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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Miltank #47/123

HeartGold & SoulSilver

Date Reviewed: 04.07.10

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.87
Limited: 3.17

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Here we go, another unevolving Normal card is our Card of the Day Let's see if Miltank can make an impact in today's metagame, or if it's destiny is to line the binders of only the most diehard cow fanatics.

First off, Miltank has 90 HP, a good amount that means it will stick around for a while. Except for the x2 weakness to Fighting. this Pokemon looks like it will last more than one turn, excluding a masterfully executed Rampardos or Machamp donk. No resistance is starting to fail to tick me off the more I see it, but with a Pokemon that only has bulkiness going for it, Miltank could use something more. Three for a retreat cost is atrocious, so either your Miltank will be using Switch or Warp energy or the like to get out of the ative spot, or it will die there. That's a comforting thought.

Moving on, the first attack is the most unique thing about this card. For a single Colorless Energy, Moomoo Squeeze lets you search your deck for a Moomoo Milk trainer card and put it into your hand. This can seem like a waste of a turn and an energy, but the ability to search for a trainer card is something few cards can do. Moomoo Milk heals an average of 30 damage so you can use it to keep Miltank alive longer, or to stock up on the Moomoo Milk while building up a powerful attacker. The downside is, if you want to use a Pokemon who will search for trainers, you're better off using the Budew from Diamond&Pearl who can grab any trainer card. After rotation though, Miltank might shine as a way to grab your Moomoo Milk, but don't count on it.

Miltank's second attack is not as special, but it can get the job done. Body Slame costs three Colorless Energy, which can be up and running by turn two with a handy Double Colorless Energy. For all that effort you do a measly 20 damage and a flip for Paralysis. Take my advce ad leave the attacking up to better Pokemon.

All in all, Miltank is not a bad Pokemon, but the only thing it has going for it is the ability to search out Moomoo Milk. Most players would prefer to use a Rising Rivals Nidoqueen line for more consistent healing, and the fact that Nidoqueen's healing isn't stopped by a Spiritomb, Dialga, or Gastly lock definately helps in its appealing.

Modified 2/5
Miltank is a less than average card in today's metagame. Healing is a lot easier without using Moomoo Milk and without Moomoo Milk, Miltank has nothing going for it. There are better starters out there, and you should use 'em.

Limited 3.5/5
90 HP is a lot and the ability to search for a useful trainer card can be really helpful. If you pull Miltank and some Moomoo Milk, use them.



Our first Miltank review.  Ever.  That does not bode well for this card: generally the only Pokémon that fail to get reviewed are non-end Stage Pokémon or those that absolutely don’t see play.  As you’ve seen the last few weeks, for example, we even hit a lot of cards that don’t see play just because we have to review something each day.


Miltank from HeartGold & SoulSilver is a Basic Pokémon that doesn’t Evolve, or have any other Evolution-like tricks to spread out the goodness.  It is Colorless, which is appropriate and for the best: like most Colorless Pokémon this means it has all Colorless attacks and thus can theoretically fit into any deck.  90 HP means that it actually can take a hit from most other Pokémon and keep going.  The exceptions being a deck’s main attacker and Fighting-Type Pokémon, as Miltank has the classic (and once again standard) damaging doubling Fighting Weakness.  Definitely not a “good” thing, but its Pokémon: when this game is properly balanced, no Weakness is good and only extenuating circumstances will make one Weakness better than another.  Lack of Resistance, on the other hand, is a grand disappointment as always.  That Retreat Cost of three is heavy.  It makes sense for Miltank given how they are in the video games, but looking ahead at the card, it just isn’t warranted for play balance.  If you’re running this, you have to have an alternate plan for getting it out of the Active slot or just write it off as a KO.


I say the high Retreat Cost is unwarranted because unfortunately, the two attacks fail to justify it.  The first attack should have just been a once-per-turn Poké-Power, since after you’ve used it a few times, it can’t do anything!  I mean, you can only run four copies of Moomoo Milk.  Even if I’ve missed a card to recycle those Trainers, it just isn’t good enough to warrant the effort.  I suppose they create a family of “Moomoo Milk” cards with various effects, this could change in the future.  If it had to be an attack, it should have grabbed all copies.  Then one or two Miltank and four Moomoo Milk could find a home in a few decks where you’d try to get it out early, rip them from the deck for thinning, and enjoy some potential healing.


Body Slam is a solid attack, but wasted here: it’s too expensive for such a limited card.  Even if it had only done 20 damage but needed just (CC), it’d have been better since it would lessen the investment.  Yes, this is before factoring in Double Colorless Energy making it a one-turn drop


Miltank can be a good pick for Limited.  If you got at least one copy of Moomoo Milk, then the first attack might not be wasted.  Still, this further demonstrates that Moomoo Squeeze would have been better hitting the discard to recycle Moomoo Milk over and over again.  Still, there is hope: if you somehow pull a ridiculous amount of the Uncommon Moomoo Milk, there is no “four-per-deck” restriction for Limited events.  Massive deck thinning and solid healing with an adequate fallback attack on a Colorless Basic Pokémon with 90 HP in a Limited Format… yes, all that finally makes Miltank a good pick!


It hurts how close this card was to being at least a novelty, let alone useful for the format.




Modified: 1.75/5


Limited: 2.75/5


Hello again, Pojo readers! Today our reviews of the HeartGold and SoulSilver expansion continue with Miltank.

Miltank is a Basic Colorless Pokemon. Being Colorless is never really a bad thing, as Colorless Pokemon can use any Energy for their requirements and are therefore quite splashable in many decks. 90 HP on a non-evolving basic is by no means bad, but probably a little lower than what we would want. Double Weakness to Fighting hurts with Donphan and Machamp, no Resistance is unfortunate, and a Retreat Cost of 3 is horrible - use Switch or Warp Point instead.

Like many of the other cards in this set, Miltank has two attacks. The first attack, the hilariously named Moomoo Squeeze, allows you to search your deck for a "Moomoo Milk" card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand for a single Colorless Energy. Being able to search and thin your deck is always a good thing, but chances are that most competitive decks won't be running Moomoo Milk as it requires coin flips for healing, and there are more reliable options to use (Super Scoop Up, Poke Turn, and Nidoqueen come to mind). The second attack, Body Slam, deals 30 damage and can paralyze on a coin flip for [CCC]. The attack is far too expensive for the damage output in this format, but the chance for paralysis is always nice.

Modified: 1/5 Too slow and underpowered to use here, and the first attack will almost never be useful.

Limited: 3.5/5 I really like Miltank here. Colorless Energy requirements, decent HP for a Basic, and searchability make it a great pick here. 90 HP is enough to survive a little while in Limited, and the paralysis chance can be quite nice. Moomoo Squeeze can even possibly be useful here, potentially thinning your already small Limited deck to get you more of what you need.

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