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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Togekiss #9/90

HS Undaunted

Date Reviewed:
September 3, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified:  2.17
Limited:  1.90

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Togekiss (Unleashed)


Unlike Houndoom and Scizor, which are pretty aggressive-looking Pokémon, Togekiss is all cuteness. Once again, the artist has done a great job of bringing that out in the illustration.


Togekiss is a Stage 2 Pokémon with 120 HP and the dreaded Lightning Weakness. Fighting Resistance is nice and the Retreat cost of one is ok. None of that should actually matter at all though. Let’s take a look at Togekiss’ first attack to find out why . . .


Blessed Wings costs [C][C] (or, let’s be honest, a Double Colourless Energy). It does no damage at all (Togekiss is a bit of a pacifist), but insteadit removes all damage counters from all of your Pokémon before Togekiss shuffles itself and all cards attached to it back into the deck. Now that is one interesting attack and a lot of uses come to mind. It can be used against spread decks (should they ever become popular again), or as a way of removing self-damage. It could even be used as a general healing/Prize denial tech. Simply evolve on the turn you play with Rare Candy, attach a DCE and hey presto! All your Pokémon are healed!


Is it worth the effort and deck space though (not to mention using an attack)? Sadly, the answer is almost certainly not. It does have some advantages over Nidoqueen as a healing tech (it shouldn’t ever be sitting on the Bench to get dragged out), but Nidoqueen is less resource-hungry, more consistent, and doesn’t waste an attack.


Speaking of wasted attacks, that’s exactly what Togekiss’ Air Cutter is. Three Energy for a vanilla 80 damage isn’t great in itself, but the fact that it can fail on a coin flip makes it just about unusable.


Sometimes, Togekiss can be too much of a pacifist . . .




Modified: 2 (interesting healing tech, but not very practical)

Limited: 1.75 (Doesn’t do enough for the effort of getting out a Stage 2)


Combos with . . .


Double Colourless Energy


Happy Friday, everyone! Today we end our Card of the Day week with one of my favorite Pokemon. Today's Card of the Day is Togekiss from HS Undaunted.

Togekiss is a Stage 2 Colorless Pokemon. Being Colorless, it shouldn't be too hard for Togekiss to find a slot in a deck, especially because Colorless Energy requirements don't require any special energy-fixing of any kind. 120 HP is fairly standard for a Stage 2, and should ensure that that Togekiss can take a few hits before going down. Weakness to Lightning is bad with all of the Luxrays around. Fighting Resistance is great, even though it isn't too helpful in the current metagame. Finally, a Retreat Cost of 1 is fairly nice.

Togekiss has two attacks. First of all, it's pretty safe to ignore Air Cutter, which does 80 damage for [CCC], but flipping tails means the attack does nothing. This attack is way too unreliable to be used in the current format. Blessed Wings is Togekiss's support option, which removes all damage counters from all of your Pokemon and then shuffles Togekiss back into your deck with all cards attached, all for the bargain price of [CC]. With this mass healing attack, Togekiss is immediately comparable to things like Blissey Prime and Nidoqueen RR. Unlike Blissey, you are required to attack instead of just coming into to play and using a Power, however this means that it can't be Power Sprayed. Also, Blissey has you discard all of the energy attached to the Pokemon it heals, where Togekiss simply heals them. In comparison to Nidoqueen, Nidoqueen only heals 1 damage counter in between turns, but doesn't require much set up, or to use an attack. When choosing between the three, Togekiss might be a great idea if you are really worried about spread damage, or if you need to massively heal all of your Pokemon without discarding a ton of energy. Even though spread isn't such a big factor in the metagame right now, Togekiss may still be a good choice for healing.

Modified: 2/5 Yes, it does require two energy and the use of an attack. However, it heals all of your Pokemon and then gets rid of itself so you can use that bench space for something more offensive. Not really a bad deal at all. Plus, since it's Colorless, you can use it in pretty much any deck as long as you have enough Energy for it. Even still, healing doesn't win games by itself and its offensive attack is pretty bad, so you still may be looking at other options for deck construction.

Limited: 2.5/5 Air Cutter is still pretty bad here, but a Blessed Wings at a crucial moment can easily set your opponent back enough for you to win a match. Togepi and Togetic are also pretty good as set up Pokemon here, too.

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia
Togekiss (HS Undaunted)
I find this Pokemon very difficult to like, since the MT version was so hard to work with. And it just looks so freaking weird (not to mention a friend used one to anhilate my party on Diamond).
Colourless typing makes Togekiss splashable, while the 120 HP, fighting resistance and retreat cost of 1 impress me. However, the lightning weakness means Luxray GL will OHKO the airborn Teletubbie, as will anyone playing Raichu.
The first attack is the main draw of the card, so I will deal with the useless second attack first. Air Cutter deals 80 damage for CCC, with a completely underserved drawback of having to flip a coin and dealing 0 damage on tails. Obviously, if you have to use this attack you are in very deep trouble.
Blessed Wings costs CC (which means DCE will be great here) and causes you to shuffle Togekiss and all cards attached to it back into your deck. The payoff is fully healing all damage counters from each of your Pokemon. If you use Broken Time-Space, this attack is quite useful but there are 2 main drawbacks that will see this card consigned to the binder. First, you use your attack and leave your next Pokemon wide open to a counter attack, likely an OHKO. The other problem is that Nidoqueen already exists to constantly heal damage fom each of your Pokemon, and doesn't need an attack to do it.
This card is interesting and seems to be continuing the trend Drifblim has started, but this version of the effect is nowhere near as useful.
Modified: 2.5 (needs a lot of setup, but useful for keeping a heavily damaged tank in the game)
Limited: 1.5 (much less useful here, but the healing attack is more justifiable)
Combos with: Broken Time Space

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