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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Swampert Lv. 60

Supreme Victors

Date Reviewed: 09.28.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.75
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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OK, a new week, a new Pokemon to look at.

Swampert –

Body of Protection from attacks by basics by 20. Pretty cool, since there are a lot of SP decks out there, and just not a lot of grass decks not named Beedrill at this point (Thanks Steve). A swampert deck gets to simply cry against a Beedrill deck, so let’s take that loss and move on (until there is a good matching Magcargo to go with Swampy, oh the days of yore, with a fire type magcargo that used fighting energy)…

The attacks are interesting, and overpriced. 3 for 30 with a choice of bench to gust. OK. Better as a 2 energy attack, especially on a stage 2.

4 (yes 4) for 60 plus 10 more for each fighting energy, so really up to about 90. 4 for 90, I’ll take.

Possible partners for this guy…Machamp (cheap fighting attacks, allows you to gear Swampy up as a backup hitter), Rampardos, ditto, Infernape or Blaziken SP…just to protect from Beedrills, or Gyarados, the master of the 0 energy attack. All of the above appear to work better WITHOUT Swampert though….

Better Water Pokemon out there? Yep. Will there be after this set? Yep.

What does that mean? Not going to play it, or focus on protecting against it.

Can you foresee a “Swampert Tank” deck that might have real success against and SP deck? Yep, even a blind squirrel finds some acorns once in a while.

The best part of Swampert is T. Mitchell Art….inside fun for anyone who was at Regionals in 2009 in St. Louis, the artwork won the contest, as well as our hearts.


Modified….2/5 Not a happy pokemon here. Too many better options.

Limited – 3/5..A little better. If you can actually get it up…quite a beast.

See you this weekend in Eureka – B&B Games on Saturday and on Sunday at Ogres!!!
Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Swampert Lv 60


I heard people liek Mudkipz, but is there any love out there for Swampert?


Well, it has decent stats: 130 HP for a start, and Weakness to Grass, rather than Lightning (= Luxray GL LV X) makes a nice change for a Water Pokémon. Retreat cost of two is acceptable as long as you can fit in a couple of Warp Points or Switches.


Root Protector is a very nice PokeBody too, reducing the damage Swampert takes from unevolved Pokémon by 20. Obviously this is meant to give it some way of holding off SP Basics and seeing as SP Basics are very popular, this will come in handy.


But . . . those attacks . . . oh dear!


Drag Off for 30 damage and a forced switch? Doesn’t seem too bad until you realise it costs THREE Energy. I doubt that 30 for three has been acceptable since Base Set. Push Over isn’t much better, doing a straight 60 for [W][C][C][C], with an additional 10 damage for each Fighting Energy attached. Yep, you could do 90 for 4 Energy and no effect  . . . just not good enough in this Format on a Stage 2.


You could combo this Swampert with its GE counterpart and use the latter’s Wash Out Power for a bit of pseudo Energy acceleration, but with those attacks, it just isn’t worth the effort. When a Pokémon has attacks that are both underpowered AND over-costed, you know it doesn’t belong anywhere but the binder.




Modified: 1.25 (horrible card is horrible)

Limited: 4 (evolved Pokémon are more rare here, so this can really tank and win you games)


Welcome back to the Pokemon COTD!


We start off the week with a card that hasn't really gotten any hype, and that is Swampert from Supreme Victors. Let's look at it: 130 HP is great on a Stage 2, right up there with Kingdra and Machamp. It's Water-type, so if you do play it, you could give Blaziken FB and Infernape 4 a bit of trouble. A +30 Weakness to Grass means trouble in the form of Speedrill and Yanmega decks. There's no Resistance, but that's expected more often than not. A Retreat Cost of 2 isn't bad, but not good either, but it's better than some other Pokemon, like Venusaur.


Swampert's Poke-Body, Root Protector reduces damage done to it by Basic Pokemon by 20 after Weakness and Resistance is applied. The main Basic Pokemon you'll see in competitive play are Mewtwo LV. X and the SP Pokemon, so it's not a bad Body.


Now, let's see about its attacks. Drag Off, for 1 Water energy and two other energies of choice, does 30 damage to the active. NOT a good cost/power ratio for a Stage 2, I'll say that right now. But before doing the damage, you can bring up an opponent's Benched Pokemon to replace their active, kinda like Froslass GL's Sleep Inducer or Blaziken FB's Luring Flame. But for 3 energy, it'll take a bit of a while to get it powered up though; perhaps it'll have time to do so due to Root Protector.


The second attack, Push Over (man, these attacks make Swampert sound like a bully), does 60 damage for 4 energies, one which must be Water. Again, BAD cost/power ratio. However, it also does an extra 10 damage for every Fighting energy attached to Swampert. So you could possibly do a required maximum of 90 with 3 Fighting energies attached, and if you feel like attaching more, it racks up.


What goes well with Swampert? Before evolving, Marshtomp, with a flip, can switch itself with your Active Pokemon and take all energy attached to the previous Active Pokemon with it. It's not bad to power up those ridiculous energy costs of Swampert's. You could also use Swampert from GE. It's Wash Out Poke-Power allows you to move a Water of Fighting energy from one on your bench to your Active. If you can keep rotating Swamperts effectively, you won't have to worry much about powering them up. Sandslash's (SV) Power, Dig Down, gives an opportunity to get more Fighting energy into your hand to power up Swampert's Drag Off attack.


Still, it's highly unlikely that Swampert will be competitive. Maybe you'll be the person to prove me wrong. If you are, let me know!




Modified: 2/5 The Body is good against SP Pokemon but not much else, and there are plenty of Pokemon that have more power in their attacks for the same or even less cost.

Limited: 2.5/5 It might not be too bad here, but it's hard to pull the entire line. Beware of Ninjask, Masquerain, and Cherrim.


This is Steel_Winger, until next time!


Hello everybody! Before I get to my first review I believe I should introduce myself. My name is Guy, and I have played the pokemon trading card game, and the pokemon video games, since 1998 when they were released in the United States. I got out of both the trading card game and video games around 2005, but I'm back into both of them now. For the trading card game this will be my first full season in League play since that time, and I am looking forward to it. As someone getting back into the game I hope that my perspective of one who is learning and discovering the game again can be beneficial to new players, and I hope that my long time experience with the game can be beneficial to all players! So here we go!


Today's card is Swampert lv. 60 from Supreme Victors. This card is fitting for my first review, as it was in the starter deck I bought when getting back in the game. My deck has changed since then, but I have played with this card before, so I can speak about it with some first hand experience.


130 hp is nice, but for a stage 2 can we really expect much less? The poke-power "Root Protector" is mildly helpful. At it's best it allows Swampert to survive one more turn, which could be crucial, but most likely Swampert would be knocked out in 2 turns anyway. The first attack, "Drag Off" is costly for only 30 damage, but the ability to switch the opponents pokemon before doing damage can be helpful. Situationally, this is best used when the oponent has a main attacker who has recieved a lot of damage and is being reloaded or hiding on the bench. Simply use Drag Off and try to get the KO. "Push Over" allows you to do 60 damage while adding ten damage for every fighting energy attached to Swampert. For 4 energy, I want my pokemon doing more than 60 damage, and it could do that damage if there were a good reason for throwing fighting energy into water deck, like a good fighting pokemon to combo with Swampert. The weakness to grass is +30, at least it isn't 2x, optimistically speaking. 2 ** retreat cost is to be expected from an average stage 2 card.


A good fighting pokemon would most likely be Swampert's best combo and utilize Swampert to its best potential. If you want to run a Swampert deck, then for discovery's sake, it is up to you to figure out if Swampert has a good fighting partner out there. Especially if that partner is a basic or stage 1 that could deal heavy damage (or maybe even a colorless pokemon??). Otherwise, this card is average at best. If you're running a water themed deck and have a main water attacker pokemon, I do not see why Swampert would be added to that deck, and this is Swamert's problem: it doesn't combo well. It could be great against some fire decks out there, but when I played Swampert I found my deck to be lacking in the "good attacker" department.


Modified: 2/5 Really needs a good combo to be above average, and honestly needs better attacks to gain that status as well

Limited: 3.5/5 Could be great if you could get it out in a limited battle, but can you get it out is the question!

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