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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



HeartGold & SoulSilver

Date Reviewed: 04.08.10

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.67
Limited: 3.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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virusyosh Welcome back, Pojo viewers! Today we are reviewing Slowbro from the HeartGold and SoulSilver expansion.

Slowbro is a Stage 1 Water Pokemon. Slowbro has 90 HP, which is fairly average. Double Weakness to Lightning is awful with the presence of Luxray GL Lv. X. No Resistance is unfortunate. A Retreat Cost of 2 is a bit expensive, but is payable if you absolutely must.

Slowbro's first attack, Big Yawn, deals 30 damage for [W] and puts both Slowbro and the Defending Pokemon to sleep. While 30 damage and sleep for a single Energy is pretty good, but putting yourself to sleep probably isn't the best idea.

The second attack, Madkinesis, does 30 damage plus 20 more damage for each Psychic Energy attached to Slowbro for [CCC]. 30 damage for 3 Energy is terrible, but ideally you would have 3 Psychic Energy attached to Slowbro to deal 90 for [PPP], but that's a bit unrealistic outside of Limited, where you would be more likely to run both Water and Psychic together.

Modified: 1/5 Slowbro is too slow to be used here, and requires too many different Energy types to be fully effective. It might find a place in some wacky combo deck based on status effects, but probably not.

Limited: 2.5/5 Big Yawn is cheap, and Madkinesis has Colorless Energy requirements. If you manage to run Water and Psychic Energies with Slowbro, Slowbro could potentially be dealing a lot of damage here. It's far from perfect, but it's by no means bad.

Hope everyone's having a good week so far, today's Card of the Day is Slowbro, also from the HeartGold&SoulSilver expansion. Let's take a look and see if our fine pink friend can hold his own in the cut-throat metagame we have now.

First off, he's a Water type, which doesn't seem to bad. After all, there's some Charizard and Blaziken FBs running around. But the bad thing is what his weakness is. Let's see, we have a Water-type, which generally means a weakness to Lightning, and then he's from HGSS, which means it'll be a x2 weakness, and there you have why Slowbro won't be doing to well when faced with the threat of Luxray GL. 90 HP is a fair amount, but I'd expect more from a fully evolved Pokemon. The low amount of health and weakness means Slowbro will be one-shotted by Luxray GL, and with a bit of help, OHKO'd by Ampharos Prime as well, the second-most common Lightning Pokemon out there. Again, a lack of any resistance hurts Slowbro's overall bulkiness, and a retreat cost of two hampers getting him out of there. As I said in Tuesday's review, an evolved Mysterious Treasures Mantine will make that zero, but not without a bit of effort.

Onto the attacks, Slowbro's first one is Big Yawn, which, for a single Water Energy, puts both you and the Defending Pokemon to sleep, and does 30 damage to boot. This attack is okay, especially since you can move your sleep off with the Secret Wonders Xatu, but it would be better on a  Pokemon that evovled so you could get rid of it easier. If you're going to be using this Pokemon to attack, it's not going to be for Big Yawn.

Slowbro's pride and joy, Madkinesis (awesome name by the way.) It costs three Colorless Energy to do 30 damage. Underwhelmed? Well, wait, for each Psychic Energy attached to Slowbro, the attack does 20 more damage. If you only use Psychic Energy to pay for Madkinesis, you do 90 damage! The main problem is the lower damage output for such an Energy-intensive attack and how there are no ways to attach Psychic Energy quickly, save for Leafeon LV.X. Also, if Slowbro gets knocked out, which shouldn't take too long, you need to get all those Energy back.

Slowbro is a fun card, but it lacks the speed and bulkiness to last in the fast-paced world of the competitive TCG. Use it in a fun deck if you wish, but don't expect Slowbro to come from behind and take Nationals. (On the offchance it does, I will be taking all credit for that happening :~P)

Modified 2/5
There are worse cards in the game then this (cough, cough Farfetch'd), and Slowbro can make for a fun league deck. The sad fact is that it's too slow to last in an SP-filled, Donking, world.

Limited 4/5
In Limited, pulling a Slowbro line can make for a powerful deck. Using Slowking for support and disruption, you can power up a Slowbro and just take out everything your opponent throws at you. Just watch out for the several Lightning Pokemon in HGSS.



Slowbro from HeartGold & SoulSilver is an unusual Pokémon.  It is a Stage 1 Water Pokémon with a passable 90 HP, dangerous (in the current metagame) x2 Lightning Weakness, non-existent Resistance, and inconvenient two Energy Retreat Cost.  Its first attack requires one Water Energy and hits for a solid 30, but puts both Slowbro and the Defending Pokémon to Sleep.  This lets Slowbro stall a little, but not a lot: your opponent has a 50% chance of waking before their turn begins, plus the potential of Evolving out of Sleep.  Occasionally, it may backfire and Slowbro might Sleep through your own turn.  Not bad for the Energy going into it.


What made me label this card as unusual is the second attack: it reflects Slowbro’s other Type, Psychic.  It can be powered by three of any Energy, but for each Psychic Energy attached to Slowbro you’ll get an extra 20 damage on top of the base 30.  If you power this card up the slow way, you could hit for a good 90 with just three Psychic Energy attached.  On a 90 HP Stage 1, though, it won’t survive more than one attack from the opponent, possibly no attacks.  So while this is a fairly good attack, it’s not going to get anywhere on this card.  Maybe next format, it could back-up Gardevoir with Telepass from Pokémon Platinum (provided it isn’t cut alongside its older siblings) it could act as a back-up hitter: right before Gardevoir is KO’d, Bench it and transfer its Energy to Slowbro to keep hitting hard.  With the right timing and set-up, you’ll KO whatever nearly took out Gardevoir plus their next hitter before they get you back.


It’s a pity none of the Slowpoke we have know Energy Absorption – it’d be very handy for this card.  I suppose you could use Energy Link or Energy Switch, but all that set-up for something that can’t survive long enough to be a main attacker seems futile.


To end on a positive note, I’ll point out that this thing is great for Limited so long as your deck can effectively run plenty of Psychic Energy.  It is still a little slow out of the gate but if you can safely build it up on your bench, you’ll just score OHKO after OHKO.




Modified: 2/5 

Limited: 3.5/5

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