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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Politoed #7/96

HS Unleashed

Date Reviewed: 04.26.10

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.87
Limited: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Politoed Unleashed

Hello and welcome to (nearly) another whole week of Unleashed previews here on Pojo’s CotD.


We kick off with Politoed, an alternative Evolution in the Poliwrath line.This is one of those Pokémon that doesn’t make many appearances in the TCG. The only modified legal one we have is the one from LA which failed to make any impact whatsoever on the tournament scene. Will this new version fare any better?


Well, at first glance, it doesn’t look promising. 120 HP is a bit below par for a Stage 2 these days (which says quite a lot about the power creep in the game). Double Luxray Lightning Weakness is a huge drawback right now, and the Retreat cost of two won’t win this card any fans either.


Politoed does have a Pokémon Power though, which is always nice. In this case, Leap Frog (Pokémon obviously find it hard to resist the obvious!). Leap Frog has the effect of giving you a free Switch for any Water Pokémon once per turn. This could be handy, as it saves any Retreat costs and gives you an extra Retreat on your turn. Whether it is actually worth playing a Stage 2 Pokémon in order to get this effect is another matter. There is probably some combo lurking around with Palkia LV X (not the SP one), but even that seems clunky and hard to pull off. Why not just run Switch and save on resources, deck space, and Bench room? Or you could use Flygon, which has one huge advantage over Politoed . . .


It has attacks which are actually good.


Politoed, by way of extreme contrast, has Big Chorus, an attack which costs [W][C][C]. For this you get to flip a coin for every Water Pokémon you have in play and do 30 damage for each heads. Yep, that’s right, with a full Bench of Water Pokémon and an obscene amount of luck, you can do 180 damage! Unfortunately, with a well built deck, you are not going to have six Water Pokémon in play (where are you going to put your Claydol, Uxie, Azelf, or other non-Water tech?), and with average luck, you will not be hitting the big damage that an investment of three Energy really requires.


So, a terribly unreliable attack that makes huge demands on your deck construction, and a Power that doesn’t justify running a Stage 2 . . . all this means that at tournaments I will expect to see this card about as often as its LA cousin . . . in other words, not at all.




Modified: 1.5 (Terrible attack, mediocre Power)

Limited: 1.5 (You would have to pull a lot of Water Pokémon, and an entire Stage 2 line . . . not going to happen)


Welcome back, Pojo viewers! For this COTD week, we are reviewing a handful of new cards from the upcoming HS Unleashed set, but going back to HGSS at the end of the week. Today's Card of the Day is something that has been revealed at the official Pokemon web site: Politoed.

Politoed is a Stage 2 Water Pokemon. Being a Water Pokemon right now isn't so bad, as Kingdra and Gyarados are strong decks and there is more than a bit of support. 120 HP is standard for a Stage 2, so Politoed should be able to take a hit or two. Double Weakness to Lightning is bad news, making Politoed weak to the ever present Luxray GL Lv. X and other things that find their way around the metagame, including Ampharos and even occasionally Raichu. No Resistance is what we'd expect but unfortunate, and a Retreat Cost of 2 is fairly average.

Politoed has a Poke-Power and a single attack, both of which complement each other somewhat well. The Poke-Power, Leap Frog, allows you to choose a Water Pokemon on your Bench once per turn and switch it with your Active Pokemon. Switching your Pokemon for free is always a good deal, even if you can only switch a Water type. This works especially well if you have a Pokemon with a huge Retreat Cost such as Gyarados that you need to return to the Bench quickly, or if you finally powered up your attacker and need a free switch to start swinging at your opponent.

The attack, Big Chorus, costs [WCC] and makes you flip a coin for each Water Pokemon you have in play, dealing 30 damage for each heads. While coin flip attacks are generally very risky, this attack has the potential to do 180 damage and should average about 90, given that you have a bench entirely of Water-types. However, the bench full of Water-types scenario isn't likely to happen, given all of the non-Water Pokemon that are played as tech in most decks these days (Claydol, Uxie, Azelf, Combee, even Nidoqueen). Therefore, some skillful building must be done around this attack to make the most out of it, and even then, the damage provided by the attack is unreliable.

Modified: 2.25/5 Politoed has the potential to be a decent support Pokemon for Water decks, especially ones involving Pokemon with big Retreat Costs. However, you could also simply play a Switch or Warp Point to have the same effect as the Power, or even Palkia Lv. X if you want to disrupt your opponent as well as switching yourself. As for the attack, Big Chorus will rarely have six flips in this format, therefore limiting its overall effectiveness.

Limited: 3/5 Free switching around for your Water types is great in Limited, and the attack is pretty devastating if you can build your deck around it. Overall a solid choice if you decide to go mostly or entirely Water.

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