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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Night Teleporter

Supreme Victors

Date Reviewed: 09.16.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.75
Limited: 1.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 9/16 Night Teleporter (SV)

Hello, and welcome to the continuation of our Trainer week here, and we continue with Night Teleporter, one of only 2 proper Trainers in the set, and the only new proper Trainer in SV as well. It has a simple effect. First, you flip a coin (warning sirens should already be on for most of you), then if you get heads, you get to shuffle you hand into your deck, search your deck for any one card, and put it in your hand. Why on Earth would you ever want to do that? Quite clearly, it will never help you early game unless you have the absolutely worst hand ever and only need 1 card, and at any other point in the game, all it will really allow you to do is do a Cosmic Power for 6 instantly, since I'm sure you don't want to just get 1 card in the middle or late part of the game when you could have a lot more. There are only really 2 good uses for this card. First, if you are running a Rayquaza C Lv.X (SV) deck, and wish to have no cards in your hand. Use this card, get one card, then discard it with Banette (PL) or Lunatone (GE) so you can start Final Blowup-ing for 200 every turn. The second is to grab an Uxie (LA), play it, and Set Up for 7 instantly, providing you aren't Power Sprayed anyway.

Of course, for all of these ideas, I've assumed you will flip heads. Flip tails, and it's useless, which is most of the time, just marginally worse than actually using it in the first place. Honestly, if you want to search your deck for 1 card, why not use 2 Poké Drawer +'s instead and search for 2?


Modified: Instant Set Up for 7 or Cosmic Power for 6, getting that single card you need, or attacking 200 per turn with some discard power, why would you want to risk all that on a coin flip and, for the third one at least, shuffling your hand into the deck for? If you want to use the third one, use Poké Drawer + instead. For Cosmic Power, why get rid of some potentially useful card just so you can then draw 6 and still possibly not get what you need, when you can keep your possibly useful cards, put the useless ones back, and still having the same chance of getting what you need instead? The over 2 are tempting, but the flip is the big killer for the first, and the latter is too specific to be widely used. 1.25/5

Limited: You have a shortage of card drawing and search abilities as it is here, so every card in your hand is precious, and the chance of just needing 1 card at any one time is not worth risking a flip for, so why play this card here, when you have to flip, shuffle your hand in, and only get one card back? Even worse here, impressively. 1/5

OK, a trainer that, if heads, allows you to shuffle your hand into your deck and search for any 1 card and make that your hand.

There is only one card I can see this being played with, and that is Rayquaza C Level X.

I tested with it at prereleases, and decided, once you have played out your hand, and your supporter, this isn’t a bad card, but just has those 3 words that kill it in my book “Flip a Coin”. Unless the result is REALLY good, flip a coin fails REALLY fails for this card.

Now, given that I think this card works with 1 card in the format, I am going to rate it JUST like that.

Modified 1.5/5 I am not even sure I like it in the Ray C deck.

Limited 2/5 Can’t really see a reason to LOSE your hand in draft, unless you search for your ONE draw supporter, which you most likely didn’t draft anyway. Too hard to topdeck once your hand is gone.

There you have it. Flip a coin equals bleh for most cards.

Meganium45 aka Vince
Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Night Teleporter


OK, so here is a Trainer card (not a Supporter = good), that for a coin flip (=very bad), makes you put your hand back into your deck (=mostly bad), and choose any one card from your deck and put it into your hand (excellent).


Obviously, this has combo potential with the shiny Milotic from SV and Rayquaza C LV X. Both benefit enormously when you have zero cards in your hand: Milotic takes no attack damage and Rayquaza does not have to discard its ridiculous variety of Energy when it does its Final Blowup attack. To be brutally honest, though, those cards are terrible and have no place in a competitive deck anyway.


So is Night Teleporter made utterly useless by the failure of its obvious partners? Well, not entirely. We have all played games where we would gladly exchange our hand of useless cards for one crucial but unsearchable, game-winning piece of the puzzle (maybe a Warp Point, a Special Energy, or a PlusPower, for example). You also have the option to discard your hand and search out an Uxie LA to draw seven, and of course if you have Claydol on the Field you will most likely be able to replenish your hand next turn anyway.


Be aware though that this makes Night Teleporter a HIGHLY situational card and don’t forget about that coin flip. It COULD be the difference between winning and losing a game, but most often it will be wasted space in your deck. Use with caution, if at all.




Modified: 2 (Risky and situational so I can’t really recommend it)

Limited: 1.25 (You are more likely to have a handful of junk to get rid of, but you are much less likely to have a game-winning card in your deck)


Steel_Winger Welcome back to the Pokemon COTD!

Today's card is a Trainer: Night Teleporter. Flipping a coin on a heads result allows you to put all of the cards in your hand back into your deck. Then you get to search for ONE card and put it in your hand.

What one card could be so essential to get into your hand that you would take a chance at putting all of your in-hand cards back into the deck to get it out? Almost everyone would say Uxie (LA). You could simply set it on the bench and Set Up seven new cards in your hand.

Is there anything else that's worth getting?

Volkner's Philosophy (RR). For those of us that don't own a Uxie. Also, make sure you haven't played a Supporter already.

Team Galactic's Wager (MT). Like taking a chance? Regardless of whether or not you do, you're a winner either way, because you'll draw at least 3 cards when your Rock-Paper-Scissors charade is over. Remember to shuffle your deck before playing, even though you didn't put any cards into your deck.

You could possibly use this in conjunction with Claydol (GE). After getting the one card out of your deck with Night Teleporter, use Cosmic Power to put it at the bottom of your deck and draw until you have 6 cards.

Hmm... there's a pattern with my thought process. To me, it seems that Night Telerporter goes well with draw cards/engines. However, it does require a flip. If you run 4 of these... nah, 2 seems to be a better number... then there's only a 50% chance that you'll actually pull the effect off. Some people may be turned off by this fact alone, but others will dive in anyway. And if you're like 96% of the players that use this card to get Uxie, you had BETTER BE SURE that SP decks can't Power Spray it when you bench it, otherwise, you'll be topdecking.

Speaking of which, Night Teleporter also works well with cards that require a low hand size to be great, such as Milotic (Shiny, SV) and Rayquaza C LV. X (SV). It can also give Gengar (SF) a bit of a hard time if you're playing against it since Poltergeist will do 0-30 damage after playing this. Unless you're able to draw afterwards...

One last instance in which you would use this: for a chance to get the game-winning card, whatever it is. Use it only if there's no other way to win the game at that instant!


Modified: 2.5/5 This card has some pretty nice combos to go with it, but it relies on a flip. This card would be broken without it.
Limited: 3/5 A good card in Limited, depending on what you're playing. If you're playing with Pokemon that are excellent with a very low hand size, then try this out by all means.

This is Steel_Winger, until next time!

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