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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Yanmega Lv.53

Supreme Victors

Date Reviewed: 09.29.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.88
Limited: 3.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 9/29 Yanmega Lv.53 (SV)

So, another week, and another set of SV cards, most of which, let's face, you couldn't care less about, and are just checking back for to see if we've done either of the 2 cards you actually care about from the set. Anyway, Yanmega, and the basics of the card first, and it has 100 HP, which for a fully evolved Stage 1 is quite good actually, so should survive a hit or 2 if you are lucky. +20 Lightning Weakness is different for a Grass Pokémon, but ultimately is still quite bad since Luxray GL Lv.X (RR) is running about as if it owns the place, either in it's own deck, or as a tech. -20 Fighting Weakness is helpful against Machamp (SF), which is still about in some form or another. No Retreat Cost is perfect as well, no other question or doubt about it.

Abilities now, and it's Poké-Power first, Speed Boost, which, once per turn, allows you search your Discard Pile for a Grass Energy and attach it to Yanmega if Yanmega is your active Pokémon, so it's nice, inbuilt Energy Acceleration. It may only be one per turn, but it's better than nothing. It's actually quite useful, and better than most of these inbuilt Energy Acceleration abilities. There are plenty of ways of discard energies (Blissey (PL), Lunatone (GE), Felicity's Drawing (GE), Volkner's Philosophy (RR), and more besides), so getting them into the discard pile is not a massive problem.

Attacks, and we start off with Wind Return, which costs CC and does 20 damage, which, let's face it, isn't very good. However, you may return all Grass energies attached to Yanmega to your hand to deal 20 more damage for each Energy returned in this way. It's not bad, but it's just getting energies back onto him to deal the damage again. Speed Boost will help, but you need other Energy Accelerators to help in reality. I'll get onto them in the combos section.
Speed Dive is a rather vanilla attack, GGCC for 70 is actually not even very good for a vanilla attack. For that cost, I'd look for at least 80-90 to even make it acceptable, so just stay away from Speed Dive really.

Combos, and it's really all about Energy Accelerators here, and a choice of 2. First we have Leafeon Lv.X (MD), who, in combination of Speed Boost, normal attachment and having 2 Lv.X's in play, can attach up to 4 energies per turn to Yanmega and deal 100 damage per turn, which isn't bad, but it does mean you won't be able to power anything else up in the process. Actually, not so bad then in reality, since you'll be able to attach to which ever Yanmega you next put active after the first one gets KOed. Also, it's a little on the slow side, which doesn't help.

The other main Energy Accelerator is one you know but never use for this purpose, Shaymin Lv.X (Land Form). It's attack, Seed Flare, does 40 for GCC, but then allows you to attach as many Grass Energies from your hand as you like to your Pokémon in anyway you like, and deal 20 more damage for each Energy Attached in this way. So you do 40+ one turn, and 20+ the next, which equals very high damage output, and 140 HP Yanmega's thanks to Thankfulness. However, should Shaymin Lv.X get KO'ed, or you powered up Yanmega get KO'ed, you are in a sorry position, where you have to hope you can get the energies back again quick enough to deal serious damage, or else just get swept away by whatever their main attacker is.

So, things aren't looking too rosy for Yanmega at the moment, and they don't get much better in the counters section. The big one is Luxray GL Lv.X, who can pick a Pokémon off the bench, be it Yanmega, Claydol (GE), Shaymin Lv.X (PL) or whatever, and attack it for high damage or a KO, and then sweep through your Yanmega's with ease with a little help from Lucario GL (RR) or Crobat G (PL) and basically, just wreck Yanmega's day. Not good. Other Lightning types do a similar thing, but only to Yanmega's, since they don't have a built in Gust of Wind Poké-Power. Cards that discard your opponents hand, like Weavile (SW), are also helpful at dealing with Yanmega, since they can discard alot of Grass Energies after Wind Return has been used once though they will fuel Speed Boost, which might not help that much.


Modified: It's a nice idea. Speed Boost is nice Energy Acceleration, even with the Active part hurting a little, but outside of that, it's useless. Wind Return seems promising, especially with Shaymin Lv.X (PL), but it's too easily stopped to really be any good, and Speed Dive is just dreadful. I think there is potential in this card, but we'll have to wait a few sets before we get it out of Yanmega, at which point, it'll probably be overshadowed by something even better. we will have to wait and see. 2/5

Limited: Speed Boost is brilliant, since all Energy Acceleration is welcome here, and all you need to do is wait for a Pokémon with Grass Energies attached to get KOed, beautiful. Wind Return is not welcome though, since it gets rid of all your hard work of getting the energies into play in the first place. Speed Dive is nice here though as a finishing move, dealing 70 when you need it thanks to Speed Boost getting the energies back when your opponent KOed something, then retreating it for free straight away afterwards. Not bad really, but getting into play might be the tricky part. 2.75/5

100 HP Stage 1 with Lightning Weakness, fighting resistance and free retreat. Not great, but not tragic.

Without Lucario (or Crobat help) the great Luxray cannot take the bug down in one hit.

The power to be able to scoop an energy out of your discard pile and attach it to Yanmega, while Yanmega is active is significant. What a good power.

Combine that with a 2 energy attack that does 20 plus 20 more for every Grass Energy you return to your hand…could essentially make this a 60 for 2 attack, every turn, assuming you can keep grass energy in your discard (and we can).

The 4 energy attack for 70 is OK at best, the first attack is worth the price of admission.

The first attack does not get “Sceptile bonused” for doubling the energy, except to only require one energy to fire off the first attack, and 2 energy to fire off the second attack.

I can’t see this being the cornerstone of a deck, but would love to see it as a late game finisher in a Tangrowth or Torterra deck, especially on a warp point, or turn start to sweep in, grab an energy, and then sit back on the bench and wait to finish off something huge.

There is NO maximum number of energy for this bug, so with 4 energy returned, it does 100 damage. Not too shabby, especially for one shot once in the game. I think it is worthy of a 1-1 or 2-2 line in any big grass deck for the free retreat and power.


Modified – 3/5 Good card

Limited – 4.5 / 5 …Free retreat, easy basic, stage 1, energy acceleration, tough to counter…what more do you want? Did I mention Splashable???

There you go!

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Yanmega Lv 53


I have heard rumours of this card being played at Battle Roads, so I was very interested to see it up for review this week.


What you have here is a 100 HP Stage 1 (not bad), with Lightning Weakness (uh-oh), and a Resistance to Machamp (and the handful of other Fighting Pokémon that are played, of course). You also get free Retreat, which is always great.


When you add to this the fact that Yanmega comes with built-in Energy acceleration in the form of its PokePower, Speed Boost, then you can begin to see why people have been giving this card a second look.


The main attraction attack-wise, is Wind Return. (Speed Dive is a very expensive vanilla attack doing 70 for [G][G][C][C]).  Wind Return does 20 damage for [C][C], and you can then choose to return all Grass Energy attached to Yanmega to your hand and do 20 more damage for each CARD you returned. I put CARD in capitals because it is important to remember that Sceptile GE’s Wild Growth Power won’t work to increase the damage here.


So, in theory, you can keep discarding Grass Energy (Lunatone, Blissey PL, Felicity’s Drawing all work well here), get an extra attachment per turn with Speed Boost, and then hit for 60 + damage. Hmmm . . . I think that is going to be slightly below par, especially compared to other fast attackers like Kingdra, Beedrill, and Gyarados. I also think that, perhaps after an initial big hit, you will struggle to do any more than 60 per turn. While not terrible, there are better options out there.


Maybe there is some amazing combo I am missing (I can see both Shaymin LV Xs and Leafeon LV X working with Yanmega), but until I come across it, I can’t see this card as anything other than very mediocre.




Modified: 2.25 (Not sure what the fuss is about)

Limited: 3 (60-70 damage per turn is more than decent here, but how to discard?)

Steel_Winger Welcome back to the Pokemon COTD!

Today's card is the new Yanmega from Supreme Victors. Let's see... 100 HP on a Stage 1 is good. A +20 Weakness to Lightning equals trouble in the form of Luxray GL (LV. X). A -20 Resistance to Fighting is somewhat irrelevent, seeing as Machamp isn't around much anymore and Rampardos hasn't made a big showing. But still, it's better than no Resistance at all. Retreat Cost: 0. Everyone's favorite number in the bottom-right corner.

Yanmega has a Poke-Power: Speed Boost. It allows you to attach a Grass energy from your discard pile to Yanmega if it's Active. Energy acceleration on a Pokemon is excellent, but this is most useful mid-late game. If you want to get the most of it early game, use Volkner's Philosophy or Felicity's Drawing.

Now for the two attacks. The first, Wind Return, does 20 damage for 2 energies of choice. You also have the option of returning all Grass energies attached to it to you hand and dealing an extra 20 damage for each one. Using just 2 Grass energies, you could do 60 damage for a good cost! But how would you be able to attach the energies back to it in time to attack again, especially if you don't have any in the discard pile for Speed Boost? You would need another energy accellerator to do so, such as Shaymin (Land Forme) LV. X and Leafeon LV. X.

Yanmega's second attack, Speed Dive, does 70 damage for 4 energies, 2 which must be grass. That's an underpowered attack for so much energy and no extra effect. Well, you could use this if you're not keen on returning energies to your hand at that point in time, but you'll usually have a way for Yanmega to get the energy back on it quickly by the time you get Speed Dive charged up.

Yanmega, while not having much time in the spotlight yet, could be just waiting in the wings for someone to take it to the top. It certainly has potential.


Modified: 3/5 Good HP, an great attack, and a helpful Power give Yanmega a chance to be a contender. LuxNape decks are your worst enemy though if you want to run this.
Limited: 3/5 It can also do well here with the right support. Try using Electivire FB to get energies into the discard pile to power up Yanmega's Speed Boost.

This is Steel_Winger, until next time!


Today we examine Yanmega from the Supreme Victors series. Yanmega is a stage 1 with 100 hp, which is not bad, but a 100 hp stage 1 with free retreat cost, now that's great! Lets look at the Poke-power and attacks to see if it is truely a good card or not.


Yanmega's pokepower is Speed Boost. This allows you to attach a grass energy from your discard pile to Yanmega before you attack, if Yanmega is your active pokemon. This power seems good, but it has a few catches: 1. You can only attach the energy to Yanmega. 2. Yanmega has to be your active pokemon to use the power. This card would essentially be great if the power did not have to be so conditional!

The first attack, Wind Return, is very interesting. It does 20+ damage for ** energy. It also allows you to return all grass energy attached to Yanmega to your hand. If you do this, Wind Return does 20 + 20 for each energy returned. This would seem like a logical combination with Speed Boost, but the energy go to your hand, not the discard pile (which hinders the power/attack combo). The attack and power could still be combo'd well, but lets talk situationally. Your turn, IF Yanmega has survived (since it needs to be active to use it's power...unless you retreat it after using the power), you attach a grass energy for your turn, and IF you have a grass energy in the discard pile (which would most likely indicate that the game is in a later stage) you use it's power to attach that discard pile grass energy, and Wind Return can do 60 damage. How long until Yanmega has no grass energy to take from the discard pile and his power is useless? So it can be good for a while, but its main use could be to clean out your discard pile if you want to speed boost with wind return to get grass energy in your hand, and then attach them to someone else who can do more damage, or back to Yanmega.

Yanmega's next attack is Speed Dive which does 70 damage for 2 grass and 2 ** energy. This is only average at best.

Free retreat is great, resistance to fighting helps against Machamp or Gallade, and +20 weakness to electric is not the worst thing to every happen.


Yanmega is very intriguing, and it may be best used to clean the discard pile of energies. His best attack is wind return, as one can combo it with Speed boost to do 60 damage for 2 energy. The fact that the energy goes back to the hand makes it very playable with a certain lv.X grass pokemon out there, so go out and test it and see what happens. I say Yanmega has potential!


Modified: 3/5 I may rate it high, but it has some combo's, tricky combos, but combos none the less out there.

Limited: 4/5

So my first COTD for Pojo shall be Yanmega LV.. 53. Cool.

First, very fast: Hi all, my name is Cody, handle Codex_of_Wisdom. I started Pokemon back in ’98 or so as a second grader and played until shortly after the Neo / Johto stuff came out, at which point I quit. But with graduation came extreme boredom and loneliness, so I rejoined the fandom stronger than ever and am now nearing Platinum completion and preparing for my first Autumn Roads.

Enough about me, on to Yanmega.

Stage 1 with 100 HP, not too bad, especially with only +20 electric weakness and a fair fighting weakness (though is that really relevant right now?)
No retreat is nice (yay wings).

But now what really matters: the abilities.
Reading this card immediately sent gears turning in my head. The Power lets you, once per turn, put a grass energy from your discard onto Yanmega. Pretty nice, though grass energies aren’t the type to be sacrificed often.
Then its first attack compounds nicely with this power: double colorless for 20 damage (bleh) but return all grass energy to your hand to do an extra 20 for each (therefore if you use grass to power, it does 60). Now you may be saying “that stinks” but here’s the beauty I see in it: you can now put those energy on any other Pokemon you have. With 0 retreat cost, you can also switch to that pkmn easily too! Use the Power to take energy from the discard pile, use the attack to return them to your hand, and then put them wherever you wish.
The second attack, however, is fairly mediocre and bland: double grass and double colorless for 70 and no effect is OK, but not outstanding, especially for a Stage 1.

Modified – 4/5 Low weakness, great combo opportunities, no retreat. This is definitely going in MY deck! The only problem I see is Speed Dive
Limited – 4.5/5 Good for getting back your precious energies and spreading them out.

I hope everyone liked my first review. With luck I’ll be doing this for a while!

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