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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Driftblim  #12/90

HS Undaunted

Date Reviewed: August 20, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.75
Limited: 3.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:


Happy Friday, Pojo viewers! Today we end our week by reviewing a rare from HS Undaunted that has been getting some people thinking about potential combos and decks. Today's Card of the Day is Drifblim.

Drifblim is a Stage 1 Psychic Pokemon. Psychics are fairly common as support Pokemon in the metagame, but very few are actually used as main attackers nowadays. As we will see later, Drifblim is somewhere in between. 90 HP is decent for a Stage 1, although I feel it could have been a bit higher because of Drifblim's massive HP stat in the Pokemon video games. Weakness to Darkness isn't so bad, because aside from Sableye and Spiritomb there aren't many common Darkness types (maybe the stray Mightyena or now Houndoom). Colorless Resistance is welcome but probably won't be that useful, and a free Retreat Cost is excellent.

Drifblim has two attacks. Balloon Tackle does 60 damage for [PC], but also deals 20 to Drifblim. 60 for 2 is actually pretty good, but the recoil really limits Drifblim's survivability as an attacker. However, the second attack is what has most people talking. For [CCC], Take Away shuffles Drifblim and the Defending Pokemon back into their respective decks along with all cards attached. Is your opponent's Active really bothering you? Get rid of it. This even has an added bonus if your opponent is down to a single Pokemon in play, as then Take Away will allow you to win! However, there is a slight downside. Take Away costs 3 Energy, which is quite a bit for this fast-hitting metagame. However, if you can power it up (it is 3 Colorless Energy, after all) and get rid of your opponent's biggest threat, you may be able to set your opponent behind so much that they can't recover. Finally, some new cards in the Japanese Lost Link/Clash at the Summit sets will perform well with Drifblim, creating even more potential combos.

Modified: 2.5/5 Drifblim is clearly going to be a niche Pokemon, probably working in some crazy combo decks. However, being able to shuffle your opponent's Active back into their deck is really great, especially if it is their last Pokemon. Just keep it away from the line of fire until it's fully powered up and you'll be fine.

Limited: 3.25/5 Drifblim has the potential to be really good here. Take Away's Colorless Energy requirements, decent HP, and decent damage output make Drifblim a great choice here. Finally, Take Away will definitely set your opponent back quite a while in Limited, as all of your opponent's hard work to get all of those Energies onto their big attacker will be lost.

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia
Drifblim (HS Undaunted)
I fell in love with the SF version of this card, but the other versions have failed to excite me. This one breaks that mould by giving me a reason to cackle like an evil warlord, mainly because this version doesn't have to deal with Unown G.
We get 90 HP (standard) with free retreat, colourless resistance and dark weakness. Good stats for a stage 1 but nothing special and Driflim won't survive a serious hit (though I can't say that is an extremely bad thing, an attacker is only worth using if it can bulldoze anything in it's path).
Now the attacks. Ballon Tackle seems promising with 60 damage for PC, but with 20 recoil damage survival becomes a real problem. Still, if you hit for weakness you are going to get 1-2 cheap prizes which is great though resistant Pokemon (mainly meatl and dark types) will rip your Drifblim a new one and they will be the ones taking multiple prizes.
Take Away tries to fix the problem with Ballon Tackle by shuffling Drifblim back into your deck so your opponent can't take a prize, while forcing your opponent to shuffle their active back into their deck (which is awesome against a fully built attacker!). With the loss of Unown G, the effects can't be prevented (except by those pesky "prevent all effects" attacks) so this attack becomes a real option. The downside is that the cost of CCC means you are losing a heavy energy investment (thankyou for DCE though!) and you will need a tank or sacrifice to take your opponent's return salvo, as well as worryng about your opponent retrieving the cards from their deck. Still, this card has a real chance of becoming a card we all love to hate and fear to see against our main attacker!
Modified: 3 (I see great things for this card. Unless Unown G comes back)
Limited: 3 (Balloon Tackle for the win!)
Combos with: Nidoqueen RR (removes those pesky damage counters)
Crazed Eeveelutionist

I keep screwing up here...  I really apologize for this...  My e-mail titled "Pokemon COTD: Rotom (HS Undaunted)" is actually the Forretress review, while my e-mail titled "Re: Pokemon COTD - 8/16" is actually the Rotom review.  Anyways, here's the last review.  I would really appreciate any feedback you can provide for the reviews I did this week if you're able to find the time.   If not, that's perfectly fine.  ^^

Happy Friday, folks! We finish off the week with Drifblim from HS Undaunted. No legal Drifblim has ever really reached the competitive format before. Will this one be any different?

The basic stats of this card are well... basic. 90 HP is slightly below average for a Stage 1s by today's standards. Being a psychic type means it hits Gallade E4 Lv X for weakness. Darkness weakness creates problems with new Umbreons on the rise to power. Colorless resistance is nice against Garchomp C Lv X, but only when active of course. A free retreat is always something to rejoice over.

No powers, so straight to the attacks, and Drifblim has two of them. Balloon Tackle costs PC and does 60 damage at the cost of doing 20 damage to itself. It's not bad for a Stage 1, but doing 20 damage to yourself seems to be too much of a hindrance without anything to take advantage of those damage counters. However, there is a way to erase it, as well as "erase" the opponent's active pokemon; Take Away, Drifblim's second attack. Costing CCC, Take Away shuffles both Drifblim and the defending pokemon, along with all cards attached to them, into the deck. Stalling for time can sometimes save the day, but even with a DCE, Take Away is a bit costly.

A fun deck could be created with this pokemon, but will it make the competitive environment? Probably not, but it could be part of an unspoken rogue deck ready to be made. It has some potential, but whether or not it will be enough in the future is unknown. The odds are not in its favor.

Modified: 2.75 This is a bit of a generous rating simply due to the possibility of potential. Its first attack hits fairly well, especially with an EB in the mix, and it has a fairly good "eraser" attack to slow the opponent. It's possible that a rogue deck builder could capitalize on these attributes in the future, whether it be soon or distant. It has at least some potential.

Limited: 4 It shines here. Powerful attack for two energy from a Stage 1, combo'd by an "eraser" attack that makes it next to impossible to get back was it shuffled back into the deck can almost take a victory here.

Combos with: Itself. It can deal damage with balloon tackle, then shuffle back into the deck while another ready Drifblim begins its offense.

- Wes1234
Crazed Eeveelutionist

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