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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Butterfree FB Lv.50

Supreme Victors

Date Reviewed: 10.02.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.20
Limited: 2.60

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 10/2 Butterfree FB Lv.50 (SV)

Hello, and welcome to the end of the week of disappointing SV cards, which ends with yet another one in the form of Butterfree FB. You'll find out why soon enough. Anyway, onto the basics of the card, and it has 90 HP, which is about average for an SP Pokémon. x2 Fire Weakness is rather bad at the moment in this format due to Infernape 4 and it's Lv.X (RR) and Blaziken FB and it's Lv.X (SV) both being rather popular. -20 Resistance is quite nice really, but the more popular Fighting Pokémon around at the moment (Claydol (GE) aside since he never attacks unless someone is clinically insane) is still Machamp (SF), at which point you need to Guard (Unown G (GE)) Butterfree FB to have any hope of being able to use the Resistance. 1 Retreat Cost for a light, Flying Bug seems a little high really. In the grander scheme of things, 1 Retreat Cost is indeed very reasonable, but it just doesn't seem right for Butterfree FB. Finally, it's an SP Pokémon, so obviously has access to all that beautiful support that all SP's do, which does help the card a bit.

Abilities now, and I'll start with Compound Eyes, it's Poké-Body, which if you opponent's Active Pokémon has a Poké-Body, then Butterfree FB's attacks deal 30 more damage to them. Not bad, and potentially quite helpful since there are rather alot of Pokémon in the metagame with Poké-Bodies, however, it's just that most of them are techs, and thus bench-sitters for the most part, and thus you maybe won't be able to to use Compound Eyes for the most part. Flygon (RR) is an obvious exception to this rule, but there are few others.
It's single attack would benefit greatly from Compound Eyes, thus it's just a shame that it won't happen that often. Select Powder costs GCC (read: GC and Energy Gain) for 30 damage. Not a good start. It does get slightly better with the effect, where you can choose between Burn and Poison and inflict that Special Condition upon the Defending Pokémon. Not bad, but it's too easy to get rid of Special Conditions at the moment, making this effect near pointless.

Combos? Well, it could just be me, but I'm not sure I can find any use for this card at all. It's a slightly counter to Flygon I suppose, being able to 2HKO it with Poison, be it normal or Lv.X version, but there are better counters than Butterfree FB for that.

Counters? Well, as soon as everyone realises that this card has no use at all, because then it will be filled away, with the rest of the junk rares from SV, into people's shoeboxes. Machamp (SF)'s prevalence in this format as well doesn't help, nor the ample number of decks that use a Fire typed main attacker. In fact, anything this card could even be considered for (Poké-Body hurter, Flygon counter, Special Conditioner) are all done alot better by other cards


Modified: So, it has half decent basics, with it's Weakness hampering the card, and it's abilities really not allowing to do anything at all, and anything it can do are done alot better by other cards. So yeah, I don't like this card, and I don't think anyone does really. Well, no one who never attacks with Claydol (GE) at least. 1/5

Limited: Better here. GCC is very expensive for an attack, but there are a couple of plus points. Firstly, the Special Conditions are helpful, and since there are less ways of inflicting them here, it's worth including just so you can inflict at least 1 during the tournament. Also, people may tend towards playing Poké-Bodies due to their helpfulness, thus Compound Eyes will probably be used more here than it would in Modified. Fire Pokémon are still annoying, but it's not that bad here. 2.75/5

OK, after a week of confusing cards, we get the MOST confusing card of all…Butterfree FB

Basic with top Stats of 90 HP, double weakness to fire, resistant to fighting, 1 retreat cost.

The weakness to fire made most of us run screaming away, but with the Advent of Arceus coming, and the strengthening of water, this thing might be a “sleeper”.

A body, that cannot be shut off by Dialga, that adds 30 damage to defending Pokemon with a Pokebody.

Then a 3 energy (2 with gain) attack that does 30 damage and either burns or poisons the defending Pokemon (your choice).

So many combos with this…like Magmortar, Heatran, and others…could be a “weird” fit into a fire deck…resistance to water would have made it PERFECT.


Modified…2.5/5 Not great at this time…but I am watching.

Limited…2/5 Don’t like this one here. Much better options in this set, and ironically, too much fire!

See you tomorrow afternoon at B&B in Eureka, and then Sunday at Ogre’s in St. Louis City!!!

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Butterfree FB Lv 50


Butterfree FB is an interesting little card. Its Compound Eyes PokeBody increases the damage dealt by its attacks by 30 if the defending Pokémon has any PokeBodies. That’s certainly a nice boost, though how often you will be able to use it is doubtful as Pokémon that are used for their Bodies tend to sit on the bench, rather than be active as an attacker. There are exceptions though, so you may be able to get the effect once in a while.


Of course, the usefulness of Compound Eyes is directly related to the effectiveness of Butterfree FB’s attack. For [G][C][C], Select Powder does 30 damage and gives you a choice of inflicting Burn or Poison. Although not a terrible attack, it does mean that Butterfree’s attack maxes out at 60, which is somewhat less that ideal in this format. Status Conditions are a nice bonus but, unless you have a way to really abuse them (as Blaziken FB LV X does with Burn), they are unlikely to make or break a game.


With an X2 Weakness to Fire, Butterfree FB’s survivability is questionable in this format. In the end, its Body is too situational and its attack too underpowered for it to see any competitive play. Roserade GL remains the SP Grass tech of choice, and I would run Turtwig GL over this too (especially if I was expecting to face Kingdra!)




Modified: 1.5 (cute, but not very playable)

Limited: 2 (lots of Fire in the set, but Status Conditions are better here)


Butterfree FB:

Greetings everyone! Friday's card of the day is Butterfree FB. I'm sitting here, staring at Butterfree FB, and trying to think of how this card could be playable. Unfortunately, I'm not coming up with too much yet. So lets take a look at it together and see what we can figure out.

Butterfree FB is a basic with 90 hp, not bad/not great. Butterfree FB's Poke-Body, Compound Eyes, may be its best feature. Compound Eyes allows Butterfree FB's attack to do 30 more damage (before applying weakness and resistance) if your opponent's active pokemon has any Poke-Bodies. (It's odd that the poke-body actually reads, "each of Butterfree FB's attacks does 30 more damage." As if Butterfree has more than one attack.) Select Power (Butterfree FB's only attack) requires 1 grass and 2 * energy to attack. This attack does 30 damage, and gives you the choice of either burning or poisoning the defending pokemon, which is obviously useful. Double weakness to fire is not helpful, -20 resistance to fighting is semi-helpful, and one retreat cost is average.


Essentially, if the opponent has an active pokemon with a Poke-Body, Select Powder does 60 damage with a guaranteed poison or burn. So this gets you either 70 damage by the end of your turn with poison, or 80 damage by the end of your turn if they flip tails for burn (best case scenario). But if your opponent's active does not have any Poke-Bodies you are looking at 40 with poison, and 50 with burn and a tails coin flip.  To sum it up, what does all this make Butterfree FB? Average.


Modified: 2/5 The definition of average- semi-useful in certain situations, otherwise vulnerable.

Limited: 2.5/5 The ability to poison or burn and double your attack power could be very helpful on a basic pokemon in this format.

The last card for the week: Butterfree FB LV. 50

Another SP, so it’s Basic. 90 HP is low, the x2 fire weakness hurts, and the -20 fighting resistance does little to boost the basic stats up.
One retreat is pretty good.

The abilities fall slightly better than the stats.
The Body lets you do 30 more damage if the opponent’s active has a Body as well. Plain, simple, and lots of Pokemon have Bodies, so it is sure to see use.
The attack costs a grass and double colorless for 30 (60 with Body) and choice of Burn or Poison. Pretty good, overall, but not outstanding. Maybe a hit-and-run attack with the lingering conditions.

Modified – 3.5/5 I can see this being used as a hit-and-run – build it up on the bench, send it out to burn and poison, or if they send out something with a Body. Just hope they don’t have a Charizard.
Limited – 3.5/5

And so I say “Bye-Bye, Butterfree” and sign off for the week. Hopefully I’ll be back next week.

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