SF and Spiritomb AR are very popular. 80 HP for an evolving Stage 1 is a bit low, but to be expected. Weakness to Colorless can lead for some interesting mirror matches, but won't provide much of an issue outside of that. Shelgon also has no Resistance, and the manageable but not perfect Retreat Cost of 1.

Shelgon has no Poke-Powers or Poke-Bodies, but does have two attacks. The first, Scrunch, has the chance of preventing all damage done to Shelgon during your opponent's next turn for [C]. This attack is very similar to that of Base Set Chansey, which was very popular for sponging damage many years ago. Unfortunately, Shelgon doesn't have the HP or the luxury of a slow format to be a good wall. Good thing it can evolve.

Shelgon's second attack, Dragon Bump, deals 40 damage for [CCC] but deals 20 more if Shelgon has at least one basic Fire Energy and one basic Water Energy attached. Requiring two different types of basic energy to add extra damage to an attack isn't good at all, but since every Salamence in Modified uses both Fire and Water energies, there is a good chance for these conditions to be met.

Overall a somewhat vanilla Stage 1.

Modified: 1.5/5 None of the Shelgons in this format are really spectacular, so if you're running a Salamence deck, you could give this a try. To compare Shelgon AR to the other Shelgon in the format, Shelgon SW has an unreliable way to deal 80 damage for [CCC] and Shelgon SF only deals 50 for the same price, but also has 90 HP. I'd still recommend using Rare Candy or Broken Time-Space to get to Salamence as fast as possible, though.

Limited: 2/5 Colorless energy requirements, decent HP, and a relative lack of Colorless Pokemon make this a decent pull in Limited it you're short of evolution lines, or if you're going to be using Fire and Water anyway.

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