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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Leafeon #17/90

HS Undaunted

Date Reviewed: August 10, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.50
Limited: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:


Hello once again, Pojo readers! Today we are continuing our week of Undaunted reviews by reviewing this set's prerelease promo, Leafeon.

Leafeon is a Stage 1 Grass Pokemon. Grass types have lots of support right now, so there are many different types of Grass decks. However, most of the time you will probably end up seeing Leafeon in an Eeveelution-type deck. So, how does this one fare? 90 HP is somewhat average for a Stage 1 nowadays, but still low enough to be KOed in one hit by some of the game's top hitters. Weakness to Fire isn't very good, especially if you run into a Charizard deck or Blaziken FB. Water Resistance is excellent, making it more difficult for Kingdra to take you out (Keep in mind that Gyarados and Blastoise still can, though). Finally, a retreat cost of 1 is decent and fully payable.

Leafeon has two attacks. The first, Miasma Wind, costs a single Colorless Energy and does 50 damage times the number of Special Conditions that the Defending Pokemon has. While potentially quite damaging for the cost, it is fairly difficult to have multiple Special Conditions on the same Pokemon. The most (I believe) is 3, with Poison, Burn, and either Asleep/Confused/Paralyzed. This means that the attack can max out at 150 damage. However, how to get these conditions? The second attack, Soothing Scent, automatically puts the opponent to sleep in addition to dealing 30 damage for [G], but you would also then be relying on your opponent to not switch and that they flip tails twice. Not very good odds. There are, however, a few better ways to stack the Special Conditions odds in your favor. Skuntank G immediately comes to mind, as it can Poison the Defending Pokemon from your Bench. Gliscor Lv. X also comes to mind for its ability to Paralyze and Poison when it levels up. However, all of these Special Conditions may require a lot of switching on your part too, so keep that in mind as you construct your deck.

As for this Leafeon in an Eevee build, there are a few other Eevee evolutions that inflict Special Conditions, making this Leafeon a good choice if you are choosing to go that route for your Eevee toolbox. This Leafeon is also a decent choice for Leafeon Lv. X, although Leafeon RR is still probably a better choice for that.

Modified: 1.75/5 Special Conditions are generally too hard to make effective in the current metagame, and the attacks don't do enough damage to make a splash. Leafeon RR is generally better in terms of getting Leafeon Lv. X out, too.

Limited: 2.5/5 Miasma Wind won't be very useful here unless you get lucky, but Soothing Scent can be really annoying for your opponent, as it is cheap and does decent damage. Decent HP and low energy requirements are also great.

Combos With: Skuntank G

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Leafeon (HS Undaunted)
Before I get into it, I'd just like to wish Baby Mario all the best at Worlds. You go man! With any luck, more members of the review crew will be able to earn an invite next year!
This here is the promo card for the prerelease, so you should all be quite familiar with it. Like me, you also may feel a little (or a lot!) disappointed with this card after getting Pichu and Blastoise in the last 2 prereleases, unless you are an Eeveelution fan.
Leafeon is one of the many Eeveelutions in this set (though for some reason Glaceon didn't make it) and is one of the less brilliant versions we've seen (though the RR version is a very tough act to follow). As a stage 1 with 90 HP, fire weakness and no Poke-bodies or Poke-powers, the attacks had better be brilliant. And while they look that way to begin with, it quickly becomes apparent they are not.
Miasma Wind looks great, dealing 50 damage per Special Condition on the opponent's Active Pokemon. At a maximum 150 damage for C, this attack could be devastating in the right circumstance but the fcat is it is really difficult to put more than 1 Condition on a Pokemon at a time without using an attack (Venusaur SW is being rotated out, Skuntank G doesn't fit in and Blaziken PT doesn much better in a Heatran/Blaziken Burn deck). Even if you do use an attack, your opponent has plenty of opportunites to remove said Conditions before you can retreat and get a shot off.
Soothing Scent does 30 damage and causes Sleep so it improves the situation a little, but Sleep is too easily removed with coin flips (let alone cards) to provide reliable damage for Miasma Wind. It costs G so it makes a cheap stall, but why would you use Leafeon in the first place?
Modified: 1.25 (I really don't like this card, which is worse because it was the promo. It even looks terrible in the binder)
Limited: 3 (cheap stalls are good especially if you get a lot of grass in your cards)
Combos with: the back end of your binder that noone ever sees


Fan Addendum ... added a bit later the same day we posted:

When I read the Card of the Day review for the HS Undaunted Leafeon, I was VERY surprised to find no mention of a very good combo with it: HS Unleashed Roserade (http://pojo.com/COTD/2010/Apr/27.shtml).  Attaching a Rainbow Energy to Roserade will trigger both special conditions (Poison and Confusion).  The result?  100 damage (120 damage with Expert Belt), which becomes 110 damage with the poison tick (130 damage with Expert Belt, the magic number for OHKOing a number of stage 2s).  Skuntank G can also help early game since you don't have to burn an energy attachment on it and it's easily searchable via Pokemon Collector.  It's easy to get a stadium in play, Poison Structure, then evolve your active Eevee into Leafeon to erase the poison that it got.
While it's true that these combos are vulnerable to Power Spray and any form of power-locking, UD Leafeon doesn't deserve ratings this low.

Steelix Prime, if such a deck ever ever truly arises in the competitive envornment, will completely wall off this Leafeon due to its Poke-Body making it immune to special conditions, and it's Soothing Scent attack for just 30 damage (50 damage belted) just won't cut it against a steel-type tank that is next to guaranteed to have special Metal energies attached to it, thus further reducing the damage.
Leafeon also faces a possible problem with its fire-type weakness should fire-type decks gain popularity due to a Ninetales draw engine.  Luckily, there's not many fire-types that will make a decent deck at the moment.  The only common fire-type threat is Blaziken FB Lv X.  Even more lucky for Eeveelutions in general is that they have all the Eeveelution support that MD gave them, including Umbreon MD, which nullifies weakness and "zero-fies" its retreat cost.
Modified: 2.75  I really wanted to give it a higher rating than this, but it faces a number of problems that bogs it down and puts it at a disadvantage in today's format.  Powerspray and power-locking decks will shut off Roserade's and Skuntank G's powers as mentioned before.  Without those powers, Leafeon is nothing more than a blade of grass waiting to get chopped up for a free KO.  Leafeon can't be splashed into any Eeveelution deck and be expected to work, either.  It needs to have a deck built around it.  However, Leafeon + Roserade will be around for a good while, and its presence shouldn't be ignored, as it will definitely be a tried deck.
Limited:  2.75  It's not so great by itself in here, but then again, the pokemon in Undaunted aren't as great, either, so it's even playing ground.  It's still inferior to the many other Eeveelutions in the set for the Limited format and there's few, if any, pokemon with a grass weakness, so its grass-typing isn't useful here.  But it's auto-sleep effect with a lucky coin flip between turns may cause your opponent to scream in frustration.  Fire weakness isn't too bad here, either, as Macargo and Flareon are the only two threats.

- Wes1234

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