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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Gliscor - #4/90

HS Undaunted

Date Reviewed: August 9, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.25
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Welcome back, everyone! The HS Undaunted prereleases are finally here, and that means that we can finally start reviewing more cards from the new set. Today's Card of the Day is a new rare card, Gliscor.

Gliscor is a Stage 1 Fighting Pokemon. While Stage 1s generally aren't used that often unless they have massive HP and a good attack (like Gyarados and Donphan), a few others have been playable if they have great effects (like Claydol). 90 HP certainly isn't winning any defensive awards, as that's about average for a Stage 1. Double Water Weakness is also not very fun, as Kingdra, Gyarados, and and the occasional Rain Dance deck will make quick work of Gliscor. Lightning Resistance, however, is excellent. Finally, Gliscor has a Retreat Cost of 1, which is easily payable.

Gliscor has two attacks. The first, Ninja Fang, does a fairly decent 30 damage for [F] and then if your opponent hasn't been damaged yet, automatically paralyzes them. Paralysis is generally an awesome Special Condition, and anything that automatically paralyzes is excellent. This attack works well then in a stalling deck, where the opponent can be hit for 30 and paralyzed during one turn and then be finished off by Poison Jab or Gliscor Lv. X's Night Slash on the next turn. However, there is one major problem with Special Conditions: Your opponent can simply just Switch/Warp Point/Super Scoop Up/Poke Turn/whatever to remove the Pokemon or condition, making the strategy useless.

The second attack, Poison Jab, does 50 damage and automatically poisons for [FCC]. Automatic poison is nice, but 50 damage for 3 is very expensive, even if you are getting the Poison condition as well. If you want to straight up Poison something, use Crobat Prime or even Skuntank G.

Modified: 2.25/5 A while back there were a few crazy Gliscor Lv. X/Flygon Lv. X stall decks around, and this particular Gliscor would fit pretty well in one of those, with its ability to Paralyze undamaged Pokemon. However, I don't know how viable such a deck would be in the current metagame, as it requires quite a bit of setup.

Limited: 3/5 Gliscor is pretty good here. 30 damage for a single Energy is great, and the Paralysis makes Ninja Fang even better. Even Poison Jab is pretty good in this format, as it is much harder to retreat your Pokemon.

Baby Mario
2010 UK National
Is at the Pokemon World Championships in Hawaii, and will return to reviews next week. 
Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia
Gliscor (HS Undaunted)
Damn, with the new set name I'm gonna have to start calling Unleashed UL like everyone else. Oh well, what acronym will we use for this exciting new expansion? I vote UD to keep with the theme.
We start the week with Gliscor (sorry I'm a little late) and it is a very nice card I was able to use at a prerelease. Let's see if it will as much fun in a Modified deck.
We get 90 HP with water weakness, lightning resistance (oh hell yeah!) and a retreat cost of 1, so it has less survivability than the other Gliscor occasionally seen in Modified. However, Gliscor isn't a tank anyway so it isn't much of a downside.
The attacks are the great part of this card. We start with the appropriately named Ninja Fang, which deals 30 for F and causes auto-paralysis if you hit an undamaged Pokemon. Obviously this is awesome, but it is somewhat less brilliant in Modified due to the ease of removing Special Conditions (though Paralysis is definitely the best of the Conditions available). The real problem is that Gliscor lacks a signiicant second attack with which to take advantage of Ninja Fang's stall. Instead we get Poison Jab, which Poisons the opponent and deals 50 damage for FCC, which is frankly underwhelming. A much more useful but still balanced attack would have costs FC and done something along the lines of 20 base damage with bonus damage for damage counters already on the opponent's Active Pokemon. Sadly, the bad design of the second attack means Gliscor will never do more than a quick stall, which is not enough to justify using a Stage 1 Pokemon in a deck nowadays. However, it will look so pretty in the binder, holding a Razor Fang in it's claw.
Modified: 2 (it may fit into a Gliscor Lock deck, but it probably will be forgotten and pushed out by it's LA and Lv X brethren)
Limited: 4 (Ninja Fang is the bomb here!)
Combos with: Gliscor Lv X

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