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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Meganium #109/123

HeartGold & SoulSilver

Date Reviewed: 02.26.10

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.50
Limited: 3.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Meganium (Prime) HGSS


Our final Prime Pokémon of the Week is Meganium. There doesn’t seem to have been a decent Meganium card in ages (if ever). Will bumping it up to Prime status change all that?


The first thing you notice about Meganium is its HP. At 150, it’s massive. Because Meganium is a Grass Pokémon, it can take advantage of Shaymin LV X to boost that HP to a ridiculous 190. Add an Expert Belt and . . . well you get the picture. It even has a Resistance to Water, making it an impossibly tough KO for something like Kingdra. Even Gyarados will struggle to take one of these down. But what about that nasty x2 Fire Weakness? Well, Grass decks now have a new way of dealing with that too, thanks to Metapod HGSS and its Green Shield PokeBody.


It should be clear by now that Meganium with the right support is an enormous tank. Not unlike Torterra, in fact. It also has a useful PokePower in Leaf Trans, which lets you move your Grass Energy around the Field as much as you like. Combine this with Blissey Prime, and getting a KO on Meganium will prove a frustrating experience. It’s attack, Solarbeam, is a vanilla 80 for [G][G][C][C]. That’s a high cost for a pretty ordinary damage output, but again, Grass support comes to the rescue in the shape of Sceptile GE, which makes your Grass Energy count double.


As usual, though, Meganium is nowhere near as good in practice as it sounds in theory. All that Grass support (Sceptile, Metapod, Shaymin) makes the deck slow, inconsistent, and vulnerable to decks which snipe the bench, or drag out Pokémon for the KO. Not only that, but a single Dialga G LV X will simply turn off all of those crucial PokeBodies that Meganium relies on. If you can get Meganium and all his friends out, while protecting your bench, then you have a deck that will be very hard to defeat. The trouble is that that is a very big ‘if’ in today’s format.




Modified: 2.5 (Nice tank, but underpowered and slow)

Limited: 3.25 (low damage not such a problem here)


Happy Friday, Pojo! Today we are ending our week of reviewing Pokemon Prime cards by reviewing Meganium Prime from the HeartGold and SoulSilver expansion.

Meganium is a Stage 2 Grass Pokemon. Grass Pokemon aren't really played that often right now due to the prevalence of Blaziken FB and a few other Fire types, but will probably rise if Rain Dance becomes popular and if other Grass Pokemon (such as Jumpluff) become more common. Meganium has 150 HP, which is pretty great for a Stage 2. Weakness to Fire is as awful as always, a Resistance to Water is great for Kingdra, Gyarados, and Feraligatr, and a Retreat Cost of 2 isn't terrible for a large Stage 2, but it's still probably better to Switch or Warp Point.

Like many other Primes, Meganium has a Poke-Power and a single attack. Meganium's Power, Leaf Trans, is very similar to Base Set Venusaur's Energy Trans, and allows you to move a Grass Energy attached to one of your Pokemon to another one of your Pokemon. Leaf Trans has some immediate potential: When combined with Sceptile AR (Green Breath), Leaf Blast has the potential to do a lot of damage, and can do even more if you can manage to get a Sceptile GE in play. A less consistent combo could be with Exeggutor HGSS, doing something similar to Sceptile AR, but with coin flips. In general, Meganium Prime can work either with or in place of Sceptile GE to manipulate your Grass energies, and this will be even more important for slower Grass-type evolution decks when Sceptile rotates out later this year. Finally, there are a few other interesting Grass types coming out in the next set, like Vileplume.

Meganium's attack, Solarbeam, deals a straight 80 damage for [GGCC]. The attack is a really expensive without Sceptile GE, and isn't really all that interesting.

Modified: 2.5/5 Meganium can make a nice support Pokemon in slower Grass evolution decks, but Sceptile GE is still probably better until it rotates out. Some decks may have the space to run both, but it might be a bit too crowded. Still the Power is useful, and it does have high HP. The Meganium/Sceptile AR deck may also be fun rogue deck, but it is probably a bit too slow to be effective.

Limited: 3/5 Leaf Trans can be fantastic here even if you don't mainly run Grass, and 150 HP is great. Still, the Fire weakness is a problem, and the attack costs 4 energy.


Since I’ve been in a "Transformers" frame of mind all week while reviewing the Pokémon “Prime” and today’s Card is a plant, I’ll just say “I hate Botanica”.


I also won’t be doing a text spoiler or following my normal formatting: I simply don’t have the time.  It’s an abridged review or nothing, so I went with the former.


Meganium Prime revives the old Poké-Power Energy Trans as Leaf Trans.  Except we have a card with Energy Trans that is still legal, so it isn’t much of a revival.  With either name, the Poké-Power is handy but has never spawned a prominent deck.  Several decks have sought to use and abuse Energy/Leaf Trans, but something else always seemed to outshine them.  Part of the problem is that the best Grass Pokémon I can think used low Energy attacks.  Well, at least the big ones that carried their own deck.


I want Meganium Prime to break this pattern, but I don’t think its happening.  The best way to run this card that I can think of is partnering it up with… you guessed it, Blissey Prime.  Blissey isn’t the hardest hitter, but it will provide a decent back up Pokémon while blessing you with its healing Blissful Nurse.  Combined with Leaf Trans, you should be able to shift your Energy off injured Pokémon, heal and shunt it right back to them.


Meganium isn’t impossibly huge or hard hitting.  The combo suffers if something with Energy does get KO’d, and you still have to take the time to power up initially.  For this to work you need to be fueling something as big as Wailord so that you can easily heal between turns, or some effect where you can jack up your damage by injuring your own Benched Pokémon (but it can’t be all of them or again, the combo falls apart).  I suppose a tag out effect could also work… but again, you have to have every Pokémon capable of surviving and at least one remain uninjured so you can pull off the combo.


In the end, it’s a lot of “ifs” and I was dealing with hypothetical cards that don’t even exist yet, or that require such a complex combo you’ll need two decks to fit them all in.  I think the only way Meganium will see play is if we get something good to combo with it in the future, or if something like Feraligatr is dominant.




Modified: 2.5/5 

Limited: 4/5

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