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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Roserade #23/96

HS Unleashed

Date Reviewed: 04.27.10

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.13
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Roserade Unleashed


Today’s preview Pokémon is Roserade, and it’s a Stage 1, so all my reservations about Stage 1s apply: it’s going to have to be an extremely solid attacker or be a great tech to make the grade.


There’s nothing especially solid about Roserade, really. 90 HP is decent on a Stage 1, but won’t make it particularly hard to KO (most top decks hit those numbers early and easily). Fire Weakness is ok at the moment, and the Retreat cost of one is nothing to celebrate or be unhappy about.


Roserade does have an interesting PokePower, Energy Signal, which is extremely similar to the one you find on Vileplume LA. If you activate it, when you attach a Grass Energy to Roserade, the Defending Pokémon is Confused, and when you attach a Psychic Energy it becomes Poisoned. The good thing is that you can do this from the Bench, so you aren’t wasting an attack. The bad things are that you are using up your Energy attachment to do it, and Status Conditions are not terribly effective anyway, thanks to the many and easy ways that Pokémon have to escape them (Retreat, Evolve, Poke Turn, Level Up etc). I suppose you could drag out a high Retreat Pokémon like Claydol (maybe with Zangoose PL, Luxray GL LV X or a Pokémon Reversal) and then snipe the Bench while Poisoning them to death, but your main problem will be keeping up with the required Energy attachments. This could be solved by something like Leafeon LV X but . . . yeah . . . here we enter the realm of the clunky uber-combo that will most likely be ripped to shreds by Luxchomp or Jumpluff long before it gets set up.


Of course, if you did manage to get such a combo set up, you would also end up with a Roserade with a lot of Energy on it. Luckily, Roserade has an attack which can make use of it. Energy Blow costs [G][C] and does 20 damage times the amount of Energy attached, so it could hit for reasonable damage after a few uses of Energy Signal.


Unfortunately, I am probably making Roserade sound a lot better then it actually is. The idea of locking your opponent’s Pokémon active while you pile enough Energy on Roserade to sweep their entire Field sounds great in theory, but the combo would be incredibly fragile in real game play, and an Energy-stacked Roserade would be a big fat target for snipers like Garchomp C LV X and Genger SF, and also an obvious candidate for Luxray’s Bright Look. Roserade is cute, and probably quite fun to play, but I don’t see it or its tricks being strong enough to triumph in a premier tournament.




Modified: 2.25 (I can see a fun League deck, but not much else)

Limited: 3 (could be fairly effective here)

virusyosh Hello again, Pojo readers! Today's Card of the Day is another new preview from HS Unleashed: Roserade.

Roserade is a Stage 1 Grass Pokemon. Being a Grass-type right now isn't so bad, as there is plenty of support and Fire is not played very often anymore, making the Double Weakness bad, but not a breaking point. 90 HP is standard for a final evolution Stage 1, but it's by no means good and is a weak point of the card. No Resistance is unfortunate (it couldn't have resisted Water?) and a Retreat Cost of 1 seems fair for something like Roserade.

Much like yesterday's COTD, Roserade has a Poke-Power and a single attack. The power, Energy Signal, allows you to inflict a Special Condition on the Defending Pokemon whenever you attach an Energy: Confusion for Grass and Poison for Psychic. Special Conditions generally aren't the best of things to use in games, as most people will just switch out their Pokemon on their next turn or use Power Spray if your opponent is running an SP deck. However, if you have some way of keeping your opponent Active, the power may not be so bad. The second problem with this is that Energy Signal's effects require both Grass and Psychic Energy. While adding a Rainbow Energy will give both effects, most players don't run many Basic Energy cards anymore, and most of those that do will not want to run Grass and Psychic Energies to get the most out of the Power.

 Roserade's attack, Power Blow, does 20 damage times the number of Energy attached to Roserade for [GC]. The attack starts at a decent 40 damage for 2 Energy, and goes up from there. One immediate combo that comes to mind is with Meganium Prime, who can use Leaf Trans to move a bunch of Energy onto Roserade and swing for potentially a lot of damage. However, Roserade is somewhat frail, and there is a chance of losing a ton of Energy this way if Roserade gets Knocked Out.

Modified: 2/5 Energy Signal pretty much requires a deck to be built around it for it to be used at its maximum potential, but even then, Special Conditions aren't all that great. The attack is respectable and can work if set up properly (Meganium Prime + Shaymin Lv. X + Roserade?), but if you want an attacking Grass-type, you're probably better off using Jumpluff.

Limited: 3/5 Special Conditions can actually be a lot more useful here, and there is a much greater chance of running Grass and Psychic Energy here. Additionally, the attack is fairly inexpensive at first and can manage to swing for a lot more damage as the game goes on. Just watch out for Fire- types.

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