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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


 Farfetch'd #19/123

HeartGold & SoulSilver

Date Reviewed: 04.05.10

Ratings & Reviews Summary


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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virusyosh Farfetch'd is one of those Pokemon that never seems to get any love. After four generations, it still doesn't have an evolution, and never really seems to be very good at anything it does. Will the HGSS version of this Pokemon break this trend? Let's find out.

Farfetch'd is a Basic Colorless Pokemon. It has 60 HP, which is pretty bad for an unevolving Basic. Double Weakness to Lightning is also quite awful, as Luxray GL is everywhere in this format. Fighting Resistance is welcome, if not always useful, and a Retreat Cost of 1 isn't terrible, but for something as frail as Farfetch'd, you'd kind of hope it would be free.

The HGSS version of Farfetch'd has two attacks, both for the low cost of [C]. The first attack, Collect, has the very simple effect of drawing two cards. While drawing cards is generally very good, there are some drawbacks to using Farfetch'd as a draw engine. First, you're using an attack to draw, wasting a turn to potentially Knock Out one of your opponent's Pokemon. Second, there are many other Pokemon, Trainers, and Supporters that do a better job than simply drawing two cards. For example, Claydol can easily refill your hand to six, Ninetales HGSS can discard a Fire Energy to draw three, and many of the common Trainers and Supporters (Roseanne's Research, Felicity's Drawing, Pokemon Collector, or even Poke Drawer +) can draw or search for cards without using an attack.

The second attack, Spin Turn, deals 20 damage and switches Farfetch'd with one of your Benched Pokemon. While this attack will probably keep Farfetch'd alive a bit longer when it goes to the Bench, its low HP will still probably mean that it won't last for too long.

Modified: 1.5/5 There are too many other things that can do what Farfetch'd does better.

Limited: 3.5/5 Card draw and Colorless Energy requirements make this a pretty decent pick for Modified. While 60 HP isn't a lot by any means, any card draw in the format is very welcome, and Farfetch'd certainly won't disappoint. Plus, the Limited format is slow enough that it might be able to stick around for a while.

Well, hope everyone's having a good monday. If not, seeing what card we're reviewing today might bring a smile to your faces. Farfetch'd, one of the most average Pokemon Nintendo ever made. Well, let's see if this card's HeartGold&SoulSilver incarnation can redeem the duck's name.
To start off we have 60 HP, an average amount for evolving Basics, but for a Pokemon like Farfetch'd, who will never see the backside of another Pokemon while in play, we expect a tad higher amount like 70 or even 80. This low HP combo'd with a x2 weakness to Lightning makes Farfetch'd even more vulnerable. The weakness doesn't matter to much in Modified, since the single most played Lightning Pokemon is Luxray GL LV.X who would one-shot this duck even without the weakness. A -20 resistance to Fighting is our first bright spot on this card, but regardless, an Expert Belted Donphan will still OHKO the duck, and Machamp's Take Out will just KO it without any hassle. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, Farfetch'd has a retreat cost of one. Last I checked, this Pokemon can fly, so why do you have to aste an energy to get it out of the way of certain doom? At least it can get out using other methods, but we'll discuss that later.
Farfetch'd's first attack is Collect, a simple draw two cards for any single energy. This is nice, but there are so much better ways to get cards. Sableye, Call Energy, even the Farfetch'd from Stormfront does a better job. Maybe if it was a three card draw like on the Arceus Omanyte, it would be better, but alas, Farfetch'd is stuck as a mediocre starter.
Finally, we have Farfetch'd's second attack, Spin Turn. This is where Pokemon redeems this sorry sack of feathers, right? Wrongo. Spin Turn lets you do a measly 20 damage and then switch Farfetch'd back to the bench for one energy. Even with an Expert Belt, that's just 40 damage! At least it goes back to the bench where it does...absolutely nothing. Save for being an easy target for snipers.
Farfetch'd has once again failed us by managing to be a bad card in general. My advice is that you hide it as far in your shoe-box of cards as you possibly can.
Modified 1/5
I truly believe this is one of the worst cards in the format. A poor draw attack and a maximum of 20 damage? Don't use this please. Think of the children.
Limited 3.5/5
Despite the sizable Lightning population in HGSS and my total disdain for Farfetch'd, this card is very useful, since draw is very hard to come by in Limited Events, and the Colorless Energy requirement is a nice touch. Not only that, but it can live through a Donphan attack and then retreat away to the (relative) safety of your bench.


We open this week with Farfetch’d from HeartGold & SoulSilver.  It’s a Colorless Basic that doesn’t Evolve, and that means it will have to be pretty impressive to be worth a slot.  It has 60 HP with x2 Lightning Weakness, and that hurts – it will be a liability against some popular decks.  The Fighting Resistance is nice and keeps this from being an easy OHKO for Fighting decks.  Well, easier than normal, anyway.  The single Energy Retreat Cost is solid – while free would be better, one is easy to pay most of the time.


With its low HP, it needs some great attacks to be worth running.  Unfortunately it has good, solid attacks that are outclassed by other cards right now.  Collect for one Energy snags you two cards.  If you’re using an attack to set-up, you’re going to want more than that out of it.  Even if Collect was better, Spin Turn would still feel underpowered: granted it only requires a single Energy as well, but as the only aggressive attack, hitting for 20 and forcing you to Bench Farfetch’d just isn’t enough.


Farfetch’d is so close to being useful it hurts.  With a better second attack, using Collect for a turn or two would be a way not to waste the card being active.  If Collect were a Poké-Power that required Farfetch’d be Active, Spin Turn would be a fun way to annoy your opponent.  Still, I think in either case I’d like another 10 HP and maybe a solid Poké-Body as well.  At least this is a good card for Limited: Collect will greatly speed your already smaller-than-normal deck and a well timed Spin Turn will deny your opponent the easy Prize they’d otherwise expect.




Modified: 1.5/5


Limited: 3.5/5

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