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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Articuno Lv. 41

Supreme Victors

Date Reviewed: 10.01.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.25
Limited: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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OK, a legendary bird that, other than its starting hit points is PATHETIC.

100 HP, weak to metal, resistant to fighting, 2 retreat cost.

Nothing special here. Decent weakness, and an irrelevant resistance due to Machamp…

Yeah, I know, put the unown G on him, then Machamp has to flip all heads to knock him out.

No, Machamp has to laugh, leave it there, and set up something behind it…goodness knows Articuno can’t hurt Machamp.

And now the attacks….

3 for 30 or 40 with a heads flip. Wow. Completely bad.

4 for 50 with paralysis on a heads flip. Even worse. This reminds me of the Articuno back in the Base Set – Jungle Days, when all attacks now appear way overcosted.


Modified – 1/5 Can’t go lower. This thing is pathetic. Even much better stallers out there!!!

Limited – 2.5/5…No Machamp threat here, but so many better choices. This is a tough card. 100 HP basics are always good.

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Articuno Lv 41


After seeing what feels like dozens of Palkias, Dialgas and Giratinas in recent sets, it’s nice to see one of the original Legendaries return.


At least some of the newer Legendaries have been playable, though. Sadly, this is not the case with Articuno.


The 100 HP is standard for Legendary Basics these days. Metal Weakness is one of the better ones to have (although Dialga G still sees play, and there is always the odd Magnezone hovering around). Fighting Resistance makes little difference unless you want to use an Unown G on Articuno, as Machamp will just use Take Out. The Retreat Cost of two is ridiculous: Articuno can fly for goodness sake!


It’s those attacks that let Articuno down so badly though. Ice Beam does a measly 30 for THREE Energy, with a chance to add a massive 10 extra damage on a coin flip. Attaching yet another Energy lets you do Ice Beam for 50 damage and a coin flip for paralysis.


To be blunt about it, no sensible player is going to invest three Energy in a non-SP Basic (that can’t use Energy Gain). This is especially true for Basics that don’t have a decent low cost attack to use in the meantime. For this card to even begin to be worth its attack costs, the attacks would have to be spectacularly good (OHKOs on everything, big damage and Power Lock . . . something like that). As it is, the attacks are terrible in themselves, condemning this card to the binder for all eternity.


It’s a shame, really.




Modified: 1 (nice to look at, but don’t touch)

Limited: 1.25 (eh . . . slower format, could stall for a bit, but it’s still bad)

Steel_Winger Welcome back to the Pokemon COTD!

Looks like we're reviewing regular rares now since yesterday. Today's card is Articuno from Supreme Victors. This is not the reprint from ages ago. Let's look at it's stats: 100 HP on a Legendary is expected, so no surprise there. The Water typing can hurt Blaziken FB and Infernape 4, should it ever get to attack. A +30 Weakness to Metal will make Articuno cringe upon facing a Metagross (SV) or Dialga G... who only needs to Deafen just 3 times to KO it! But these two aren't really likely to attack. A -20 Resistance to Fighting gives it an edge against Machamp and Rampardos... well, not really, because Machamp can still get it with a Take Out attack and Rampardos' Poke-Body doesn't factor in Articuno's Resistance. A Retreat Cost of 2 is a bit much. You would think that being a Legendary BIRD that it would have no retreat cost, but... I digress.

No Powers or Bodies, but there are 2 attacks... which really suck due to the costs. Sharp Beak does 30 and possibly an extra 10 for 3 energies, one which should be Water. Are you serious!? Swampert suffers from steep energy costs for low power, but at least his attacks are somewhat USEFUL.

The second attack, Ice Beam, does 50 and possibly Paralysis for 2 Waters and two other energies of choice. By the time you get this powered up, Articuno wouldn't even be in play anymore if it was active.

Seriously, does anybody care about Articuno to make him into a decent card nowadays? I suppose not. Even the Articuno from Majestic Dawn is a LOT better than this one, and nobody plays that. My advice to you if you get this: use it as a coaster.


Modified: 1/5 I rarely give out 1s, but this card really deserves it, especially for being a rare. This card will get you NOWHERE competitively.
Limited: 1.5/5 Even with all of the bad cards in this set, almost all of them are better than Articuno. ALMOST all of them.

This is Steel_Winger, until next time!


Ah its Thursday, and what better pokemon to show up than Articuno! Articuno is and always has been my favorite pokemon, but the lack of good Articuno cards has been pretty disheartening. Let's see if this Articuno is any better than its ancestors!

Articuno has 100 hp and is a basic. Sounds pretty decent so far. Its first attack is Sharp Beak. Sharp Beak requires one water energy and 2 * energy. For three energy it only deals out 30 damage, with a coin flip's chance at adding 10 damage to that. So we're talking 30-40 damage for 3 energy. What a let down. I can think of about 30-40 better ways to use 3 energy. Maybe Articuno's next attack will have some redeeming value!

Ice Beam: uses 2 water and 2 * to do fifty damage with a coin flip to determine paralyzation. Fifty damage is not much for 4 energy, so the question must be asked: how good can you flip a heads? Resistance to fighting is decent, weakness to metal is not to terrible, but 2 retreat cost for a card that doesn't have many uses or combos is asking a lot.

So once again, I'm let down by Articuno's performance in the card game. Well, I can say this: collect Articuno for its beauty, not for its power.


Modified: 1/5 Harsh weather Articuno! Until you can give me a good card I will not give you beauty points.

Limited: 1.5/5 Barely even better in this format.

Legendary cards have disappointed me since Base Mewtwo and Promo Mew… Articuno LV. 41… is no different.

Basic Pokemon with 100 HP. Very, very, very nice. +30 metal weakness. Not too bad. There are a few metal cards running around, but not too many. -20 fighting resistance… eh, okay but not great.
Two retreat cost: yuck.

Overall, so far, not too bad. I’ve seen better, but this is okay…
Until I read the attacks.
The first attack is one water and double colorless for 30 with a coin-flip chance of 40. Woopidydoda. Fairly expensive, weak, and a 50/50 for… 10 extra? Put that Sharp Beak to the grindstone, Articuno.
The second attack is a little better. Double water and double colorless for 50 and coin-flip paralysis. Another coin flip and 4 energy for 50 damage. Bellow par, I’d say.

Modified – 2/5 Yes it’s a basic, but for a Pokemon that doesn’t evolve, it’s pretty useless.
Limited – 2.5/5 Basics are more valuable here, so I guess I’ll raise the rating a bit.

Not too bad, as far as basics go, but since you can’t go anywhere with it, there’s no real reason to ever play it, sorry Legendary fans.


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